Sunday, February 27, 2011

today we got to play with dolphins...

... and it was the best day ever!

first a stop at the beach, no best day ever is complete without a stop at the beach :) mission for 2011: more family pictures
1seaworld 452
they looooooved every second of this :)
i really really want a pet dolphin!

1sam dolphin
they make the cuuuutest sounds :)

he ended up with a much much smaller one :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

happy tails

just a few of the cats i have cared for at the shelter, who are all now in wonderful homes :)

this is one-eyed, tailless Bob, renamed Captain Bob by my boys :) (i did not take this picture... but he was adopted before i could get him to pose for me:)

in his new home tonight :)

Fred and George were also adopted today!!! i am sooooo happy - they have been at the shelter since they were kittens and they are the sweetest boys ever

Sully and Trinity, Charly Girl and LaNora

baby Zoey

prettiest kitty ever, Jenny

this is Raider and Keeley...they were left together in carriers outside the store... they found a new home together :)

my sweet Patrick :)

Benji - most talkative cat EVER :|

Cricket (adopted by another volunteer:) and my first love at the shelter

cutie pies and monster munch

to winco. i looooove winco. we looked absolutely everywhere last month (except winco...) for apple cutie pies. and there they were at winco, of course!!

IKEA. i think IKEA has sick building syndrome... i always feel like i inhaled too much fake sawdust when i'm in there... also, whoever decided self checkouts were a good idea, i wish a plague of a thousand carbuncles upon

18 packs of monster munch at the british store - they were 10 cents each!! and freddo frogs - i looooove freddo frogs! what other groceries does one need (apart from apple cutie pies...)

the Nate show over and over again with the Mister, trying to decide if Dr Oz and Nate kissing each other (with kissing sound) on both cheeks was weird or we're stuffy and british and weird... do 'men friends' (not boyfriends) kiss on both cheeks...? and make an audible kissy sound? is it a New York thing for men to kiss on both cheeks and make a kiss sound, maybe...? i'm sooo not a homophobe, but it was fascinating and unusual to say the least :)

many many layers and UGG boots today... indeed it was that cold :| 55 degrees of freezingness :|

it's warmer tomorrow... we are going to San Diego as it's closer to the equator and all :)


Friday, February 25, 2011

Mr Bumps says:

"don't become so busy that you forget to stop and smell flowers once in a while!"

"fun feline fact: cats smell with their tongues too!"

"sometimes you need to get reaaally close to get a good sniff:)

"... and if no-one is watching you can sneak a leaf or two :)"

"try not to lick your lips too much afterwards, or the human beans will know exactly what you've been up to..." (that is before they step in a pile of regurgitated green slime all over the bedroom floor:)

insanity (with marshmallows)

thanks to Amy's facebook link, i had a sleepless night tossing and turning and just wondering "who?" and more importantly "WHY????!" about the following baby products:

this is a bassinet :| made to look like a cardboard box :| and it's $250 :|

imagine opening this gift at your baby shower - a huge oversized pair of severed hands to cup your baby while he sleeps (and doesn't have nightmares too...)

the following products prove that Etsy is sometimes weird AND not particularly wonderful :| i have only one terrifying question: is it real......? please say it's not a real fetus in blood (very Angelina Jolie:)

and this doll. oh my gawd, this gave me nightmares. NIGHTMARES, AMY!!! who would knit such a thing??! and what is wrong with them!?

finally.... this is a dried placenta made into a cute little teddy bear. and if your baby gets hungry, he can always chew on it ;)

not all crazy parenting products were completely out of the question... i always wanted to invent a helmet to keep my boys safe (too many chipped teeth, bruised foreheads and stitches to count...) and this would be perfect - if it was cuter. and had a sturdy chin guard :)

this - i love!!! a ride-on vacuum cleaner!! i would soooooo buy this!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

flowers and rain

would it be so awfully terrible to just eat ONE teeny tiny scone....? i've been so good all day, skipped lunch, walked 10.5 miles (uphill all the way i might add:) and now i am feeling like the scone might miraculously cure my starvation/sunstroke headache.....

that lavender and mimosa are in full bloom on the walking trail - i picked a little bunch of flowers today for the kitchen window (there is no sign to say 'no picking' so surely it can't be a felony...?)

pensively at the weather report... it's supposed to rain tomorrow and Saturday. on Sunday we are going to Seaworld rain or shine... but it had better jolly well shine (or i am afraid to go... i am such a baby)

i got more text messages today than ever before... and i love text messages :)

how i can never get anything free using coupons - it's not fair!!

also hating
those infuriating "buy 10 get $6 back" supermarket promotions. it took HOURS to find 10 things included in the promotion... and now i have more capri sun and waffles than i know what to do with, and i am feeling totally lame for jumping through hoops and spending $55 to save $6. grrrr :|

Sam. for sooo many reasons... but these are just a few:
1sam essay
hiding behind the bamboo with my paparazzi lens and watching him play
flowers that remind me of Nice