Wednesday, February 26, 2014

the daily vomit of pictures and screen grabs

 i *may*... or *may not*... but more likely *may* be obsessed with clam chowder ;)
the one on the left.... omg i LOVE IT!!!  and it's SLIMMING!  
(everything containing the words Cape Cod is magical and good for you)
our yard looked so spooky last week...... and there were real life WOLVES out there!!!
 cutest pinata everrrrrrrrr
grossssssest ponytail holder ever (pinterest kept me company this weekend :)
 i LOVE terriers
 especially this one :)
Blackjack's latest obsession

look at his little hands pweeeeading for granola!!!!!  yes OF COURSE i fed him!
 twas a sick day today for him

also that smiling kitty cake.... i loooove it :)

Monday, February 24, 2014

monday's grateful journal

it used to be a wednesday thing a really long time ago... then the world exploded and i gave up.  now the world is slowly getting pieced back together and super glued that way forever, and it's going to be a monday thing :)

i am grateful for:

monday mornings that don't require scratchy tights and ill-fitting skirts and ugly already-creased-before-i-ever-leave-the-house company-issue blouses and sweaty inedible lunches.  percentage i miss working in an office: 78% (i do miss totally the lunches,  pot lucks, chit chat and machine-generated coffee..... and the money!!!)

Coco Chanel and Coco Chanel Mademoiselle and Chanel 19 and Chanel Cristalle, in full eau de parfum bottles (i didn't say the grateful list wouldn't be completely shallow and materialistic...) 

a warm house on a cold day and a cool house on a warm day (it's pretty warm here!)

living on a pretty street that makes me happy everytime i drive along it

my best friend

Sam's bus driver.  we were late this morning.  as always.  i was skidding over ice patches, making up 15 syllable cursewords, fasten-your-seatbelt beeper beeping like crazy, and as we drove up the street we saw her disappearing..... but no!  she was watching for us, and she stopped, bless her heart, and waited for Sam.... oh my god Raffi, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!  to the moon and back!

sick days.  the baby of the family has bloodshot eyes from coughing so hard... i'm not grateful for that... but i am grateful for sleepy mornings when i can snuggle him on the couch and make him a smoothie and read "I Survived" books to him  and he rests his head on me and is my baby again

feeling better.  being able to stand up without holding onto something.  feeling better is so much better

up-to-date laundry

Target and the red card which makes every purchase that little bit more appealing

off to Target RIGHT NOW with the sickly boy who is getting an Icee and medicine and a little Lego set (because he is so very lovely)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

flu, itchiness and other really bad things.....

from the deathliest flu.... at least i think it was flu (even though i had a flu shot for the first time ever), it was the one you feed at any rate :|

to go to the gym - it's been of week of kid-ness and then flu-ness. i get flashing lights in my eyes and seriously out of puff just putting my socks on, never mind working out.  what am i going to do???????

the slowness of spotify.  i could DIE waiting for it to start :(

so itchy (at least i hope it's due to my mud face mask pulling every impurity out of my pores and not my light ash hair color making my hair fall out....).  now everytime i itch i think of the poor lady in that cancer commercial.  she felt itchy - she thought she had a rash - and she had freaking CANCER :|

to the bits of surround sound that make it all the way upstairs - suspenseful music, screeching tires, guns - these are a few of my very unfavoritest things :|

all kinds of dirty for watching the Farrah porn vid today.  i don't know what on earth possessed me to (i'm blaming the flu) but i was watching Teen Mom updates (as you do when you have flu) and the presenter lady (who was a Mom too) was all like "duhhhh, how can anyone NOT have watched it?!!"  so i was all like, what: it's online????!!!  and i'm the only person who hasn't watched it.....?  and so i watched it.  i'm going to hell, aren't I, Sister Barbara/Sister Savio/Father Flatley......?  maybe not because it was lame.  maybe you don't go to hell if it's just lame amateur porn?

off to rinse all this crap off my face/out of my hair and scratch like CRAZY!!! horray for 30 minutes!!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

my (latest) strange addictions

Journey.  i had never heard of this wonderful group before moving to a small town.  now i hear them in every store and restaurant and gym and gas station and school and blasting unapologetically out of every car... and i kinda like that :) 

Nevermind by Nirvana.  i bought that CD the day i met my bestest friend.  so there's that too :)

ps i always thought the last line of Lithium was 'my willy's good' not 'my will is good'.  sorry Kurt Cobain for my horrible unsanitary mind..... it's been a superfast 20 years but i'm still really bummed you're dead)

blue cotton candy soda.  you take a can of sprite and mix blue cotton candy into it.  and it tastes like a hot summer night at a theme park when you've ridden the scariest ride so many times that you throw up, but you eat french fries and for some reason it makes you feel instantly better :)  

the Dollar Tree.  and not just because i have a very soft spot for the nice checker at the local store who is like 17 but seriously, the second he turns 35, i am going to insist he applies for the position of president.  of our fine COUNTRY - not just Dollar Tree!  he is just way too lovely to be working in that place.  ps  i got some major dirty looks from the other checkers for saying that too loudly...  but you know what: i'm not here to make friends, just shake worlds :)

ponytails.  ohhh dear God and prenatal vitamins: THANK YOU for making my hair long enough for swishy flippy ponytails and ponytail holders with three white rabbits on them (for the first of the month ONLY :)

clam chowder.  i am desperately seeking Olde Cape Cod clam chowder.  i think it is a green can with a clam on it.  i wonder if maybe it is indigenous to Cape Cod...?  i've looked everywhere for it (except Cape Cod.... hmm)  today i bought 6 brands of clam chowder so i can try them all (and immediately get sooooo sick of clam chowder that i can never face it ever again... it happened with c-a-u-l-i-f-l-o-w-e-r, my strange addiction of 2012... i still can't even say c-a-u-l-i-f-l-o-w-e-r out loud... if i see a recipe on pinterest made with c-a-u-l-i-f-l-o-w-e-r, i feel sick) 

clamcakes (doughnuts made with clams and clam juice... they sound so gross, right?  but NOT gross at all!!)

