Tuesday, December 31, 2013

new year's eve thingies

last week it was the hair curler thingie, this week this is the only thing that could possibly make my life worth living (but can i buy it without a coupon?  no.  and do i have a coupon?  no.  arrrrghhhhhhh!)   but i need it.  even though we have a real vacuum.  and a cordless vacuum.  and a central vacuum.  i need THIS one too.  it would be a changing day in my life....

i don't know what happened (and i'm not complaining - just saying) but when i play songs on iTunes now the words appear like magic.... just like i've always wanted them to in my wildest dreams (actually i want them to scroll in the sky in front of me and also autocorrect my wrong words and autotune them too ;) it doesn't work for Taylor Swift.  but that's OK because i know them all WORD PERFECT!

which reminds me.... i have asked Aaron's permission (and didn't get much more than a confused squinty look) but i want to get "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.  Like E-V-E-R" signed the Smiths tattooed on my arm ;)

i can't/won't eat at Cracker Barrel anymore.  not that i ever did.  but there was some hooha over them being homophobic, racist, sexist Obama-hating (ugly smelly unfunny hairy) rednecks in the news.  also on my list: Chic-Fil-A.  Dominos.  Papa John's too.  and 99 just because

yesterday i learnt that Canadian's call parking garages "parkades".  and i can't stop saying it in my head :)

 i took this picture (she wished)

O-M-G.  my hair for about 28 minutes after 
my SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS to get rid of the red.  
it's not red anymore ;)   
 is it me, or do these socks make my legs look like Frankenstein....? :(
also: i'm not a nerd, i just liked the weirdo pair in the pack.
also i never knew (until last month in deepest Manchester when i bought the socks) 
that that Radiohead man sings "i'm a creep, i'm a weirdo" not "widow"
i always wondered how his wife died - but now i can stop :)
also: Spotify doesn't scroll the lyrics.
 i like Swifts Beach

 the icy pond on the way to Target (i'm sure it has a real name ;)

 i'm 17 years behind in Coronation Street....
 the pets watch it too
 well, the dogs can't take their eyes off me in case i have food ;)
 plaid is the latest fad

something happened to Trader Joe's - it grew and got a lovely side entrance 
(hence the smiles)
 the New Year's Eve fridge of a teetotal Taylor Swift loving family
bad pizza funny sign :)

Sunday, December 29, 2013

everyday sunday things

listening to 
"Shoplifters of the World Unite"....  a song i couldn't listen to for a very long time because my elders all told me it was Morrissey's fault that everything in Kendals and Monsoon and Jigsaw were so overpriced.  and i held a grudge about that for a reaaaaaaally long time.... 

a little "death by carbs" today.  i ate a LOT of toast and watched a LOT of Coronation Street  (it's been awesome and i've loved every second and i don't regret it :)

all out-of-sorts and down for Roy.  my heart is aching for some imaginary character in a kitchen sink drama set in Manchester, England, 5 months ago (it's 29 July 2013 in Weatherfield - though there's no mention of cute little Prince George's birth: and that's how you know it's not real life ;).  anyway i think Hayley is going to die and i bet it's going to be even sadder than when Patrick Swayze died....  i really hate the dumb pancreas.  i think we should have them removed at birth.  i don't even like the word pancreas... it just sounds like bad news

Paul Mitchell. and it's my own fault - i know bloody well never to trust a man with a pigtail.  ever!!!  but i did.  and i won't ever again.  long story.  involving hair.  (mine).  and tears.  and a lot of the c word and the f word (a LOT of the c word..... it feels even more cathartic than the f word).  and toner.  and chocolate.  and Taylor Swift diet coke (the best) 

how anyone can feel anything but pity for the Pioneer Woman after seeing the way her husband treats her - he's so chauvinistic and mean!  i saw her show in the dentist one day (before the dentist rescued me and we talked about Manchester and air fares and chocolate and not at all about teeth)  anyway, that woman is SO under her husband's thumb.  i just don't get it??!  she made him pasta alla vodka (which i LOVE) and he took one unappreciative (and probably loud) bite and said it was just OK.  whaaatt????!!   jerk.

what Prince is doing in RI.  and why RI????!  it really should be called the oddity state instead of the ocean state

to go to Philadelphia.  and run up the Rocky steps (once).  and take pics at the quite a bit smaller Love statue.  and probably wish i'd just gone to NYC because that statue is huggably huge ;)  and wish i could eat a cheesesteak.  and go to Ruby's for a vegwich and peanut butter milkshake at the King of Prussia Mall.  and then go home and be really thankful for Massachusetts where everything and everyone is a little bit nicer and smilier and kinder and more forgiving than anywhere else.  though after yesterday, i found out Massachusetts does have an armpit.  and it's called Brockton.  i have never felt so much like a  princess :(  it was awful.  crying babies everywhere.  now i no longer have a baby, i really think they should be banned in public ;)  they're noisy.

back with pics.  maybe.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

christmas pics

 doggie playdate

he loves the cold weather :)
 dogs in party hats - Blackjack hated the snap/loved the hat in the cracker ;)
Romeo LOOOVED the hat so much he ate it
  cookies for Santa
 Santa knows me too well :)
 playing my miniature Taylor Swift guitar with his miniature machine gun :)
 talking to California