Monday, September 12, 2016


from cleaning the house.  urgh.  but now it smells like pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin spice cheerios.  like the first time you walk into the arrivals area and smell AMERICA!!!! it's a mixture of AC and fake decor but it smells like pumpkin spice.  you have to be from somewhere else to smell it maybe

which - to the majority of people - is a seen as a worse crime against shoemanity: tourists at the beach wearing Crocs or tourists in a big city wearing white tennis shoes.  i know which one i think is a ticketable offense and which one is just plain common sense

that GE just gives me the rebate they waved in front of my nose when i spent $13,000 on their appliances.  they are total shitbags and say the serial numbers don't match or some bullshit like that.  note to self: make GE go bankrupt AFTER the rebate is received and cashed

to do pilates and yoga.  like in the worst way possible - it's been like A YEAR AND A HALF since i took a deep breath

that when i ask Spotify to play Duran Duran they stick in things like Echo and the Bunnymen and New Order and the Cure like i'll be OK with it.  no!  they may all be from the same country but they're different continents music-wise.  Spandau Ballet, 80s Bowie and Japan - yes, it's a match.  grey frill-less electronica - not a match

that spending 4 hours polishing each and every window in the house actually resulted in perfectly zen windows instead of unbearably disappointing streaks and still-dog-nose smudges.  i need a daily housekeeper :| and for them to never be here when i am but the house to always be insanely clean ALWAYS

Rubys and Del Taco and Johns Place and Johns Incredible Pizza and Cream Pan and In-N-Out and Mimi's.  in short i'm kinda missing the West Coast: a place i never ever thought of as home (even though i got married there and bought 3 houses there and had 2 children, all their friends and all my friends and countless pets there) until i went back and realized it's homier. kinder, prettier and rosier than the East Coast. 

not missing
the idea of not going to the Hamptons anymore (one thing in the East Coast positives column)  it was busy on the beach - not busy like it gets mid-Summer, still parking and space to be but people in my bokeh and too much traffic on the Montauk Highway.  meh.  i don't think the food is that great either, Levain cookies aside

to go to the Post Office, seriously my least favorite place of all time.  i think they only hire monsters to work there, it scares the shit out of me in there... OK, wish me luck: i'm going in (gulp)