Saturday, June 29, 2013

strawberries, chocolates and pizzzzzzzzzzzza

we picked strawberries.  and they were ALL this size (but not heart shaped...)  
and we had to fill two huge buckets.  and i had the sniffles and no tissues.  
and the strawberry field was full of semiferal Summer camp children. 
it was awful. actually beyond awful.  
the smoothies we made after kind of made up for it ;)
don't let the smile fool you.  he was not happy :|
and just when i thought it could get no more painful, Danny found this
heart shaped rock and begged me to take it home in my purse.  
because who doesn't love carrying a huge rock around with them and 
finding their phone all scratched up when they get to the car??
i reattached all his sock monkey's limbs back on (i suck at making sock monkeys)
and made peanut butter bars which didn't suck :)
we went on a date to Rhode Island
gosh it's a little bit ghetto in areas (like the areas we went to....)
we were SO RELIEVED to see this sign ;)
we split a mud bucket at Uncle Ed's and it was heavenly
that's hot fudge and peanut butter - tons of it :)
i never-ever take a picture of the other never-ever sat on bench
this is Manchester, Massachusetts and omg it's dull and dreary 
(but not in a disinterested, diesel infused way like Manchester, England)
it's $25 to park and $5 each to walk on the beach - for real :|
whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaat?????????!!!!!  yes :|
we saved our money and bought a box of chocolates instead :) 

and found this slightly ghetto-ish beach with free parking under the flight path to Logan
i loooooved this slightly ghetto free beach

Danny made an adorable little friend
who ran after us when we left with a little gift :)
no trip through Boston is complete without getting lost driving back and forth over this bridge :)

we stopped at one of those 'awesome' pizza joints with horrific street parking and one restroom
L-A-M-E... my Bertucci lovin' heart was NOT impressed 
(and gawddamn how i hate cash only places... my cash is reserved for beach parking ONLY)
they said they only serve bread to locals - yeah right ;)
you better believe they brought us some bread and then some more bread 
because withholding carbs is grounds for murder in my book (for real, i am so not kidding)

it wasn't horrible - it just wasn't awesome and worth finding a street parking space for by any means
and i just love Bertucci's (always have always will :) 
it has a parking lot.  and nice restrooms.  and bread you don't have to cut a bitch for - seriously!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

school is out forever (ok, until September)

after school treat (they look soooooooooo happy)
no PB&J making and kneeling on children till they do their homework for 8 weeks 
- oh yeah we're happpyyyyyyy!!!!
the drive home - i'm never ever going home (wait, this is home...?!!)

neighbors meeting for the first time (it was good... they got on just fine)

somewhere in a huuuuuuge casino in Connecticut
mmmmm donuts (we ate several thousand - i'm not kidding)
walking off the donuts ;)
but more basking in the pretty light ;)

the road home - you know how much i miss California:  0%

Monday, June 24, 2013

love times pixels resized for the web

we go to Target a lot.  A LOT.  because the drive sure is pretty and exactly 2 songs long :) 
 and also it's one of those nice Targets with frozen food and cupcakes.
but it only has the red balls and no big red Obama statue.... so it's not perfect :(
this is the forest behind our house - it rained the night before
 i decided to break in my brand new shoes 
(what the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep)
the light was so pretty - i ditched the shoes and walked barefoot through the mud ;)
 prettiest pool ever
 lens flare and light spots make me happy
heavenly skies - every single day
her favorite place
her favorite place
 i love how Courage stands up just like a person :)
i love this old dog
Wegmans - like heaven, but on earth (if they had Maltesers... but it's OK because
Stop and Shop sell them.... just there on the shelf for the buying... i have to pinch myself!!!!)
 a letter from his retiring Principal... did she really send every kid a hand written letter.....?
if so, wow (and also: i love her :) 
 stuff like this still gives me the best kind of giddy goosebumps :)
i don't know about you but i'm sooooo totally feeling 22 ;)
 another East Coast love - whimsy, creativity, personality and love in every little detail :)