Sunday, June 08, 2014

world peace is the new black

Danny and i took a mental health day together... 
after lunch with Dad at Sonic (total grossness), car-aoke, icecream, 
emergency English candy stop at Wegmans, 
Swamp Wars and Food Court Wars marathons
..... the world was back on it's axis ;)

  whhhhat is up with Jessica Seinfeld's monk hair cut....?
i can't look away - it's horrible!  it's probably for charity or something,
and then i'll feel awful (but not really)
 after baseball......
 early Summer
 perfect day at the beach: one perfect little white cloud

 you know that throwback thursday thing that everyone does? 
well whenever i think about joining in (which is almost never)
it takes me sooooo long looking through pictures, it's Friday
this was what i was going to post (but it was Friday already;)

Sunday, June 01, 2014

David Bowie, Kate Spade, Morrissey and people i hate

to David Bowie.  he's the sole reason i own so many red shoes..... i love him: always have, always will.  i want to have tea and cake with him at Tea and Sympathy and talk in Englishisms in a super English accent about things only English people would know about :) 

still bloody waiting for the shoes i ordered in my sleep to arrive.  it's been 10 days!!!!  

kate spade.  a little bit more today than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow. 

a little sunburnt.  but in the best warm-not-sore way.  and better!  much much much much better!!  you know what's harder than being on a third grade field trip back to the 1600s and the Mayflower (which caused me to be woefully seasick yet still docked?)  doing it all with the craziest never-ending stomach flu :| 

that Hilaria Baldwin.  and thinking bad bad dark thoughts about her train track yoga pose ;)  

on the fence still about that Morrissey concert.  my head wants to go to Boston.  my heart wants to go to Brooklyn.....

 Danny claims he and this girl are arch enemies... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
 he found a frog (what on earth would i do if he was a mean-to-animals little boy???!)
 i opened this book and there was the man carving.  totally cool!
 on the Mayflower
the poop deck: hilarious at any age but especially when you're in third grade

 looking for his way to the 16th century

 at the Big Cheese.  the best pasta sauce everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

 omg he could walk WAAAAY better than me in those shoes :(
 sorry Ocean State Job Lots... it could have been MUCH worse
 what would Jesus do?  go to Cape Cod, that's what
 Cuffy's: cutest favoritest loveliest store

twas the perfect beach day
 with Kream N Kone and icecream everything!
  he even bought me the miter saw of my dreams.  awwww!