Thursday, May 10, 2012

kate spade, ducklings and full moons

my second of three morning cups of coffee.... it's darned fine coffee :)  and hot too :)

the scales this morning - though i still have blisters on my blisters from my stupid, new so-called walking shoes :(

to decide between walking limping 10 miles with bandaids all over my feet (and worrying how it might affect my posture :) or taking the baby to the beach on the morning of his second birthday.  hmmmmmm.......... decisions decisions :)  i officially hate exercise ;)

a bird app - because i am that into bird spotting, that's why!! (also, it's 99c and who can say no to anything under a dollar?  especially when you can share it with your family and be a superhero ;)

also buying
this pertiful air mail kate spade iphone case that i saw in Nordstrom months ago but wouldn't buy even though i had a gift card because it was FORTY dollars :|  i found it for $10 at last (my limit for disposable accessories such as iphone cases/sunglasses, etc)

also also buying
a spare camera body for my upcoming trips, because i just love my camera soooo much that if it's broken/fuzzy, the entire world seems to turn to black and white (and not the crisp contrasty Ansel Adams B&W either) and i can't get quite the necessary amount of oxygen/enthusiasm to do anything.... also i cannot believe how cheap cameras are anymore - $300?!  so i would be insane not to buy it, right?

also also also buying
more of my magical vitamin candies at Costco today - they are actually better than candy because they make you healthy and are legal to take on a diet!!  i keep a little bag of them in my purse and by my bed and at my desk for whenever i feel peckish for something illegal and sweet :)  also: one more perfectly light white quilt .... it's the summer version of the perfectly heavy white polar bear hug blanket... obsessed with white bedding....  ok, white in general ;)    

of Griffith Park Observatory on Mother's Day for May grey panoramic pictures overlooking my favorite, beautiful, perfectly flat, sprawling, smoggy softboxy always, city of Angels. 

about poor Mrs Duck and her ducklings.... i haven't seen her husband around ALL WEEK so she has to go everywhere with her seven slow-moving wobbly little babies (typical of Mr Duck to be MIA when the going gets tough... jackass).  the boys set out some food and a little paddling pool outside their bedroom windows (very shallow water as ducklings have to learn to swim) but we haven't seen her and her brood for 2 days.....

this pic of the fullest biggest moon that i found on my camera this morn :)

Sunday, May 06, 2012

disneyworld, vegas and target

the loss of my beloved Mickey Mouse mug - the only Disney thing i have ever liked.  it has moved house with me a million of times (at least 10!) and faithfully served my coffee (and milky tea while pregnant/poorly) every morning for the past 20 years.  i loved it so much that i vowed that the day it broke would be the day i would stoically return to the Magic Kingdom to select it's successor........ but i just can not go back there :|  my sweet kind adorable hubbie quickly bought an identical mug on eBay to save me from the trauma that is the happiest place on earth ;) 

trying to decide however....
if it's a sign that we should go to Florida this summer instead of Cape Cod.  it's 500 miles closer, which when you're driving 3000 miles is neither here nor there... oh, what to do.  i am definitely - most definitely - absolutely not going anywhere near Disneyworld if we go to Florida though... sign from above or not.... Epcot maybe... i actually didn't absolutely hate that place to death :) 

not buying....
summer tickets for Barry Manilow at the Hollywood Bowl (on 4th July with fireworks and a fancy orchestra!!) or Neil Diamond at the Greek (and let me tell you, i absolutely love him!!!)... because of this big sea-to-shining-sea trip.  i sure hope i don't live to regret this :|

actually liking....
Target - OK not really but not hating it as much as usual.  they have these magical jeans that are clearly sized completely wrong because a size 6 fits and no muffin top either :|  of course i bought every pair on the rack (sadly only 2 pairs... thanks, stupid Target) and am never ever removing that tag :)  and i had a $3 off coupon which i used 4 times (ruffly tanks were only $3!!!) even though it clearly says one coupon per customer - take that, Target!!

Junie B Jones - she is bratty and annoying and makes me realize how absolutely precious Danny truly is :)  but she uses the word stupid all the time which i completely love.  here in America 'stupid' is supposedly a bad word, which is plain stupid.  i think 'stupid' is only a bad word in as much as there are far better ways to describe someone's crapness.  just as 'nice' is a bad word too, because there are better ways to describe someone's awesomeness :)

Grease on DVD.  it's not on netflix which makes me want to cancel it immediately  (i blame that revolting fatass Rush Limbaugh ;) 

a playlist of summer songs for the beach house - not that i'm counting but it's 25 days........

off Italian vegetable soup for the rest of May.  it has 50 calories and 4 grams of fiber (not that i'm obsessively counting calories either... or keeping a journal of, ahem, input and output ;)

to invent a toilet seat that weighs you.  for obvious reasons (see above) :|

pictures from Vegas:
Crystals - not a single solitary shop fit for regular human beans but it was oh soooo beautiful!  

Gordon Ramsay's steak house is coming soon - because Paris is the closest thing to London in Vegas....?  hmmmmmm....

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz is exactly what we thought of the Cosmopolitan :)

and don't EVER waste your time looking for the secret pizza - because it's absolute crap (and on the 3rd floor if you don't believe me and like cardboard with cheese on top:)

been there done that also

the Cosmopolitan made me feel this color (also: disappointed and pissed off about that pizza when there's Grimaldi's in Vegas - lots of them and they are wondeful!)

Bellagio used to be our favorite hotel.... then they built those towers.....
.... and it turned into a zoo :(        

found a warehouse in the desert full of delights from around the world :)

Vegas minus children equals AWESOME!!

our absolutely free hotel with not even any tax (and we didn't charge a single penny - ha!)
Vegas minus children equals AWESOME!!

the wait for ridiculously expensive fancy celebrity chef food: not worth it :)

pumpkin bread in the greasy cafe downtown: soooo much better :)

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

five things

ok what the double hockey sticks is going on???  i gained an entire disgusting pound since monday.  it's official i am never eating again until i lose that pound plus one more as penance :( 

it's just 10 days till my favorite day of the entire year (OK, one of them;) - Mother's Day!!  the day everyone has to do exactly as i say, and no eye-rolling, because it is Mother's Day!  Cream Pan for breakfast (one banana pastry only, cut in half, with two cups of milky coffee) and an entire day of shopping for unnecessaries and pleasant un-eye-rolly picture taking is all i ask (but pink peonies, extra well done wood fired pizza for lunch and zebra popcorn for dinner would make it beyond perfect!) 

i think Victoria Beckham must have horrible teeth because she never ever smiles :(  like that, see... :(  and when she does smile, she covers her mouth which tells me 'i have horrible rotten teeth' ;)  (i watch the Mentalist, you see)  i wonder why she doesn't just fix them?  because surely sometimes, when everything is going right, she just wants to smile :)

favorite website: trulia luxe... pictures of beautiful people's beautiful houses AND the addresses so i can drive by and discover beautiful new pockets of LA.  it doesn't get any better than that!  latest obsession: the house on Blue Jay Way where George Harrison wrote Blue Jay Way.  i neeeeeeeeeed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  if i won the lottery, it would be completely spent in a matter of seconds on pretty houses with big windows.....

in other heaven-is-a-place-on-earth news we are going to 'our beach house' in four weeks :)  it's rumoured that awful Julia Roberts is thinking of buying a house on our beach - bleck.  i really really really hope that doesn't happen because truth be told, i just don't like that woman and the beach is perfectly lovely just the way it is ;)

off to walk super fast and not eat all day long (except gummivitamins which are completely awesome and surely an acceptable form of candy...? )