Thursday, February 28, 2013

sweet tea and mint tea and sweeties

McDonald's sweet tea which reminds me of our beautiful trip through the southern states this Summer.  yeah, i pretty much love everywhere EXCEPT California... and Illinois for OBVIOUS reasons.  and i'm not too fond of Washington either ;)  and i've never been there, but i'm pretty sure i'd hate Alaska on principle (if it's even only 1% like Sarah Palin i hate it already.  and it's dark like all day long - that would SUUUUCK)  but the other 46 states, i love :)

spendy - we bought a house today.  it's a good thing :)  i love it, i didn't want to leave and come back to this cruddy old house with it's scuffed baseboards and un-seamless sink and non-functioning garage door.  but we're going back HOME first thing in the morning!!

Trader Joe's pizza.  it smells quite charred and wonderful :)

New York and longing for another trip back there... it was soooo much fun :)  and delicious too :)

Sam's new school - omg the lunch menu sounds soooo good i want to go for lunch :)  and they have breakfast too.... they didn't have school lunches made of food in my day ;)

Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia.  i love perfumes and how they are able to take me back to a time and place.. meeting Aaron = Issey Miyake... Sam = Chanel Cristalle... Danny = DKNY Cashmere Mist... England = Jo Malone nutmeg and ginger... leaving CA = Jo Malone Fresh Mint Leaf... the new house: English Pear and Freesia :)

 sweet sleepy love pup
house # 4
reading all the manuals - omg they even left care sheets for the plants :)  
 another thing to love about the new house - there's a Panda Express up the street - he's happy:)
i miss wide open spaces... do we HAVE to buy furniture...?

 the sole contents of our new fridge :)  we HAVE to buy food :)
 he was waiting to watch the schoolbus show up... a bunch of smiling waving little boys
jumped off and started playing soccer in the cul-de-sac.....
 i think it's all going to be alright :)

Monday, February 25, 2013

un Manic Monday

to Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond and Barry Manilow -i love them all and did you know they're all from Brooklyn??! i kinda knew that already but after being a NYC tourist this weekend, i now absolutely have it drilled into my brain forever more :)

Barbra Streisand at the Oscars.... she gives me goosebumps - she's on my non-existent bucket list.  also on the list: see Bill Clinton with my naked eyes....  and have coffee with Michael Stipe to ask him how on earth he always knows what's coming next in my life so he can write a perfect song about it.  and go back to Nice, France.  and go to Disneyland with my grandchildren.  that's it.  it's a short but "wonder full" list :)  living on Cape Cod has been checked off (to quote David Byrne... how did i get here????!) 

also loving
the moon tonight.  no light necessary in the bedroom - it lights up the entire room :)

also also loving
being back on the island of Cape Cod after the bustle of the island of Manhattan... i love New York like a sister, but going home to Massachusetts was sublime (and my hubbie met me with milky decaf and a warm McDonalds apple pie and i shared my Dairy Milk and a bazillion funny stories with him)

i need to apply the acid face peel again... i did it gingerly at 9:15am and left it on for 3 mins and i don't see huge peeling blistering patches of skin yet... so clearly i need to do it TWICE every day and not follow the instructions on the bottle which seem to be written by someone with a much lower pain threshold and a much much patience than me!

a long extra warm bubble bath - i'm still achey and weary from too much walking/laughing this weekend (it was the b-e-s-t kind of unrepeatably perfect weekend away)

misty Manhattan

Melissa: the real life starlet of Cash Cab :)
from one Trophy Wife to another - thank you oxox
 the Copacabana - where Lola was a showgirl (with yellow feathers
in her hair and a dress cut down to there)
ps i still can't figure out why Rico called her "Rover" ;)
Lady Liberty looking all on her lonesome after Hurricane Sandy
(she can't have any visitors right now....)

 i came THIS CLOSE to drinking this soda because it had the words New York  and a cute heart
 on it.  but i didn't because it's Lent and all, and i intend to have absolutely NO vices whatsoever 
 don't ever ever ever take a tour with the green jacket people - oh my gawd - NEVER!!!!

