Sunday, April 28, 2013

our time in Eden (aka Newport, Rhode Island)

we stopped at Allie's of course - i think it's a state law ;)
this was the line as we were leaving... we got there at just the right time ;)
 with TWO BOXES full of sugary goodness badness
omg those jelly sticks, i couldn't stop myself..... hangs head in shame
you can get a humungous donut tick cake (though i'm not sure why you would want one...)
Jamestown Verrazano Bridge
Danny took our picture :)
 not bad, Danny!
 cutest little wharfy area ever
 they got me the bee for Mother's Day after a few gentle hints....
because i don't have enough Alex and Ani bracelets you see ;)
three of the four Beatles walking back to the car ;)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

catching up..........

the drive home
new family moving in (i hope they're nice and the mom takes pictures:)
Weasel, bird worrier
Hammie, our borrowed hamster
i love the basement walls and kinda never want to finish them ;)
the little wooden bridge to the forest behind our house 
our door before - it had to go....
after (exhaaaaaaale)
 i never ever ever ever ever want an old beaten-up house with beaten up paint and beaten up baseboards and no walk-in closet ever ever ever ever again but... they're sure pretty around here ;)
the way to Target
Maine for the day - because you can go to Maine for the day :|  or Vermont.  or New Hampshire.  or Connecticut (though i'm not sure why you would want to....).  or Rhode Island (duh - we can WALK to RI).  or New York.  or New Jersey.  or even Canada!!!  (though that would be a crazy slightly day trip - but still possible!!)
home is where the heart is
this top looks like pyjamas and i won't leave the house in it - not sure why i bought it :|
seriously?  urgh yes seriously :|  rectangular tags and round silencers - kill me now :|
brothers and sisters
the sport court (and collection of adorable well-mannered second graders)
the drive to Walmart (beautiful no matter what store you're going to :)
lost in the woods again...
Winslow Animal Sanctuary - adorable.  but no i don't want to volunteer
and end up with more animals.... they have over 50 cats, that's even more than us!