shelves.  everywhere. 

pilates.  everyday.

lavender.  in soap.  and pot pourri.  and flower polish.  countertop spray.  linen spray.  hand lotion.  shampoo.  conditioner.  perfume.  in little muslin bags filled with lavender in every room.  in perfect little bunches tied with grosgrain ribbon.  it's all the Atlantic Spice Company's fault... how i absolutely loooooove that store :)  ps did you know lavender makes boys grow breasts?  uhuh.... or maybe i dreamt it???

Scott and Bailey.  i really truly sadly deeply painfully miss British TV.  like reaaaaaallly truuuuuly.  that show is awesome.  and Steph Barnes is in it...????!   this still makes my head spin.  i look away from Coronation Street for 5 minutes (OK: maybe 18 years) and she gets all grown up and mature and even more awesome :)  i wonder when she became a policewoman, and whether she split up with Des....

mixing even more fattening things into brownies/cookies/cupcakes.  everyday i come across a bigger and better idea!  next experiment: those Lindor truffle balls???  inside a CUPCAKE!!!  i bought like 17 different flavors yesterday.  thundercats are go!!!

hyalauronic acid.  and salicylic acid.  and glycolic acid.  i am sure acid shouldn't be so readily available with free 2 day shipping on :)

pizza.  but this isn't a new addiction.  at last count i'd been to FORTY of the hundred best pizza joints.  and that's without even trying!

Marlena on the Wall by Suzanne Vega.  never.ending.loop - please please stop!!!!!  this is a seriously BAD addiction that is killing my brain cells

Taylor Swift's instagram.  she baked cookies.  and her cat Meredith's ears twitch.  and she got a haircut with everyone watching.  why is this addicting???!!

thursday five

oh insomnia, why?  why do you wake me up to google whether there really IS a town called 28,000 or if this is an error.  arghh!!

and why insomnia, after searching every inch of Alabama for a town named 28,000.... did you make me watch the blackhead extraction video?  why did that man get SO OLD and not pick or squeeze them???!  what the hell is wrong with him???!!  other than utterly disgusting skin???!! 

(also: i ordered a surgical lancet for blackheads at 2:23am :) 

i want to go to NYC on Saturday.  yes same story different week - tell me about it.  but this time it's for real!!!  it's supposed to be 50 degrees and i want belated pastel colored Magnolia birthday cupcakes and banana pudding for the long drive home through Purgatory Connecticut.  i want my N.Y.C.  i always thought that song was money for nothing and checks for free - and i was like huh?  isn't that the same thing????!

it's wrong, right....?  that i find it adorable when my little boy says shit....?  yeah it's wrong (but adorable! shhh!!)

i spent way too long last night looking for a cute little house in OC for a sweet slightly crazy friend who actually wants to move there.  from here????!  well, i have a stiff neck to prove that that cute little house just doesn't exist (not even in the 700K range???)

is that five?  because if not, i'm out anyway!

 first daffodils
 Friendly's is awesome (i wonder if they can put my fishamajig on Goldfish bread....)
 seriously - brown shoes with a navy suit?  what about black shoes with a navy suit???
 we went to the movies so naturally i had to bake m&m cookies and 
smuggle them in in my unusually large pockets :)
 we saw the Lego movie.  ummmmmmmm......
 salt and pepper - i love them!  not actually them, but the adorable shakers :)

Monday, February 17, 2014

keeping the dream alive

sad balloons and happy balloons

 pet snuggles

 a really faint but none the less adorable snow heart :)
 don't stop loving (and definitely don't stop believing)
 when you need a wide angle lens to photograph your lunch, the dream is alive :)
 keeping the dream alive


 i am going to make these cookies tomorrow

Saturday, February 15, 2014

have you ever....

.... listened to a radio station and thought how completely awesome the DJ is, only to realize after an hour or so, that you've been playing your own music (and that you would make the bestest DJ ever!!) my favorite DJ today is playing Sinead (i loooooooove Sinead on Coronation Street too - the street really needed someone crafty who makes soap :) and a little Nick Heyward and a little Regret by New Order and Stephen Tin Tin Duffy and some Suzanne Vega and some Garbage (I did that 'which 90s rock chick are you?' quiz on facebook 17 times trying to be Shirley Manson but everytime, no matter how much i fudged and lied about my answers, i was Alanis Morrissette.... seriously, who would share that with their friends??! i bet she's really nice - yes, i'm SURE she's really nice. just a little intense maybe...? it's better to be intense than insidiously dull)

it's snowing. for the first time ever i'm a little bummed with the snow - it just wasn't in my plans for today. i wanted to go to get clam chowder this afternoon at an adorable Irish family owned chowder house in a little beach town and there's this dumbass blizzard. smh (i have to look that up every.single.time. unsub on Criminal Minds too) we can watch Juno instead but honestly, i reaaaally wanted the soup.

a heart shaped pizza - it tasted like love

how we spent our morning

next stop: Patriot Place

know why Red Robin fries are endless....? because they're not McDonalds ;)

it was frrreeeeeeezing too! after 3 hours at basketball he was a little sleepy too..........

Sam, as usual, was CONVINCED i was trying to take his picture????????????

the way home. it's beautiful... but please stop snowing! i know there's always tomorrow for chowder.... but i really wanted it today