Tuesday, June 13, 2017

a long update after the longest pause ever

after the loooooongest (almost) year ever.  stuck in purgatory waiting, not buying anything new, because duh: packing even more stuff would be even suckier, wondering what's next, planning but not forcing things to happen because if you force it, you might and most likely will break it :|

today i ordered our new ADDRESS STAMP!  and the zip code starts with a 9.  followed by a 2 where the streets have protected left turns and everywhere has it's own parking (ORANGE COUNTY!!!!!!)

did i mention it was the loooooooongest year ever.  my prozac dose TRIPLED.  my legs were supremely restless.  i couldn't EVER remember why i went into a room.  i ALWAYS got super sick on planes which is new and awful.  i was up to date with Corrie every single week (ie lots and lots and lots of weekend downtime) i got a stomach ulcer.  the kind that bleeds till you're so weak you can't climb 13 stairs to bed without almost dying twice, turning blue and gasping for breath.  less stress, more rest, more iron, less aleve.  more protein, less sugar (riiiight) and weekly mandatory shiny refreshing yoga.  and i know it's wrong: but a fake tan   

Sam graduated high school.  yeah yeah no big deal but 5 months into 11th grade a bigger deal.  he passed his driving test.  he started to take out the trash WITHOUT BEING ASKED.  he got healthy and smily again. 

we are working on Danny and he WILL be ok.  i promise, eventually, again

i fell completely out of love with the East Coast.  i don't know why. ok i do but it's too mean and cold and harsh and i don't hurt people the way they hurt me

my Mum and sister completely stopped talking to me (you'll have to ask them why because i'm still not sure why, is it a bitterly cold rainy place thing...?). of course they waited till we had spent $7593 traveling to England for Christmas to see them.  THEN they decided they hated me

George Michael died.  on that shitty trip.  i'm sorry George, but NOT COOL.  don't ever die again, it broke my heart :(

i met REALLY REALLY NICE HUMAN ALIVE English people here.  they exist!  i'd totally given up hope

i took like NO pictures with my SLR camera.

but what's coming next is going to make everything worth photographing again.... back later xoxo