Friday, March 29, 2013

cats, birds and groceries

Mr Bumps official portrait 
 Mr Bumps outtake
 our teenage daughter:  Friday is fourteen
there goes another almost decent picture...
 finding curious new things like this make me squeal like a little pig!
 Mrs Brady old lady
 Mr Bumps loves the fire :|
 golden hour and screen bokeh
 some kind of pertiful little birds ;)
three course dessert :)
OK, four maybe ;)  i had banana, he chose vanilla cotton candy
 still staring at the neighbor dog with seething jealousy ;)
a boy and his manatee
 his new favorite spot :|
 shining evening light in Massachusetts
 today's had-to-haves in Target - those chips taste nothing like garlic bread :|
 and this in Old Navy.  but i'm going to return it... of course

first world things

everyone until the fallout of using far far FAR too much of the glycolic acid peel passes.  omg, i look like a leper with bleeding sores and HUGE volcanic cystic bumps... i really really really should have heeded the warnings on the bottle :|  

for my shiny new Chanel rouge noir iPhone case.  etsy + my credit card = happiness :)

also waiting
for my newest obsession Chanel Coco Mademoiselle to arrive already.  get here already!!!!!!!  and please make the bottle be super duper pretty and kissable!!!!   

amazon prime.  Danny is suddenly besotted with manatees (?) and the inevitable question arose: can we pleeeeeeease drive to every store within a 50 mile radius looking for a perfect, not-too-big, not-too-small, not-too-expensive, soft but realistic manatee???  i consulted my trusty friend amazon, found one and it arrived a mere 14 hours later :|  seriously... they flew it overnight from Kentucky.  and it was seven bucks - shipped!!!!  gasp!  and he LOVES it!!

people who walk in front of me when i'm shopping.  because that right there is grounds for murder

also hating
the way women drive here, like frightened, befuddled little bunnies.  move bitch (get out the way) has become something of a theme song...

if having takeout food in the car causes some kind of reverse polarity that makes everyone around move reaaaaaaaaallly slowly.  or if i really shouldn't wait till i'm that hungry that i want to kill everyone before i go out for food ;)

to go somewhere brand new this weekend.  we have been in MA for 5 whole months and haven't made it to New Hampshire, Vermont or Maine yet... and they are all RIGHT THERE for the taking!!!!  i am dying to go somewhere... anywhere!!!!  (except Rhode Island... no offense but been there, done that already ;)

the clouds here - i'd post pictures but i have like a thousand (for real :)

back later with pictures of birds and cats and other such shit ;)

Saturday, March 23, 2013


to Tom Jones.  because sometimes it just helps to sing "what's new pussycat" at full volume ;)  and Tom Petty too - who i really don't like but he's right after Tom Jones.   and Tori Amos, i still don't get the cornflake girl song - cornflakes are only edible coated in chocolate.

Maltesers for lunch.  for medicinal purposes

the new boots i bought that are impossible to walk in.  they're great for just sitting and standing and they make me feel SO tall!  but walking is not so easy.......

slightly missing
Big Sur (but i don't miss the rest of California... i wonder if i ever will, like everyone swears i will...?  i don't miss endless pointless days of the same exact weather with no excuse to stay in or go out)

olive oil.  sometimes i wash my hands in it just so i can smell it...

that show where Gordon Ramsay goes into prisons and teaches criminals (with horrific teeth - omg, hello England:free dental?????!) to cook.  which is not fair because i want to learn to cook and for him to stand behind me, and call me "my darling", and teach me how to cut veggies ;)  i wonder if there are like 10 Gordon Ramsay clones... because he has sooooo many shows - he can't possibly just be ONE person.  hmmm 

to go to the kate spade outlet.  i've looked at the wallets three or four (hundred) times and i definitely think i know which one i want.  darned indecisiveness.... and white girl problems too

sweetest snugglebug, Friday
(disclaimer: only sweet when things are going her way ;)
at the grocery store - Maltesers just sitting there! 
we're not in California anymore (thank you!!!!)

saturday morning
nuh-uh: dollar tree branched out (oh yes i'm funny :)

this gorgeous lake is on the way to Sam's school and i always take a second to hang out there. 
it's like Switzerland!  and you can buy a (crappy) house right on the water for $300k! 
seriously... heavenly and peaceful and only like 5 minutes from complete retail mayhem!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

thursday things

diet coke with 15,000 chunks of ice 
to Coldplay.  and Radiohead.  and the Smiths.  and PJ Harvey.  a little bit homesick maybe...... i'm so much closer to home but still an entire vast unswimmable ocean away :(
to watch Les Miserables.  must stock up on lotion infused tissues first.......
people who think the rules don't apply to them.  because the rules were invented specifically for complete and utter assholes.  case in point: the crazy bitch moms in the brigade of white SUVs at the school drive-thru who think the way out is their short cut in because their child is far more precious than everyone else in line's....   i just can't be nice to assholes ever - it's against my religion
there was a Cath Kidston store here.  no matter how much wonderful stuff i'm surrounded by, i still want more :|
to stop thinking about Maltesers.  i wonder what is up with that?  clearly i have some nutritional deficiency that only Maltesers can satiate ;)  because i think about them night and day
on Cape today
 i'm kinda sorta going to miss the Cape house
(but not really because there's no good pizza there..)
 but there is pretty pretty light
and cotton candy skies 
 but it's pretty much that way off Cape too so it's OK
they love Lofthouse cookies too (grr)
 i love the sunny window
 a note from Danny's true friend (bless) 
 watch out, he has a bat :|
this is why i have grey hair :|
 obsessing over Bo as per usual - Bo has a dog walker, Blackjack is insanely jealous 
the way to Walmart (off Cape/on Cape... it's all heavenly)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

caffeine, clouds and the Cape..........

iced tea and hot coffee.  at the same time.  (... and i wonder why i can't sleep ;)

to Sad Beautiful Tragic (and totally relating to that girl's pretty, fucked up, fragile, poetic mind tonight ;)

the pretty pretty skies here

to escape to the Cape tomorrow.  because it's been, like, 5 days.  so it's loooong overdue ;)

slightly tired of Jodi Arias.  i think we can all agree she's totally guilty, but will be found not guilty by reason of insanity and it will just be a huge waste of taxpayers dollars and Dr Drew's time....

to pick wild blueberries in Maine this Summer.  just like every Summer.  but this Summer it might actually happen.....



 it's Spring (at least on the windowsill in the kitchen :)
 i shopped hungry today ;)