Friday, April 25, 2014

favorite things

 revisiting last year's favorite thing: rainbow loom
 her scrunchie nose smile
the occasional black and white
 boys who love cats
 the sport court (and spring and bare feet)
 white sheets and soft light
bohemian actions

playgrounds on the sand
   friendly fistbumps
friends :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


how to drive across the George Washington Bridge: close your eyes and put your foot down

prettiest skyline of all time forever

Wonderdog!  or Wonderbear... i knew just looking at this 
animals' smile i was going to like this place :)

first time on the boardwalk (SO EXCITING!!!!)

in search of terrible food

Caesar's gelato

i REFUSE to eat pizza with white stuff swirled on it.  REFUSE!!!!

 i ate this pizza just fine ;)

 we found the famous place with the really REALLY 
good caramel corn that i can't remember the name of :)
BIRDS!!!  why i can never eat at Manco and Manco :(

i love Ocean City NJ

 Longport Beach - beautiful
grey jingle shells - heart shaped of course :)
i have been waiting 25ish years to meet LUCY!!!!
(i saw her in a Fodor's guide book before the internet/
before i ever set foot in America)

we took a tour to the top!!!
he's looking out of Lucy's eyes at the ocean
i almost cried when i heard her entire life story (for real)

 i like Philadelphia

 you can buy freakishly large eyeballs
a plush colon  
(they even have a plush gonnorhea for a loved one... ewww :)

we found veggie cheesesteaks in Philly :)

Easter morn (when is he going to be old??!)

Cape Cod :)