Saturday, August 31, 2013

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

beaches,mountains and flashbacks

the look of love
awwwwwwwww i love eight

sand castles in Maine this weekend

psst.......... Old Orchard Beach was kinda trashy and ick -
hmm i was NOT expecting Maine to be trashy and ick at all.

this pic is just missing Miley Cyrus dry humping it with her tongue hanging out, right? ;)

we wanted to do whatever common people do - so we eagerly took a seat :-)

next stops: Kennebunkport and York - much much much much much nicer :)

Saturday night on the oddly named bridge in deepest darkest Boston

a big bunny in the Berkshires

#1 reason we moved to the East Coast: these awesome reststops with McDonalds

also: the place where Friendly's was invented

they changed this much in a week

some things never change - they are OBSESSED with Portugese English muffins with raisins
(and they certainly don't get that from me ;)

one year ago flashback.....

Griffith Park Observatory

Thursday, August 22, 2013

animals, accidents and pizza tours

i wasn't such a bleeding heart animal lover.... not only am i totally craving a cheeseburger, but yesterday i rescued a spider from the cats' clutches and while taking it to the safety of the garden, stepped over another cat and fell down the stairs.  which really really really hurt :(

resting, icing, not compressing but elevating
my sore sore sore bruised swollen torn-up legs

that locking my keys in the car was probably a good thing... instead of a blissful, sublime, rose tinted, but admittedly probably a bad idea given my inability to walk, beach day with Angela, i was forced to stay at home resting, icing and elevating.  i replaced the compression part of R.I.C.E. with crackers and garlic hummus for their magical healing powers :)

all caught up and even more depressed by 16 and pregnant.  most depressing show everrrrrrrr

also feeling
a little bit sad everytime MTV plays that "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" commercial for the VMAs (which is like ALLLLL the time)  i miss the idea of the Beastie Boys a lot.   

that the Olive Garden's never ending pasta bowl came with to-go portions too - whhhhat???!  the waitress wrote the date on the container as 1992 though.... very curious :|

how Dr Phil always says twenty ten, twenty twelve etc.  it's so wrong.  seriously it's two thousand and thirteen not twenty thirteen! 

also hating
that we are down to our last Portugese English muffin with raisins. (on crutches if necessary!)

to go on that NYC pizza tour.  but knowing for sure i'd hate the waity crowdedness of it all and i'd always be the one who got the teeny crappy slice with no cheese or char on it.  i just want to do my own pizza tour of NYC and hit up 10 different places not just 4 :|  and go to Coney Island on that ferris wheel too :)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Smiths, Coney Island and Olive Garden

diet coke with five chunks of ice at 11am.  soda before noon is kind of wrong in my book of utterly pointless made-up rules (but tastes so completely right on such a day as this...)

to "how soon is now?" by the Smiths.  i've always wondered if it's the sun and the air or the son and the heir.  but not that curious that i look it up - it just makes it a little bit more wonder-ful to not check and wonder each time i hear it ;)

slightly homesick.  maybe it's a Manchester thing...?  they just sound and feel so much like home, i can almost smell the diesel fumes and fresh rain and cigarette smoke

to go to New York this weekend to Coney Island to ride their ferris wheel (last weekend was just too beachy and warm to go anywhere but the beach)...  but we are kidless (for an entire weeeeeeek!!!!) and the thought of doing anything but lying in bed watching endless reruns of Law and Order, eating pizza sounds just like too much work ;)

how on earth Nora Ephron died and i never even knew.... she died the day i went to Graceland last Summer (sighhhh makes me sad, i kinda loved her writing style)

Sam's hand-me-down Black Dog teeshirt.  i've never had one and i kinda love it and refuse to wash it...  it just feels so much like pyjamas, soft and cool and cozy and huggy

Sam on a mother-son date to Olive Garden tonight - we are only people in the family who can stand to eat there :)  and that never ending pasta bowl thingie is sooooooo good - the four cheese marinara with angel hair is the best choice... you can easily eat a never-ever ending bowl of that and totally make the wait staff want to cry ;)

amazon for delivering whatever new video game came out today this morning and keeping both boys engrossed for the rest of the day ;)

 pretty sparkly Manhattan
 they've never met a dog they didn't love
 sometimes we go for icecream without the kids (shhhhhhhhhhhh!!!)

Cape Cod by Edward Hopper (beautiful)
 no clue what this is (Siri was no help as usual :)
 they are eight :)

 his latest job: mail picker-upper (also trash taker-outer and countertop polisher - 25c a chore)
 how he watches cartoons