Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cape Cod, Sam and Fall

down to when i get to escape from here (13 hours)

for a clear, perfect, calm, beachy, starry, quiet night on Cape Cod 

totally out of the loop (but in a good way)

pumpkin bread with cream cheese frosting (oh Fall be here already... i miss cardigans and jeans and boots so much)

for Danny to get into the camp he wants to go to next week... i need a week with Sam, just Sam. it's his birthday and we have places to go :) 

hideous weekend Cape traffic (ummm....... i hope it's just weekend...)
 he loves dogs (all dogs)
  Myles Standish State Park
 we climbed to the top - our legs are still hurting 3 days later ;)
i love slow starting lazy Summer mornings
 Bertucci's is slightly charred, brick oven pizza for the soul
 fresh polkadot pedicure for Cape Cod
must buy harder puzzles
 he's getting so old...
 our afternoon - thin mint cookies and cat cuddles

Thursday, July 25, 2013

week in random pictures

David Bowie looks kind of like an old man.....(????)
 there are not even negative words for how much i hate Rod Stewart
but he looks like an oompa loompa here, right?
 an oldie from Cape Cod ;)
favorite thing #394553 about Cape Cod - perfect white pebble hunting
 favorite thing #394554: it feels like the 60s there....
 speaking of 60s, i looooooove the rain
 things we do when it rains: bird shrinky dinks
 ask Friday geographical questions about state birds :)
 and play Uno (he always always always wins)
 finally braved the RMV (omg it was awful times a million)
 lunch at Bertucci's
 we visited Dad at work and stole all the M&Ms :)
 they are very into clocks there :)

bad recipes, Cape Cod and favorite songs

that the person with the Taylor Swift tickets for Patriot Place pleeeeeeeease emails me.... because the concert is tomorrow and NOW I decide I reeeeeally have to go ;)

that making chicken parmesan with chicken dinosaurs and a bag of shredded mozzarella has got to be the most Mama June recipe ever - it was pretty good though! (in a tater tot casserole kinda way:)

the name George. that beautiful little family - i LOVE them

why crappity California requires your (totally embarrassing) weight to be clearly displayed on your drivers license everytime someone needs to see ID, but magical Massachusetts doesn't?  it's most peculiar but I love it!  on the down side I shrunk an inch... I forgot to lie and say i'm a fictitious 5 feet 3 :)

diet coke with 5 cubes of ice

a whole Cape day of wearing white and blue stripes and stopping to buy chintzy but sentimental souvenirs and eating fried seafood and soft serve icecream and finding perfect sparkly beaches and stopping at Atlantic Spice Company for some much needed aromatherapy.  Cape Cod is the end of the rainbow happiest place on earth

why all the boy cats live upstairs and all the girl cats live downstairs (it has to mean something significant...?)

an almost teen's iPhone with all my favorite songs, even ones with curse words and parental advisory stickers on them

to Nightswimming* and loving it more than ever before - I hope he does too (he has to, right...?  I mean how could he not???!)

* there are no bad words in Nightswimming - only good words

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle - i always forget how much i love it and i always fall madly in love with sniffing my wrists when i wear it - it's like a dusky Parisien evening with a tall dark American boy at the top of the Eiffel Tower when you're pretending you're really scared of heights but actually you just want to snuggle :) 

for my new shoes - they're black.  and shiny patent.  with a perfect delicate scallop trim.  get here already, shoes: i need you!!!  i bet they won't fit - perfect adorable affordable shoes never do :(

 off to Wegmans and beyond for lunch with the babydaddy - back later with pictures..........

Sunday, July 14, 2013

shadows smiles cupcakes siblings and big boots

the drive home from Walmart (seriously the greenest green you ever saw....)
I love shadows
datenight at the Beef Barn ;)
 and cupcakes from Wrights Dairy Farm (the peanut butter chocolate was dreamy - and not mine;)
 Victoria Beckham's sister and David Beckham's sister
this picture shouldn't give me nightmares but it does (???)
they occasionally like one another ;)
my favorite kind of animal pictures
we went to the movies to see Monsters University
it gave me a headache that lasted for 72 hours and I kinda missed Boo...... :(
  it rained for days on end (ok, minutes on end)
 and when it rained we went to Bertucci's :)
saw this glass and everything was OK - it was like magic 
Apple replaced my dodgy iphone and it wasn't
even too sunny to have left my dumb sunglasses at home!
'cept I saw these books and now I reaaaaally want to go to NYC....
like I must go.  or my head will explode.  for real.  i'm not even kidding.  seriously.
I am fascinated by unusually large things
(and also unusually small things - but more so unusually large things)
today's weather - it didn't rain 
ps dear humidity, it's no wonder people say bad things about you, you're not very nice. at all.
Sunday morning
I love this person
(Hillary too)