Thursday, May 30, 2013

thursday things

extra strong coffee in my favorite patriotic mug (because i'm American this morning;)

to walk to school today for walk-to-school day.  no sireebub, it's not going to happen ;)  the English person in me refuses to conform ;)

that song 22 would get the hell out of my head (i'm not really complainin' because I luuurve Taylor Swift, i'm just wishing for a new song because this one's been on a never-ending eternal loop forever...)

how old is Taylor Swift anyway?  23...??!

a perfect beachy Cape day this weekend at the beautiful, heavenly, radiant, calming National Seashore... no waves whatsoever, gently toasted faces, driving home in slightly damp clothes with buckets full of perfect white shells and pretty beach treasures, a quick essential stop at Atlantic Spice Company for aromatherapeutic reasons, fish and chips and onion rings and icecream at Kream N Kone... I love this Summer already and it didn't even officially start yet :)

for a perfect not-too-short-not-too-long, age appropriate, dark-but-not-too-dark, swishy, swirly, flattering sundress.  which doesn't exist - duhhhhhh :(

always looking
for the perfect pair of mary janes.  i have 175 pairs and it's still not enough

my resignation letter actually works this time.  urgh, i'm a sucker for a sob story and I can't say no to anyone ever :(  i keep trying to say no, but no one listens to me! 

over the above.  it's not negotiable - i have to be home: i have children who need me and places I've never been (like Vermont!!  and Quebec!!! and even though I've been there already, Georgia some more!!!! and South Carolina!!!  and Alabama!!! and more Tennessee - much more of Tennessee!!)  and i haven't baked my magical mint brownies in weeks..... and i miss the big cozy reading part of my couch soooo much.  and Dr Phil.  and loving Sundays instead of hating them.  blah.  N.O..... i said NOOOOOOO!!!!  i can't!

she's going to not let me quit.  seriously, my feet are sooo blistered and i'm sooooo tired every night, i have to go to bed and not even watch Dr Phil.  it's that bad... (note to self: take iron supplements)

the nice hair stylist who talked me off a ledge on Tuesday and convinced me to not cut my hair.  it feels so flippy and long since she trimmed it (how is that possible???!!) and i even have a bloody hair dryer and a flat iron now (i flat ironed Sam's hair today!  and if the dogs had long hair, i'd soooo flat iron them too!  i love that thing - it's like an iron!  for hair!!!  hmmm i wonder if i can iron clothes with it.... or press flowers.... this is why every small appliance we have gets destroyed ;)

back later with pics xooxoxox

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

a tuesday kind of wednesday

 Spring in mid-spring
dear neighbors, we'll go home eventually, i promise (we are in LOVE with their new puppy ;)
i like everything with a little char ;)
  spot the puppy :)
 OMG...... this was sooooooo good!  even with Hershey chocolate.....
 i hate to play favorites (she lied) but this dog is my absolute favorite :)  
he is a rescued pit bull, who loves rolling in the grass
with the kindest, gentlest, biggest, softest, most grateful heart 
 home is where the heart is
 although my heart is also here... i looooove this little cottage i'm pretending to live in petsitting ;)
 cool wet grass (they taught us that little mantra in school... i still use it;)
heavenly dimples from the babydaddy

Monday, May 27, 2013

memorial day

to brand new Summer soundtrack songs  (over and over and over and over to get my money's worth ;)

my hair cut extra short tomorrow

a boat.  and a lake :)

for a weekly perfect beach day with sandwiches, icecream, overexposed pictures and slightly burnt shoulders with Angela this Summer ;)

to find Dole Whips around here (they have to exist... they HAVE TO!)

Rhode Island after spending the whole long weekend exploring every cute little town and beach :)

also loving
evening neighborhood chitchats around the firepit with good good food (avocado veggie burger with grilled onions and sharp cheddar cheese: I'm talking 'bout you ;)

work (major huuuuuuuuge changes coming soon around here ;)

Memorial Day 2006





Sunday, May 26, 2013