Friday, November 30, 2012

pumpkin bread for breakfast.  whoever Trader Joe is, i do so like him (though i kind of suspect his wife assembles the mixes ;)

at my new 'fancy'-ish desk!  it's lovely and a little bit shabby and a little bit chic but much much nicer than those horribly scratchy Shabby Chic sheets that gave me hives for an entire week...

my sweet hubbie who fixed the dryer and then did all the laundry and tidied the awful frightening linen closet, that i averted my eyes from everytime i passed it ;) 

finding new towns and new stores and new favorite places everyday - this is like the ultimate never-ending roadtrip (in the part of the country where everything turns to technicolor and i absolutely can't put my camera down) but the best part: the kids are IN SCHOOL ALL DAY so i can take the shady road that looks more interesting and stop at mysterious sounding stores like Eblens and Benny's and tractor stores (ehh, i prefer Target :) without any eye rolling or needing to rush so they don't get huffy.  yup.  heaven on earth. 
to stop by that Company Store this morn, the one with a big rusty sign that says it sells nails but it just sells adorable trinkets instead.  i saw a bracelet in there (the lady at the YMCA front desk has like 2000 of them) and it's going in my Christmas stocking (which is being supersized to a pillowcase this year)

my sweetie darling for lunch - with her sweetie darling - and my sweet darling.  i hope i can wear my new bracelet that is supposed to be a Christmas gift but we all know how that goes ;)

to paint my nails - Wicked, naturally.  Angela, did you get it?  do you love it?  isn't Wicked standard issue for all Massachusetts ladies?  I wonder why did they pair it with that wishy washy demure ballet slippers... such an odd combination.  anyway i can't possibly go to NYC with plain nails - i think it's probably illegal...

off to take Sam to school (Friday treat: chauffeuse service :)  and hit up the Dollar Tree on the way home, yes they have dollar stores in paradise........

Thursday, November 29, 2012


they LOVE being here possibly even more than us :)
on the walk back home through the dunes
where the heart is

today's essentials - clearly the broccoli corrects all the wrongness around it ;)
nuh uh - poppadum pringles????!!

i absolutely love that little shack with the starfish in the windows...

why i don't miss California (minutes spent in traffic in the past 4 weeks: zero - ZERO!!!!)
oh so stabby today (really truly violently stabby and willing to serve time if necessary - so don't come too close: i have embroidery needles in my pockets - like a whole pack of them)

to cruise the Christmas Tree Shops for things i don't need and take some deep cleansing breaths and remember i am where i am and not where i used to be...

on ACI.  yes those assholes who shipped my cards super fast?  yup - to Califuckingfornia.  those bonesmokers actually suggested i go back to my previous address to pick them up - like that is going to happen. EVER :|

the return of the jaw clenching migraine.  screw you ACI

at the ridiculousness of all the colors the Kitchenaid stand mixer comes in - which one do i get?????  i got rid of my old black one in Cali and it's time to replace it with something whimsical and dreamy and Waitressy... pink is too twee, purple is too fat, red is too common, orange/green is too funky, blue too difficult to match... hmm, yellow maybe...?  a nice rich yellow, not the boring cream one... maybe
very caffeinated coffee for lunch with a side of aleve....

the pretty light here today....  it's rose tinted and hazy and completely beautiful.  as soon as the migraine dissipates, i'm walking down to the beach with the dogs (dream come true, for real)

for Bertucci's with the hubbie tomorrow night (if you're reading this, it's my treat: i have gift cards  xoxo)

picture flashback 2008

four year olds make you look tall :) check out the shirt, obsessed with Cape Cod much....?

