Monday, July 27, 2015

5 monday love things (in no order)

1.  i love my cats.  losing one cat has been so painfully exhausting, emotionally and physically, there is never a moment of true downtime where my mind is at peace.  dearest Courage, please come home, you are so missed xoxo

2.  i love my husband.  to run back into a ferociously burning building to try to save my photos and my cats, that's the deepest truest love.  times 175 billion xoxo

3.  i love my sons.  their rooms are usually messy and their floors strewn with clothes and toys and books, especially two days after a trip to the UK.  but that Sunday, they had tucked their bags and books aside (as per the million nags to pleeeease keep things tidy/tidy really meaning safe and their exit clear in case of a fire) and they were able to escape without wasting a second, what was an instant, blisteringly intense, terrifying fireball.  the constant nagging felt like it finally really truly paid off that night and i am so so grateful for their beating hearts

4.  i love chinese food.  who knew!

5.  i love my neighbors for giving us a safe, calm, quiet, private place to be together with our pets.  seriously, that's the sweetest kindest thing ever xoxo

6.  i love having new shoes and new clothes - there have to be positives to losing everything, right? it's hopelessly shallow but it's totally true, starting from scratch with only things you love that fit just right is kinda nice.

7.  i loooooooove feta cheese and greek vinaigrette.

8.  i love never keeping the number to 5 :) 

5 monday hate things (in order - omg i HATE the post office, it makes me feel like Piper in the first episode of OITNB)

1.  i hate the man in the post office.  this is true of ALL post offices i've EVER been in but especially true of the one near my house.  he makes me sick, no word of a lie.  he cut the string off my brown paper packages tied up with string the first time i met him and today he told me Canada and England are exactly the same thing.  seriously... don't talk to me

2.  my coffee tastes bad when i make it - i hate when i have to make my own coffee and not just because i'm superlazy :|  it tastes so much better when it's made by Aaron :)

3.  i freaking love BJs but i freaking HAAAAAAAATE it's stupid name.  why the hell did they call it BJs????  it's taken me y-e-a-r-s to get over the stigma and go in there and i really love it and all the wonderful cake but the name?  urgh!!!  i can't say it without feeling the need to explain it's an ill-though-out name for actually a very nice place that sells cake and computer chairs and unpurchasable clothes that only almost retired real estate agents would wear :|  change the name!!!! 

4.  i hate people driving by reeeaaallly slow to look at my house.  it's a long story which will unfold in pictures someday but my house is fucked up beyond all recognition and people need to stay the hell away.

5.  i hate short sentences and the word 'she'.  "she tried and then she did".  who is SHE????  (she gouches out her eyes in agony)  I WANT TO GO HOME where the grammar and the cake and the TV are better.  i want to go home.