dearest Manhattan... you're looking happier these days

the perfectest day ever

i kinda love the shiny optimistic stunningly beautiful Freedom Tower
(and taking pics of it under construction to someday share with my grandchildren :)
back to where the heart is - bliss

Monday, February 18, 2013

iced tea, frisky cats and american housewives

iced tea! that i made from scratch!! with actual tea bags and water!!!  it's been one of those good serial mom days around here :)

that maybe tomorrow the oven will finally be fixed - for real this time ;)  oh you know, it's only been broken since bloody DECEMBER :|  gawd i hate renting with a passion.... 10 more days!  until we have a cooker that actually works!!  and doesn't fill the entire house with gas!!! 

if the person driving the WRONG WAY towards me on the freeway this morning ever figured it out....  you'd think people swerving, honking and flashing their lights would be a hint... but nooooooo!

also wondering
if i can ever possibly UN-SEE my cats 'doing it'!  on the stairs!  like human beans!!!  they're fixed for heaven's sake - what on earth is going on???

Real Housewives of Atlanta wasn't so bloody boring.  sigh... i only like RHONY and RHOOC anymore :(  you know why they don't have a RHOCC?  because watching everyone be super nice to each other just isn't good television ;)

to bed.  in the words of the sharks "i'm out" ;)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

moving, acid and honesty

parsons tables and orbit chairs - is it too much to ask if the bloody orbit chairs will fit neatly underneath the bloody parsons table - you'd think there would be some measurements or SOMETHING online but ohhhh nooo, i have to actually go to CB2 on Third Avenue at 58th Street and take said chair and try to fit it under said table myself.  honestly life should be much, much easier than this.... luckily i'm going to be on Third Avenue at 58th Street on Saturday!!!! (and i'm ever so slightly excited!!!)

absolutely not hungry for anything other than pumpkin bread with (a copious amount of) cream cheese frosting... i feel myself turning orange just typing the word pumpkin... must.... stop.... eating.... pumpkin..... bread :|

with baited breath for my latest beauty treatment/form of torture to arrive from 50% glycolic acid with free application fan brush!  it burns skin off revealing an even glowing complexion free of blemishes and hyperpigmentation (eventually...)  i can hardly wait!!!

why my nutella waffle always - 100 times out of 100, guaranteed, it NEVER fails - falls nutella side down :( nutella waffles: good.... nutella waffles with grit, sand, cat litter and hair in them: bad

Danny would get better already, it's been FOUR DAYS of not eating and nonstop sleeping :(  luckily he's off school this whole week or he'd have to stay home for sure.  can you believe he was sick at school on Friday and too worried to bug the teacher and tell her he felt like his ears were on fire....

(though i shouldn't) the fact that he thinks he has a hangover because he took a sip of wine on Thursday night - i think he has been cured of ever wanting to drink again :)

also loving
that when he's poorly he walks with a help of a cane for dramatic effect :)

also loving
exploring our new house and playing with the blinds and fantasizing about what items will go in which drawers in the kitchen and what kinds of flowers we will plant when Spring (ever bloody) arrives.  i love that house - we get the keys next Thursday at 10:30am (not that i'm counting down the hours or anything......)

also loving
our new neighborhood... i lost my cute, adorable and definitely very stealable black and white gingham kate spade wallet the other day and i was forlorn thinking i would never see it again....  i called the store i was in that day, just in case Mother Theresa had been shopping there and had found it and turned it in (what are the odds....?) and yes indeed: it had been turned in safe and sound and was waiting for me at the customer service desk!!  you know what New England is....?  amazing and honest and kind!  and full of people who are like, as nice as Mother Theresa!  also: this is the way the whole world should be :)  also: it's pretty here :)  and it smells good too :)

off to bedfordshire with some milky decaf and a nutella waffle sandwich so that Murphy's law can't possibly win tonight :) xoxox

Friday, February 15, 2013

more scenes from a storm



perfect storm reading material :)

mercy dash for emergency supplies :)
prettiest clouds after the storm....
random picture but i love it - that old Duke of Edinburgh guy is an absolute 
 hoot and a half:) (though a little offensive and politically incorrect to some, maybe ;)

tea, tea partiers and pizza parties

lemon iced tea. oh lent, please be over already....