i wuv this snugglebug with his fishy breath

 i want a pet pig and a pet cow....
miss him?  nope, me either ;)
Sarah Palin i admit yes, she made me feel SO SMART!!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

cinnamon raisin bagel chips - yes, same snack/different day.  they're sooooo crunchy, i'm getting a headache/jawache :|  but does it stop me?  not for a second ;)

to Taylor Swift - who i now want to be when i grow up, if i don't make it as a Rockette.  fun-ish fact:  i always thought Taylor Swift was on American Idol.... but today i realized that was actually Taylor Hicks, the man with the grey hair ;) 

people who get all eye-rolling over the (ab)use of the word 'literally'.  it's literally the lamest thing ever.  but honestly it must be awesome to be so clever and superior ;)

also hating
that Romeo expects me to share my cinnamon raisin bagel chips with him which means also sharing with Blackjack - aren't raisins poisonous for dogs?  because if not, they should be, i hate sharing my treats :|

that ACI actually mailed my christmas cards already - gasp!  two day delivery actually taking two days?????  in what world does everything go right....?   of course there will probably be a glaring spelling error or a horribly cropped picture or they will be too dark or too light - hoping a little Cape Cod magic rubs off on them ;) 

the outlet stores up the 495 (luckily just far enough up the 495 that i can't go every single day because that would be bad...)  they have every single store you can think of (except Garnet Hill) and there is even a Friendly's (which i'm telling myself is east coast Ruby's... it's just like Ruby's, right...?)

after spending one minute in the Ugg Store... who buys those hideous shoes?  and why?????  and they cost how much???!!  $199 to have huge snuffalupagus woolly mammoth feet :|  also: the smell in the Crocs store - oh my gawd, i almost died... it was like the Costco tire center times a billion (which i'd just barely survived by putting my nose inside my hoodie)

i'd found that Hanna Andersson outlet about 12 years ago :|  seriously why?????  why did i find that now my boys are no longer little dress-up-able pixies :(

to send freaking fracking graham crackers or wheat thins into school for Danny's birthday treat with his classmates because it's a nutfree classroom :|  in what messed-up mind is a graham cracker a treat???????  no chocolate is allowed :| 

a little tour of the area... all snapped while driving so excuse the blurriness and please don't tell the police, who i am pretty sure wouldn't mind anyway, because they're all soooo nice and Irish and i'm almost all tall as most of them so how could they arrest me ;)

rush hour in paradise

oh Costco how could i say no to this deal??!  $79 ;)
(i wasn't driving in Costco)

random little sort of snowy house to email to the realtor with the subject:
find me a cute house like THIS!

 it's just adorable here (the churches sell Christmas trees and cranberry wreaths!)

back to Cape Cod

 still... every single time i pass the sign ;)
and the dock too :)

 the library (it's just sooooo beyond pretty here)

heavenly afternoon light

 Silver Beach

 my baby's home :)


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

spaghetti for dinner - they take their Italian products so much more seriously over here, suddenly cooking is much less of a chore ;)

grey days like today - they're so much more 'me' than sunny days (everything can be A-OK on an overcast day too, Mr Sesame Street theme tune writer, honestly)

oh so grateful for four more years of Obama.  because can you imagine the alternative....? 

a trip to NYC this weekend.  you know, because it's just down the street and all! 

i could find little trees to put by the front door that are not too small and not too real (i kill things, you see) and not too garish and not too spendy.  they don't actually exist :(

for the ice maker to arrive with baited breath - come on Mr UPS!!!  a fridge without an ice maker is surely an implement of torture...

off to eat dinner and marvel that it's not even been FOUR WEEKS since we arrived here and it already feels more like home than California did after sixteen years....

Sunday, November 25, 2012







Saturday, November 24, 2012

saturday's pics

last night at Silver Beach (totally a dream come true to be so close to a dog friendly beach....)
this morning....
she loves watching falling leaves (me too)
and she loves the kitty bjorn (me too)

didn't see any turkeys crossing today (sniff)

Savery Avenue (the nation's first divided highway)
in Carver (pronounced Cahvah ;)
perfect perfect perfect weather in Cahvah
(which is the Texas of Massachusetts - we went to a tractor store there for a BB gun ;)
Silver Beach



oh yeah, i took it home with me ;)