Monday, September 30, 2013

monday night things

to Ignoreland. from Automatic for the People. by R.E.M. (best album ever)

shoestring french fries and baked beans (best meal ever)

diet coke and coffee (before bedtime. and i wonder why i can't sleep ;)

the most tragic outfit ever - half pajamas and half daytime clothes. and a cardigan :)

like moving (i get bored of e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g after 6 months)

for a new lens (wide angle of course), some very exciting new gel that promises perfect shiny lightweight curls (i'm kind of obsessed) and ink.... lots and lots of inkyblack ink

it to be a week from now. because.... that's when our VISITORS arrive!!!! the kind who bring suitcases full of English Cadbury's!!! and make it necessary to go somewhere beautiful every single day

to really get the oil changed in the car. the warning light's been on since June... eh

what became of the man who disappeared at Walden Pond this weekend while we were there. he was swimming with his wife and was never seen again (very spooky....)

 this is Walden Pond (with no sign of the missing man...)
 signs you're in Vermont....

seriously: i was crawling.  today i read that 90% of moose are hit between 7pm-midnight
in early Spring.  information that would have been useful to know yesterday....
we could have got home SO much faster ;)  omg though, the pictures of dead moose(s) that ended up totally inside peoples' cars with severed limbs and terrifying starey eyes... 
i'm going to have nightmares :|
waiting for the schoolbus (my favorite time of the day!!)
i really need to start taking my "big camera" with me - it's soooo beautiful here

Sunday, September 29, 2013

we're definitely not in California anymore....

and that's a very good thing ;)

we went to Vermont (and again i didn't want to leave and considered staying forever....
 i want to move there :|  but also have a house on the Cape for emergencies.
i can't decide which place i love better........ that's some serious love, because i LOVE Cape Cod)

holy crap - it's beautiful here. stunningly beautiful.  like Universal Studios backlot beautiful.
like soooooo ridiculously beautiful, the boys looked up from their iThings and said "whoa" :) 
(ps my sensor's reaaally dirty... the only + to CA = sensor cleaning service) 

little kids like to make big ripples (my mantra for surviving little kids)

on top of Dog Mountain (uhuh it's a place!)

Dog Chapel (not a good place for a dog lover to go at a certain time of the month....
actually not any time of the month.  stupid dumb overflowing feelings)

total sweetness and heartbreak

our very rude dogs

he LOVED Dog Mountain

and he LOVED Dog Mountain too

and he LOVED Dog Mountain too 
(that's Sally: not our dog but she instantly became Danny's best friend :)

he LOVED Dog Mountain too :)

and i LOVED Dog Mountain too (our matching shirts were totally coincidence!)
 and he LOVED Dog Mountain (he wanted a picture with the two extra long weiners :)

some girls are bigger than others

Walden Pond (we get around ;)

Friday, September 27, 2013

today i....

hours upon hours curling my hair.  who am I???!!

pigged out 
on waaaaay too many peanut m&ms and chocolate m&ms (i did get them for the kids - sadly the m&ms didn't last long enough...)

waaaaay too much indian food for lunch.  omg it was sooooo good.  then almost immediately, so painfully tummy-achingly bad.  buffets are totally banned (until next Friday)

waaaaay waaaaaaaaay too many packets of crisps at the English store (this was BEFORE lunch when i was shopping hungry and feeling like i might faint from lack of nutrition) red hot monster munch!  pickled onion monster munch!! (the best)  cheese and onion hula hoops!!!  salt and vinegar hula hoops!!! (also the best)  walkers tomato ketchup crisps!  worcester sauce crisps!  chipsticks!!  prawn cocktail crisps!!!  annnnnnd a million kit kats.  and jelly babies (healthy "fruit"ish candy)

totally lost - like an hour towards California lost.  my GPS kept saying to do a U-turn but i haaaaate doing U-turns so i figured eventually i would end up magically at home.   well i didn't..... i HAD to do a U-turn before i ended up in California :|

the 495 is getting all colorful!
 but some places, not at all 
(it's all very confusing... maybe these are evergreens...?  i don't know!)

 the biggest perk of working in a fancy office: free unlimited all-you-care-to-eat candy 
(though they are getting low on peanut m&ms now.... as usual ;)
and pretty views  

Thursday, September 26, 2013

prime, dentists and safety glasses

to Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now.  it's the sole reason i don't really want a job ;) 

extra strong, extra creamy, extra sweet coffee in my extra waspish Ralph Lauren Hamptons mug

(and possibly overdosing on) gummivites for breakfast.  i want long swishy hair that bad

how on earth shipped something to me before i even ordered it...?  i ordered some Lego organizing toy thingie (which is completely awesome - you'll see) at 9:00pm last night (multi-tasking while watching Law and Order ;) but it says it was shipped at 7:37pm and is already out for delivery???!  it's cool.  but kind of spooky :|  but awesome too.

