Friday, December 12, 2014

like oh my gawd

totally missing
Taylor Swift on spotify.  why Taylor why???!!  roadtrips without her are actually illegal in this family.  so i caved and actually put her (purchased!!) songs on my iphone again.  (but urgh songs on the iphone = less picture space for clam chowder bread bowls from Fanueil Hall, black dogs with their tongues hanging out and soft light filtering through old Cape Cod windows on a misty Saturday morning)

Today was a Fairytale.  because i'm 10.  and today will be a fairytale always and forever or i will stamp all over it :)

Red.  i just hate it.  i only have the little christmas guitar that plays Long Live and will NEVER EVER buy the Red guitar!  and also: where the hell is this year's guitar???!  the girl who is never ever photographed in public without a carefully placed diet coke bottle failed to cash in....?  whhhat the???!

Irish toast and Irish butter. (you CAN live off bread alone if it's Irish and covered in butter :)

you're really truly homesick when you cave and start watching Gavin and Stacey......

a precious purple peacoat today.  though if it doesn't perfectly match my purple mary janes, i just can't get it.  so please shoes, match!!!  i have no clue about the fashion police rule of shoes to coat/purse/hat but i really don't care - i like things that match and it's that simple

if four of the exact same hat/scarf in varying colors is excessive or necessary... 

to NYC soon.  omg NYC you've been gone too long and my heart aches for Magnolia banana pudding, Jo Malone, cross processed wide angles and odd odd odd people

 Cape Cod

 i loooooove lefties
 i could neverrrrrrrr buy Uggs but i don't hate these
if they weren't made from pieces of skin....
 Blackjack ready for his day job at the mall
Christmas cards are in the mail!
and i can breathe again!!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

orange cats and black dogs and big orange buses and even huger yellow leaves

 you know it's cold when the kitties sit THIS close to one another ;)
i think the stare-y eyes mean "please turn on the heating....
and while you're on your feet, fill up the food bowl too":)
 just another Monday morning in paradise
he HAD to check out the Wimpy Kid bus 
 eh, it was alright (OK it was t-o-t-a-l-l-y cool!!!)
 i want to go to Paris for hot chocolate
random pictures of black dogs :)
i'm grateful for 10mm lenses and walks in the woods
 sometimes i get to school 5 minutes early (on purpose)
so i can go and sit by this perfect lake for those perfect 5 minutes
for real xoxo

Thursday, November 06, 2014

coffee and Taylor and apples and books

coffee.  with non-dairy creamer and sweet-n-lo.  third cup. 

to birds - it's a perfectly quiet and still Thursday morning in leafy suburbia

anything that starts with the words "keep calm and..." (i r-e-f-u-s-e to keep calm EVER, but on demand??  no.) and anything Frozen (i am SO grateful for my kids anti-obsession with Disney and movies that make my eyes/ears want to die).  and bad perfumes.  and animal prints.  and the new Taylor Swift album.  and soccer.  omg soccer JUST BE DONE ALREADY!  weekends are for trips to Cape Cod and the Hamptons and estate sale shopping and seashell collecting and marathon TV watching.  NOT for soccer.  never for soccer  

to the British store today.  i need selection boxes and advent calendars with edible chocolate and those big huge tubes of Smarties :)  

also going
to New Hampshire.  the best place to buy things with an apple logo on them :)

for boots to arrive (pretty much always).  and fancy new work pants (gasp: i have a JOB!  uhuh!!).  and hula hoops and walkers crisps and monster munch and jaffa cakes.  (you should never cruise in the dead of night when you're starving and homesick :)

 we picked Empire apples in the Empire state
 Lake Champlain and  Burlington 
 painting of a cat (kind of)
 she's angry i didn't paint her ;)
 somewhere in Vermont where i bought absolutely nothing
 there was a very faint rainbow but our street was so pretty and luminous!
 he loves throwing out-of-date eggs into the forest 
they don't break for some reason and today one got stuck in a tree!!
it was like totally mind-blowing!
 why i love Manchester part 23955493 
(i am SO HOMESICK for british people.....)
i got a huuuuge french fry at McDs that was like three fries wide.
but i ate it.  and didn't take a picture.
 why you can never walk up or down the stairs with your eyes closed
 the new Wimpy Kid book is magical :)

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

home, school and New York....

 datenight = back-to-school night.  jealous?  me either 
 bangers beans and mash (it's a song that you can eat ;)
 Lake Champlain VT
a pointlessly tall filing cabinet in deepest Vermont

 i have a new love: it's the Hamptons :)
penne a la vodka, NY pizza and garlic knots... and Law and Order
what every Friday night should be like :)
 Chinatown NYC
 Central Park

before school