Monday, May 26, 2014

chickens, cats, dogs, children, pizza, ice cream and cookies (not in that order)

 i have no clue why the chicken crossed the road
other than to hold me up when i was already 7 minutes late
 peeking through the deck (shhhh they had NO IDEA!)

 there's no place like home 
(if you're too tired to eat at Bertucci's) 
 world's coolest insectocutor 
(i think this boy could be a pro tennis player)
 best friends forever
 it was one of those shopping trips ;)

 best cookies ever - 
peanut butter with peanut butter chips and peanut butter cups
he was a little under the weather :(

Friday, May 23, 2014

everyday is like Friday (i wish)

the playlist for the Morrissey concert.  i would like to complain and ask him to change it.  but he seems kinda bitchy and mean (in that beyond fascinating Jeff Lewis way ;)  i want him to play certain songs (eg. glamorous glue and thereisalightthatnevergoesout)and NOT play other certain songs (for example meat is murder... no no no no no nooooooo!!!!!!  it makes me sick!)

to just have Morrissey over to play the songs i like.  in the hot tub under the stars (it can be acoustic for safety sake:).  i'll make the good English toast (i will even drive to Dorchester for it even though it's a little lot scary out there, like Dublin but no gypsies and horses thankfully...) and the good English tea.  in a teapot and everything!  Aaron reckons you can hire Morrissey for $100K to perform at your house.  huh!

if sleepshopping is a 'thing'.  and if i can chargeback my purchases as i was technically not a consenting adult when i made them.  i bought shoes at 2:23am that i have wanted forever (well, a week).  i'm pretty impressed that i found them in my sleep, in my size, in my color.  AND used a coupon!  but still, the last thing i need is two more pairs of shoes :|

more melty beads in manly colors.  latest child obsession: melty bead minecraft playdates :|

for pizza in NYC tomorrow and China Town

for Portuguese chowder in Newport today.  or Bertucci's.  or Indian food in PVD. (i think i'm hungry)

for Portuguese muffins.  OK, yeah, i'm hungry -

i made this!  and i have the blood blisters and unmanicured nails to prove it............
(and a hot tub :)
 places NOT to go when you're hungry:
Restaurant Depot dessert aisle (o.m.g........)
 everything's gone green 
(well, a cross processed green with a warming filter)
 i prefer painting to gardening
 and rearranging plumbing supplies to sound naughty
instead of actually listening  to the man talk about hose bibs 
 always always always in squirrel mode

 kitty-tych (untyched)

 rain rain,  go away, (when i'm wearing a sundress)
i don't want to wear jeans  (it doesn't rhyme)

Monday, May 19, 2014

monday gratitude overflowing

it's been a while.... but i am still grateful honestly.  i just never sit at my computer :)

i am grateful for........


swirly sun dresses

cool breezes

light misty rain

starry nights

having never heard a single song from Frozen (i loooooooove spending time with little girls... but i'm perfectly OK to be the only girl living in this house :)

hot fudge sauce.  one can of condensed milk (i am also eternally grateful for that magic stuff), one cup of chocolate chips, one stick of butter, all melted together and poured into a mason jar.  for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  fat free and healthy.  maybe.

Target and Walmart.  can't.ever.move.anywhere.without.Target.and.Walmart (sorry England)

Spring in New England

an allergy-free family (for real)

Chanel Cristalle Eau Verte

Wegmans - favorite grocery store in the history of forever (except Marks and Spencer..... obviously)

earl grey tea

the calm moonlit Atlantic ocean

BB cream (i have yet to move on to CC cream......)

Christmas Tree Shop: good for the soul.

sparkly ballet flats

Morrissey, Taylor Swift and Michael Stipe who pretty much sing exactly what i'm secretly thinking :)  (do you think they would be horrified to be listed with TSwift...?!)