L-O-V-I-N-G my new dentist - even more than the last one, which i thought was impossible.  he is Irish.  and goes to Manchester on vacation??!  we talked about our favorite restaurants and shops and how it reminded us of Boston and it's a little bit nicer than London, and he said it was a good job i had such nice clean teeth because he was too busy talking instead of scraping :)  i said i hate to floss... to which he said he hates flossing too!  and he grinds his teeth and has sore chipmunk cheeks all the time too!!  and he loves Cadbury's chocolate too!  a dentist who loves chocolate and hates flossing!  then he gave me a list of his favorite British/Irish places in Boston. and i floated out of there on a cloud of wholesome goodness.     

actually loving
that i have to go back for a filling ;)  remember Martha's Vineyard last December....?  when i bit the price tag off a toy lobster....?  and i had to eat shards of tooth for days after and i blamed my hyper-whitening obsession but didn't seek help because i was scared of getting in trouble for using 36% whitening gel.....  so i just put lots of sensodyne on it and the pain eventually faded into the everyday background noise...?  well he's going to fix it! 

over the leaf peeper app.  Essex County, VT just turned red (please stay that way till Saturday, Essex...)

the dreadful but obligatory school picture
 spooky eyeball salad
 much less spooky pizza at Bertucci's (post dentist treat:)
 spooky windows
 his fancy homework glasses :)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

wednesday things...

to the dentist today.  it's been 18 months.... the honeymoon is finally over and i'm back to real life

kind of like i have stomach flu.... i think it's feed the flu, starve a fever... at least that's what i'm doing (since i DON'T have a fever but i DO have pumpkin bread with cream cheese frosting...)

hating on a total stranger's instagram.  soooo mean.  but so fun!  she's an Obama-hater (so naturally i have it in for her), a crafter who loves pitiful generic fonts, and she has hideous old lady gold talons, wears hideous-er animal prints and is madly religiously annoying.  ANNNND she lives in OC and i don't feel sorry for her at all :)  she tries to use all those creative angles, tilt shift and warm tones, but i know what it's really like there ;)    

how many is too many.  i'm on my third brush curler thingie.  and i want another one.    

i hadn't read that dumb article yesterday saying that microdermabrasion is futile.  sigh.

to go to Vermont this weekend.  and stay for the entire Fall season.  it's beeeaaaaautiful.

the arrival of the heated cat bed.  i might be more excited than the kitties! (who don't know about it yet)  it's pretty bloody cold here.... like 50 degrees (but in the best jeans/boots/woolly jumpers kind of way - none of which cats can wear.... but they'd look SO CUTE!)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

sickness n catfish

twas a sick day around here.... to quote Danny a 'wicked bad' kind of day
 a new-Lego-set-feel-better kind of day

a snuggle-with-Flippy-boiling-hot-then-freezing-cold kind of day

a cuddly kitty day

a I'll-treat-you-to Starbucks-if-you-PLEASE-take-a-picture kind of day...
 a this-is-what-happens-when-you-shop-hungry munchie kinda day
   a lucky-find at the library kinda day.... CATFISH THE MOVIE!

the worst drivers????  compared to ugliest residents and bestiality, i guess it's better....?
worst drivers belongs to Rhode Island for sure.  also Ohio... nerdiest????  ummm.... no

Sunday, September 22, 2013

everyday is like Sunday

(especially Sunday ;)

on Cape (again)

 i have no clue where the strings to this bridge went........???
 i've always wanted to happen upon a random field of dead alive sunflowers
 we ate lunch here (not in an actual rock)
 it took forrrever.  forever, like all those people in the background 
were young when they ordered their food ;)
random fact: Friendly's was just plain Friendly till 1989
 in his hand-me-down hat and scarf from the cute neighbor boy 
(he's a wolf. or a bear.... whatever: some kind of animal ;)

 the remote control car demonstration in which all the cars crashed and fell to pieces :)