Friday, February 06, 2015

Jo Malone, Michael Stipe and the Pioneer Woman (and Sinead too)

  • a drawer full of Jo Malone testers - today i smell like peonies (pale pink ones, obviously) and blush suede (i'm not sure how blush suede and pale pink peonies smell different to other colors....????)
  • fixing the little knicks and scuffs on the baseboards (which were totally screaming at me and now... there's silence)
  • sweet milky coffee
  • thermal tops and sweatpants all day long
  • tall boots and feeling amazonian because i can actually reach things
  • shiny yellow rainboots when it's not even raining
  • making lists of British things to do, see, buy, wear, eat, etc etc.  if i wasn't officially British to the core, i'd be SO disappointed
  • browsing airbnb - i love LOVE seeing how people around the world live: their furniture, linens, kitchens, bathrooms - it's a nosey parker's dream :) 
  • Michael Stipe's dusky all-telling deeply amazing voice
  • selfies 
  • flashmobs 
  • open letters to anyone
  • being called mama by anyone but my children (and ONLY when they were babies - argh).  
  • girl scout cookies
  • the Pioneer Woman - not her, but just her putting up with her husband (is everyone else focusing on the cooking while i just can't get past what a macho jerk he is...?)
  • blue and gold 
  • Hershey - seriously, i haaaaaaaate Hershey!         
  • Frozen
  • buffering (more than Hershey and Frozen - OK, it's not THAT unbearably awful)
  • Taylor Swift and all her celebrity friends (huge eye roll)  seriously: just quit being someone's media robot
listening to
  • a playlist called 2013. i don't know who made it, if it just accidentally fell together that year, but it's soooooo totally that year's movie soundtrack
  • Sinead O'Connor would make me Universal Mother part two for the next leg of the journey

Monday, January 19, 2015

Chanel, vacations and Katie Hopkins.....

  • cold cold water from the tap (CA tap water was always warm and beyond gross... with imaginary artful arties/sea monkeys swimming around in it... ewwww is right!)
  • homemade bread (as in made in THIS HOME!!  and it's incredible and edible!!  OK some was NOT edible... the birds enjoyed it though :)  (please don't make me look bad and die, birds...)
  • living in waffle tops and sweatpants till April
  • messy ponytails - my hair is like sooooo LONG!!!
  • eyelash curlers
  • my newest magic hairbrush and having my hair brushed :)
  • Chanel Cristalle eau verte
  • having it all totally under control 
  • Nine Inch Nails playlists
  • taking the scenic route to everywhere

  • the Summer trip to England: where to stay! who to see! what to eat! where to shop! what to wear!  which Pizza Express to go to first!  where the nearest Primark is!  what teeniest tiniest rental car we can all squeeze into!  where the best fish and chips are!  how many bags of maltesers equal 50 pounds!  if it's even worth visiting the Queen!  whether to go to Dublin or Paris!  O M G - head officially exploding with dizzy excitement!!!

  • emergency ladders at amazon.  because don't you wake up in a cold sweat stressing about the fact that every upstairs room needs a ladder in case the house is on fire...?  no...?  it's just me....?  
  • my own blends of hair color.  coolest thing ever!!!!
  • jewelry supplies....newest obsession: jewelry making!

  • to New York City soon for tea at the Plaza 
  • to look for that Katie Hopkins fat show on TLC and not give up till i find it (shhh, don't tell anyone but i kinda always agree with everything she says.... she's what my mind thinks but won't dare to say :)

giving up
  • caring what people think
  • diet coke (eventually)
  • chocolate (for lent - i mean it!)
  • cutting my hair (this is harder than chocolate....)
 i may, or may not, be slightly obsessed with what you can buy at the Danbury commissary
 desperately seeking this
 loving these pictures (and wondering why didn't i copy them?????!)

loving hearts
 hating Siri
 wondering if pets use conditioner...?
wondering what my wanting-to-make-things is about...


 loving snowy days
 and how the wonderful light inside the house when it snows xoxo

Monday, January 05, 2015

i love....

 finding random hearts :)
this tea towel (but i think it would be illegal to put it in my kitchen;)
 the Stone Store on Cape Cod
 pub lunches
self portraits with teddy bears
Friday's patient and lovely disposition

 Tiffany sunglasses
Faneuil Hall
 being this warm
 pretty light 
and calm spaces
and cats
 this phone case
(though it's not entirely practical....)
 Chapoquoit Beach
heart shaped pebbles
 (and his library)
 Mystic (and pizza)
 dogs running along beaches
 snow (again)
 afternoon tea
 (vegetarian) bangers, (vegetarian) beans and mash
dogs curled up on beds
this sweet old boy
 cloudy skies
this pretty bracelet
which i can totally make.  right????!

Friday, December 12, 2014

like oh my gawd

totally missing
Taylor Swift on spotify.  why Taylor why???!!  roadtrips without her are actually illegal in this family.  so i caved and actually put her (purchased!!) songs on my iphone again.  (but urgh songs on the iphone = less picture space for clam chowder bread bowls from Fanueil Hall, black dogs with their tongues hanging out and soft light filtering through old Cape Cod windows on a misty Saturday morning)

Today was a Fairytale.  because i'm 10.  and today will be a fairytale always and forever or i will stamp all over it :)

Red.  i just hate it.  i only have the little christmas guitar that plays Long Live and will NEVER EVER buy the Red guitar!  and also: where the hell is this year's guitar???!  the girl who is never ever photographed in public without a carefully placed diet coke bottle failed to cash in....?  whhhat the???!

Irish toast and Irish butter. (you CAN live off bread alone if it's Irish and covered in butter :)

you're really truly homesick when you cave and start watching Gavin and Stacey......

a precious purple peacoat today.  though if it doesn't perfectly match my purple mary janes, i just can't get it.  so please shoes, match!!!  i have no clue about the fashion police rule of shoes to coat/purse/hat but i really don't care - i like things that match and it's that simple

if four of the exact same hat/scarf in varying colors is excessive or necessary... 

to NYC soon.  omg NYC you've been gone too long and my heart aches for Magnolia banana pudding, Jo Malone, cross processed wide angles and odd odd odd people

 Cape Cod

 i loooooove lefties
 i could neverrrrrrrr buy Uggs but i don't hate these
if they weren't made from pieces of skin....
 Blackjack ready for his day job at the mall
Christmas cards are in the mail!
and i can breathe again!!