Monday, December 31, 2012

resolutions 2013 edition

  • lose weight (i quit even suggesting a fictitious number, because we all know that makes it even more impossible ;)
  • drink more water (yawn...)
  • sit up straighter and take much deeper breaths and count to ten more
  • eat more apples (same resolutions, different year i know... but this one is SO EASY to keep!)
  • however... my 'stop being polite and start being real' resolution just has to go.... here in paradise everyone is so bloody polite, that my new new year's resolution is 'be a little bit more polite and a whooole lot less pushy and me first - we are NOT in CA anymore and there is no need to fight for your right to be that little bit more important than all the other very important people around you' - phew ;)
  •  quit biting my fingers
  • ride my bike as far as Cape Cod Bagel (i sort of, slightly, ever so slightly miss Cream Pan's banana croissants with nutella....)
  • visit England (and Wales) (and maybe even Ireland and Scotland!)
  • only use my phone to take in-the-moment pictures while out with the kids (awful awful hateful evil disgusting anti-social horrible mom habit... must NOT use the phone so much - except to take pictures ;)
  • go to Maine and Vermont and New Hampshire and Nantucket (oh my gosh, i LOVE 2013 already and it's not even an even year!!!)
  • glimpse Bill Clinton (though sniffing him would be preferable :)
  • tour the Oval Office (this is turning into a wildest dreams wish list instead of boring fix-it resolutions)
  • spend an entire day in the Smithsonian
  • ride the Maid of the Mist again on an incredibly hot day and actually take passports next time so we can go to Canada
off to watch Les Miserables with 'the hubbie' and get rid of all the confectionery temptations in the house before the clock strikes midnight. one minus point for Cape Cod, we have to wait till real
midnight here for it to be New Year... in CA we used to just celebrate like we were on EST ;)

ps snapshots from previous New Years Eves..... good good times

Sunday, December 30, 2012

extra strong extra milky extra sweet coffee 

Reese's peanut butter cups.... which i don't think they have in England.  and i don't think i could live without them ;)

a little bit stabby.  McDonalds forgetting to put tortilla chips on my salad is surely grounds for murder, but today they forgot the salad dressing too! so basically it was just a bowl of lettuce :| with ketchup on it :| 

to Young Americans by David Bowie. not the actual (awful) radio song "Young Americans" but the album ;) and not the actual (scratchy) album, but the CD ;)

a million layers. a tank top with another tank top with a teeshirt with a long sleeved top with a fleece jacket and tights and jeans and two pairs of socks. probably more than a million layers. 

to go here for our annual day of exercise on New Year's Day ;)

also wanting
to make donuts - the trashy biscuit dough ones rolled in sugar :) to balance out that one day of exercise and all ;)

at the school
 our street (whhhat, it was 28 degrees?????!)
 snow on the beach (jaw drop)
 the old dock and sweet late December sunshine
my favorite little starfish shack, by the bridge in West Falmouth, where there is nowhere to stop, so you just have to take a pic while you're driving and sometimes it's in focus (phew!)
it's Valentine's Day at the Christmas Tree Shops :)  
what kind of Elvis fan would i be if i didn't buy this wooden heart?

first snow on Cape Cod :)


Friday, December 28, 2012

to Sinead O'Connor "Universal Mother" which i love even though it's pure heartbreak and torture for mothers

to go to New York City tomorrow. we won't go but it doesn't stop me wanting :(

never ever ever going
to empty the mailbox ever ever again. a BIRD is living in there!! a real life wing-flapping razor sharp beaked bird! with toe claws!!!

Costco pizza didn't taste soooooo yummy. honestly four slices ought to be enough (but it's not because it's soooooo good)

to bust out my new Dyson vacuum cleaner. that's how you know you're a total loser - when you cannot wait to unwrap a stupid vacuum cleaner on a Friday night :|

it will not be nearly as awesome as everyone says it is and i will return it

Comcast. just when i thought Time Warner could get no worse, along comes Comcast (for the second time in this lifetime... they still suuuuuuck)

hoping (and praying and wishing and crossing my fingers and toes)

that it snows this weekend.... and i mean inches not a millimeter!!!! (but not so many inches that we can't go and get necessary things like donuts and hot fudge sauce and pizza... dang i forgot to get hot fudge sauce again!)

oh Cape Cod, you never cease to exceed my expectations!!!!

awesome pic of Kurt Cobain (ew that Courtney sure was/is nasty!)
either that or they had a very mean cat ;)

this morning's view from the bedroom window

oops i did it again. i love their jellies.....

John F Kennedy (and pretty I.M. Pei shadows)

house for sale. with a barn. sigh. adorable. i love it

his baby crocodile all wrapped in his old blankie :)
me too!!!  (from inside the house ;)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

today i.........

didn't go to sleep till like 4am then got up at 6am :|

had coffee for breakfast with absolutely no ginger cats and no hob nobs

watched Sister Wives (zzzzzzzzzzzzz. also they rented the same awful RV as us, just when i thought our trip could look no more awful, their trip looked a million times worse ;)

remembered to take my prilosec and vitamins for the first time in forever!

alphabetized the pantry and ate waaay too many stray goldfish

found some groceries in the driveway (clearly i did a fantastic job unpacking the car last night) eaten by wild animals!!!!  it's like the real life wilderness here!!!   

stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a dunkaccino (not bad.  ok, not good.  but not bad ;) 

went to Petco and fell in love with a ferret (bandit faced/adorable/sassy)

left empty handed (waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!)

went to Target and had to listen to Danny whine about being too exhausted from eating donuts to shop - grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

took him home and made tortillas to get my frustration out in a positive way

still feeling anxiety from my foiled shopping trip, stripped the Christmas tree - oh my gosh, i love taking down the tree almost as much as i love putting it up!

went to the library for books about bad kitties.  there is a little playroom in the kids library and it is SO LOUD in there.  seriously, it's cool that there's a playroom and all, but where was this magical place when my kids were little and i had to shush them all the time????!

took the recycling to Stop and Shop - Oh Em Gee.  NEVER EVER AGAIN!!!!  i wanted to die, i felt so dirty afterwards...

i have a confession: i kind of hate our Stop and Shop, even though the name is cute and rhyme-y.  the staff are all assholes and super unhelpful and don't ever let me get a Stop and Shop card, and the customers are all old and stinky

went in the Ocean State Job Lots and stared at the Portuguese muffins and held the Portuguese muffins and smelled them through the plastic but didn't buy was a very close shave

went home via the post office where Aaron forgot to put the car in park and it rolled away :|

stopped by the pretty old dock where a woman was smoking (seriously who smokes in paradise???)

stopped at Chappaquoit (insanely gorgeous) and went for a walk looking for abalone shells on the beach like those lucky people i always envy in pharmaceutical commercials (but hopefully not that old...)  the water was sooooo still and quiet and shiny and perfect tonight

had soda bread for dinner (oh my gosh, i missed it... i'm halfway home these days and it's bliss :)

now it's 6pm and the sleepless night is finally starting to catch up with me.... time to get some milky decaf and have a very early night xoxo

the bank (they take the holidays seriously here;)
finding perfect shells for his ornament

not even slightly cold... Aaron's wearing a teeshirt ;)