Flip or Flop (21 minutes is a perfect TV break and they are not that annoying, and trust me, pretty much everyone is annoying to me)

my pretty kate spade mother's day purse (and a hubbie who notices that it perfectly complements your dress and insists you kinda need that purse ;)

tiny bow earrings (i have waaaaaay too many......)

tiny bow bracelets (see above)

Cracker Barrel apple crisp

off to garden and paint.... also grateful for Mondays that are simple and quiet and calm and beautiful and 70 degrees (not 90 degrees or 20 degrees)

weekend in pixelles

 everything's getting soooo green.......
it's magical :)
 painting in PVD
 it started out good. now..... it's in the basement ;)
 crazy eyes.... and reaaaaally blurry dirty lens.  must.clean.iphone!!!!!
 ohhhh New England.  I LOVE YOU!!!!
i wonder what on earth must factory 
workers in Turkey think of Americans..............
surely they're ONLY making gummi lobsters for the USA ;)
 stinkiest store ever!  a rubberphobe's worst nightmare!
(stinkier than the Costco tire center which makes me gag!!!)
 dear Target, please invent a game for my iphone where i can
use this thing to push the big red balls through the big red holes!
 Mr Bumps in stealth birdwatching mode
 an olllld pic - awwww
 or two.....
 dear Angela, i loooooove our breakfast/shopping dates xoxxooxo
 in the pet dept.  surely this isn't the stuff for humans....?
 at last!!!!  we stopped to buy wiggly boy worms!!!!!
i have no clue how to tell boys and girls apart....
 OK Rhode Island is just a little bit odd.
last night we went to a chicken farm, full of chicken art, 
chicken wallpaper, chicken everything! :)
what was most odd.... refillable chicken, but not refillable soda????!)  
also this place has sooooo many coronaries/choking incidents
they have their own onsite all-the-time paramedic :| 
i ate friendship fries and ONE unrefillable glass of soda :)
arrghh i reeaaaallly need to clean my iphone lens!!! 

then we went for icecream because the shark was STILL hungry!!!!
Megan says "cheese" :)
 we stopped here this weekend because it always looks adorable.
as is always the case, it looked cuter than it was......
 it rained and rained and rained... it was awesome!!  (and seriously technicolor out there....)

Friday, May 16, 2014

orange is the new Morrissey

from paint nite in PVD and doing waaaay too much yard work (admittedly, ANY yard work is waaaaay too much;)  my fingernails are black and blue and NOT in a good Michael Stipe too-interesting-for-you way ;)

pale pink peonies.  i know i know they'll die (they are an actual living plant!!  who knew!!!!) but i am going to water the hell out of them so it can't even claim i didn't love it when it's dead (because i got bored and stopped watering it 36 hours after buying it)

i could find bluebells.  maybe i dreamt they are extinct...?  hmm. maybe i'm not the best person to cultivate them if they are almost extinct....

Jo Malone earl grey and cucumber.  ALL the time.  and drinking iced earl grey.  ALL the time.

that Morrissey and Orange is the New Black are the same weekend.  what on earth am i supposed to do????!!!!

to fill the dogdamn hot tub already.  we have had it TWO WHOLE WEEKS already!  it's time already!!!!  i want the water to be lavender scented and to sip iced earl grey under the stars listening to the second half of Automatic for the People :)  (oh yeah in the olden days there were halves... and usually only the first half was good... then it was bad.  it's the opposite for Automatic for the People)

to Athens this Summer.  and Kill Devil Hills.  and New Orleans.  basically a R.E.M. playlist roadtrip Summer vacation :)

Smashburger black bean burgers.  bleck.  imagine eating a (still warm) poopy diaper.  but worse!  more lumpy and unexpectedly awful.  Xing that experience with jumbo black sharpie out of my mind.  FOREVER!!!!

swishy dresses every single day this Summer.  Melissa, thank you for being a total style icon to me (i adore and thank you for inspiring me to try pretty dresses, Kate Spade accessories and anything perfectly feminine and lovely to wear xoxoxoxo)

off to Cape Cod for breakfast, shopping and sweet funny beautiful company (seriously.... does it get better than that??)

Sunday, May 04, 2014

le petit weekend

Danny signing some very important piece of metal in the heart of pville

 this is our neighbor and he's soooo sweet and fluffy :)
 favorite flowers (ok, in the top ten)
 Selena Gomez is like totally dead to me (just like always actually :)
instagrab favoritest pic of NYC
 the kind of Indian food that makes your nose run (ie the BEST kind)