Tuesday, August 19, 2014

pics of summer

 selfie with Courage the cowardly cat
 i know i'm kinda biased... but he's adorable and beautiful
 and sweet and kind too


Saturday, August 16, 2014

oh yeah

listening to the Smiths Peel Sessions.  i have to admit.... i am ever-so-slightly besotted by them :)

drinking iced coffee.  a million Boston girls can't be wrong: it's delicious and milky with a swirl of hazelnut

smelling of Sebastian's magical potion 9.  it promises carefree beach waves.  we'll see about that........

going to the beach tomorrow.  just in case Sebastian's potion isn't really magical...

going to the beach on Monday too.  because that's what Mondays should be for

wanting Serendipity 3 frrrozen hot chocolate.  i know it will be most likely be woefully underwhelming. but it's just one of those things i have to try once...

loving Maine blueberries.  they are the best blueberries in the world.  but fold them into McDonalds soft serve with caramel on a hot hot Maine day and everything in the world is beyond perfect 

 they used to absolutely forbid photography inside IKEA.  
whatever happened to that sign??!
 goosebumps moment: picking blueberries in MAINE!!!
i wish i had bought this picture at Queen Annes Lace today.
and the moonlight picture too and the little wicker basket  and the vintage postcards
 but it's 2.5 hours to go back :(
 best sandwich ever.  the Subway veggie delite.  
i still shake my head that there is no Subway in Sandwich
 Sam turned 14. and even more adorable
and that Ice Cream Machine cake was a-m-a-a-a-z-i-n-g-!
 i was awesome at this sport ;)
 we crashed someone's wedding :)

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Viva Hate

to go to New York again... i want to go to Alice's Teacup and get my hair cut at Vidal Sassoon and take taxis everywhere so i can wear pretty pretty shoes

a Togo's sandwich.  there is supposed to be a Togo's here.... hmm i bet it's a hoax and just a dumb Dunkin  Donuts.  seriously, when i was surrounded by Togo's all i wanted DD, now i want Togo's (what the heck is up with that?  but dearest Massachusetts, please don't ever become California ;)

if three vacuums is total overkill/OCD....?  in my defense we have three floors.  and two cars.  and those vacuums at the car wash just don't reach into minute spaces to pick up every last grain of sand.  and there are worse addictions, right....?  right...

to Costco.  blah blah blah blah blah.  and softening the fall with Anthropologie :)

Viva Hate. viva hate indeed, hate is soooo not a bad word.  i hate that people think that,  i think it's just plain stupid (i bet they hate stupid too, which i tooooootally hate ;)

to do something about the floor.  i cannot stand carpet.  omg how can ANYONE stand carpet?  it's disgusting.  i threw it out the window.  and now we really need to do something about the floor... but honestly no carpet is infinitely better than carpet.

 happiest birthday Samuel.... you're still this adorable and lovely xoxoxox
 somewhere in New York state....
i can't leave NY without an entire catering tray full of garlic knots ;)
 and i can't leave Botson without THIS 
(hangs head in shame)
 somewhere (really pretty) in Long Island
 we caught a train!  and survived!!
 somewhere in Boston (i have the hardest time saying Boston not Botson)
 ewwwwww Chad Scott you are SICK!!!!
and fascinating: please invent an ice cream flavor next.......
and a greek yogurt........
and a diet coke spin-off.......
 awwwwww his wittle face....  
also that huge black thing on my knee is wannabe lapdog Romeo (85 pounds)