Friday, February 06, 2015

Jo Malone, Michael Stipe and the Pioneer Woman (and Sinead too)

  • a drawer full of Jo Malone testers - today i smell like peonies (pale pink ones, obviously) and blush suede (i'm not sure how blush suede and pale pink peonies smell different to other colors....????)
  • fixing the little knicks and scuffs on the baseboards (which were totally screaming at me and now... there's silence)
  • sweet milky coffee
  • thermal tops and sweatpants all day long
  • tall boots and feeling amazonian because i can actually reach things
  • shiny yellow rainboots when it's not even raining
  • making lists of British things to do, see, buy, wear, eat, etc etc.  if i wasn't officially British to the core, i'd be SO disappointed
  • browsing airbnb - i love LOVE seeing how people around the world live: their furniture, linens, kitchens, bathrooms - it's a nosey parker's dream :) 
  • Michael Stipe's dusky all-telling deeply amazing voice
  • selfies 
  • flashmobs 
  • open letters to anyone
  • being called mama by anyone but my children (and ONLY when they were babies - argh).  
  • girl scout cookies
  • the Pioneer Woman - not her, but just her putting up with her husband (is everyone else focusing on the cooking while i just can't get past what a macho jerk he is...?)
  • blue and gold 
  • Hershey - seriously, i haaaaaaaate Hershey!         
  • Frozen
  • buffering (more than Hershey and Frozen - OK, it's not THAT unbearably awful)
  • Taylor Swift and all her celebrity friends (huge eye roll)  seriously: just quit being someone's media robot
listening to
  • a playlist called 2013. i don't know who made it, if it just accidentally fell together that year, but it's soooooo totally that year's movie soundtrack
  • Sinead O'Connor would make me Universal Mother part two for the next leg of the journey