to NYC next weekend (goosebumps!!!)

for Mr UPS to quit playing with my new wide angle lens and just deliver it already.  because NYC is just too wide and amazing for a regular lens ;)

notecards with our new address on them in very pertiful cursive.  because we are bloody moving, that's why!!!!!!!!!!

people who don't have anything nice to say about Barack Obama, because seriously, why are we even friends....?!  also: i have a confession... and it's a shameful one... i only kept them as friends for so long to remind myself that i'm up here and they're down here (hangs head in 'bitchcat from hell' shame)

if it is safe to permit a cat to sleep in a plastic bag....?  because she's still breathing and everything and looks all cozy... but i should move her, right....? 

pizza for dinner tonight!!  horray for ovens that actually (sometimes) work!  did i mention, once twice or even a dozen times how much i hate renting...?!

off to the shops - back later xoxoxo

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

W, diet coke and nuts

meatloaf - between you and me, it smells absolutely heavenly, but clearly i cannot out loud admit that and i certainly can't eat it :(  

i could have pancakes... it being pancake Tuesday and all but it's a dumbass berry day :(

up diet coke for lent.  actually it's already been a (reaaaally looooooong snowed-in) week without it and so far so good (she tried to convince herself...) 

people making fun of George W Bush's artwork.  now i hate GWB as much as the next person (OK, maybe a little bit more than the average person ;) but honestly, people should just leave him the hell alone with his box of paints.  he's not hurting anyone anymore, and it's just not nice to mess with Texas (or so it says on my oven glove :)

living in a rental.  it is going on two bloody months of having a semi-broken, sometimes-working, sometimes-deadly oven.  it's been replaced, with a crappity 'new' one which has broken again and allegedly, now it's fixed but that doesn't explain why the house reeks of gas and i have an absolutely throbbing headache.  if it was MY oven, i'd take a pick-axe to it but it's not and i need to think about that sectional sofa sized security deposit  (did i mention i HAAAATE renting....)

Danny wasn't in a nut-free/chocolate-free/fun-free classroom....  no treats are allowed on Valentine's Day - just dumbass cards :(  seriously, you don't want those 7/8 year olds having TOO much fun before they grow up ;)'

off to get the boy - back later xo


... after the storm... it's warm enough to go outside barefoot (i just did), the snow is melting away leaving the cleanest, shiniest sidewalks you ever saw, the light is that warmish orangeish pink that i absolutely adore... that lights up the entire house and casts amaaaaazing shadows across the room and it's beyond beautiful and peaceful and heavenly on the Cape once again (i'm hopelessly going to miss it here....)

i was starting to think i was dying of carbon monoxide poisoning/cabin fever because i haven't been to Target for like 5 days.  thank heavens for the sun and the rain and snow plows and school being back in school today :)

you know that awesome scene in Pretty Woman... (i am NOT saying i love Julia Roberts herself, for i do NOT, not even slightly, and i hear she is a total bitch from friends in high places ;) but the 'big mistake - HUGE!' scene?  well i LOVE that part and just reenacted it verbatim with someone who wouldn't give me the time of day when i needed their advice and help and is now bugging me relentlessly saying they'd actually LOVE to help.  ha! everyone is instantly replaceable (and usually the replacement is oh so much better and much much nicer!)  oh yeah!  still hate Julia Roberts though, homewrecking freaky muppet mouth hoochie - she used to be a prostitute on Hollywood Boulevard you know.  until she 'cleaned up' a little and became a lawyer...)

i'm eating berries today - nothing else.  just writing it here so i feel like crap and have to answer to myself when i want to eat pizza later ;)

i have no clue why my phone says exit 5 on it :|  no reference to what is there.... i wonder what that means......?

back later xoxoxo

ps i never trusted that Pope - who quits on God?????!!!!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

how to survive cabin fever

play lots and lots of Uno

take lots of selfies

be a good sport when a child wants to practice his photography skills :)

hang out with the critters

or just hang out

take firewood to the old man next door
(because we are, like, THAT nice)

learn to snowboard

land in snow up to your middle :|


and read......

and read.........
and read...........

  actually dig out the big camera instead of always using the iphone (thanks Nemo.... i guess ;)