Monday, September 15, 2014

back to school

to iTunes (i'm cruising the Bs and the Ps for possible karaoke matches for my hideous and tuneless voice)  so far I am the closest match to Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Beck and Elvis (gasp.... am i a MAN???!!! and i mean NO OFFENSE to the above mentioned gentlemen who i am sure are reading this... you are NOT hideous and tuneless at all.  AT ALL!)

people who complain about getting that free U2 album.  seriously, maybe consider that life could be worse: like you could get your head cut off and youtubed around the world to everyone's complete horror.  but a free album.... honestly....?  hmm

wearing long sleeves and jeans!  Summer sucks.  but Fall equals sassy new boots and wonderful aran sweaters and pie: lots and lots of pie!!!!  oh California, you were such a complete waste of time and we are never ever getting back together.  like. EVER.

last Summer lunch together at Stash

 first day of school for Danny
(don't ask what happened to Sam's first day pic... i have major guilt over that ;)
 first day of school treat.... because i am soooo that Mum ;)
for Christmas i want a huuuuge iphone and this wonderful creature
 Danny is learning the drums.  in the basement.  
with the muffler thing on the drum FOREVER! :)
  torpastas at Bertucci's!

 dear Monday morning bus driver lady: i love you!!!

 this was NOT for the faint of heart.  or the dizzy.  
spraying window polish on the floor :|
now the floor is very beautiful and shiny.  but deadly to walk on!

Monday, September 01, 2014

500 more pictures of summer

Danny the cat whisperer

Blackjack watching us take good light pictures by the glass door
 i know i have 10,000 purses but i kinda neeeeeeed this one for obvious reasons
 North End
 Friendlys instagram

 sightseeing in Long Island: Amityville horror house
and the much spookier house where
Amy Fisher shot Mary Joe Buttafuoco in the FACE :|
 also the Long Island medium's house (which i have a picture of somewhere...)

this is what Scarpetta's amazing spaghetti looks like (it was just ok, not amazing)
in my eyes, the world's most amazing spaghetti should come in a never-ending pasta bowl.
 but that's just me and my piggy nature.... it was like a gerber graduate portion!

this with a raging ear infection and no appointments for months at the genius bar = a migraine too