Thursday, August 27, 2015

five things 8/27/15

i wish Louis Vuitton and Cambridge satchel would get their acts together and make a LV satchel!!!  a tiny one that only fits an iPhone, a candy bar and lip gloss because seriously, what else do you need?!  car keys, yes, you DO need car keys....

Infacare is the only reason i take deep breaths these days

i love that Danny loved Gangsta Granny (almost) as much as me.  Granny died.  and as predicted i bawled my eyes out after finding Danny bawling his eyes out reading it :(

Sam is the feral kitten whisperer.  i'm embarrassed to admit it.... but i'm scared of wild kittens :|

i'm going home in 11 weeks (gasp). HOME!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

five things august edition

(five things a month is enough for now...................)

Danny's word of the day is anime.  it's 8:20am and he has said it 52 times so far :)

i can never for the life of me, when i'm out shooping (I do NOT shop, I shoop:) remember the name of the spray that keeps pets off the furniture.  and it's name is "Keep Off" :-|  duhhhhh

i suddenly realised that for my entire lifetime, i've been so fixated with the idea of someone new becoming the King or Queen of England that i have N-O-T-H-I-N-G with the actual Queen on it

my current obsession list: a Jenny Lind king size bed in cream.  chalk paint.  reinstalling Photoshop.  having my own computer.  Gangsta Granny (i am sure she's going to die, and i'm going to bawl my eyes out)

yesterday we painted.  it wasn't even close to as awesome as Emma Bridgewater and the lady running the place was annoying and loud

twirls for dinner is the best dinner ever! 

that's five :)