Thursday, October 25, 2012


why the crooks and cheats are always Republican....

also wondering
why they name their kids things like Tripp and Trapp and Tuck and Tagg...

also wondering
why the poorest people in the country allow themselves to be controlled and manipulated and bought and sold by the richest folks (oh how i hate that word...)

Danny would just eat what i make him for breakfast instead of pawing it around and cringing at it.  he's not going to quit the torment till i buy more nutella, is he....?  but i don't want to!  it's one more thing to pack

also wishing
it was a week from now. although not really wishing away the road trip part of the week because it's just beautiful and fascinating and nourishing and healing.  but the part till Sunday, for sure - i hate this second guessing and leaving behind part

that this house is almost past tense

missing already

Griffith Park

In N Out animal fries

easy going afternoon playdates

Cream Pan birthday breakfasts

this park.... our park

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

on edge

Donald Trump.  yes i know: same hate, different day :)  his hair, his orange skin, his ugly tassled shoes - oh my gawd, doesn't he have ANYONE who loves him enough to tell him.....?  yeah, probably not

on cutting down on pumpkin bread.  for fear of turning orange like Donald Trump :|

to drive to dumb Canon in dumb Irvine to pick up my 50mm f/1.4 lens (it's been THREE WEEKS!!!)  but feeling soooo achey and so breaky and sooo on edge, that it probably wouldn't be wise - so it's on the list for tomorrow which will surely will be a better day

Caldrea Wild Mint - it reminds me of Cape Cod

they have golden light in Massachusetts (they do, right....?  i didn't dream that clean, perfect light...?)

if all these boxes and all this pirate booty is going to fit in a 31 foot long RV - hmm

also wondering
how hard it is to drive a 31 foot long RV..... that's twice as long as a minivan.  hmm

it was Sunday. mentally and emotionally, i haven't been here for the entire month of October and i simply cannot wait for what's next...


new adventures on the weekend....
and a dream come true - our new way home :)


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

is it sunday yet......?

what on earth happened that people who are responding about free furniture want to know how old it is and where it's from and whether it's cosmetically perfect.... IT'S FREE!!!!  beggars can't be choosers!!!  so yes, it's trashed and old, hence the freeness of it :|  (seriously: i blame those horrific Kardashian she-males for the demise of polite society and the death of California - too many princesses with not enough money)

this weekend to para para paradise

to Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa.  dearest Melissa, we will be there by the time you visit.  you, me, Angela, our cameras, our kids and soft morning light at Nauset Beach?  and donuts too :)     

to get to bed early.  i fell asleep during that awful boring presidential debate - i never ever ever want to hear the word 'folks' ever again :|  i woke up many hours later in a panic that my rats had been sliced in half by a sheet of plate glass.  that plate glass dream is getting really old - i am so sick of carrying 8' x 4' sheets of plate glass in my dreams :|

deep conditioning
my hair tonight with my favorite coconut conditioner from the "women-of-color" section at Target (it's really awesome and silky!!!)

my Clinton teeshirt, which is the softest, coziest, huggiest teeshirt ever :)  i need to find his address and go trick-or-treating in his neighborhood on the 31st (we just happen to be in the area - he'll probably be on the campaign trail not giving out hershey bars though, right?) 

for a datenight at Bertucci's - i l-o-v-e that yummy place :)

thing 439547893 i hate about Orange County: the stroller strides zombie mamas
439547894: absolutely dead stopped traffic
 the man with the nicest smile :)

seriously Roseanne Barr for president....?  i picked the man with the nicest smile :)
Megan packed herself :)
black dogs
i love finding random pics like this on my phone (and never ever erasing them!)


Monday, October 22, 2012

cookies, shoes and prime

on milky coffee and dark chocolate quadratini cookies on this most wonderful happiest Monday ever... because.... it's the last one in California!! (not that i've been a withering, failing-to-thrive, displaced English rose in barren sandy soil for the last sixteen looooong scorching years.....

today - but ONLY if there's not a huuuuuge line or forget about it. Aaron says Romney is going to win - i hope he's just saying that to prepare me for the worst...........

to decide if i want a PO Box that i will pass on my leisurely way to Target. or Christmas Tree Shops. or Dunkin Donuts. this is life in technicolor!!!

my nails would grow... not even grow: just stop bending back like paper. if anything they got worse: thanks for nothing, Nailtek. must find OPI Nail Envy today even if it costs $16.95 plus tax

sensible shoes. i have absolutely none. which is lame given how many pairs of shoes i have...

my hands compulsively to see if they still smell like dolphins. of course i wash them.... but i kinda try to not scrub the parts that touched the dolphins so i can smell them for as long as possible ;)

our sea-to-shining-sea RV!!! claps hands!!!!! soooo exciting!!!!!!! we pick it up on Saturday in LA... and drop it off in Salem MA which is a long way from Cape Cod but it sounds pretty!!

that all the quadratini cookies are gone :(

what on earth happened to now little things are considered 'add-ons' to bigger orders and don't ship free with prime... and selecting only prime items isn't even an option anymore. i hope this is a California problem and everything will be OK in Massachusetts (including the removal of that ugly sales tax) i want those USB cables and Nail Envy TOMORROW, wednesday at the latest :|

off to pack more boxes xoxo

Sunday, October 21, 2012

dolphin overdose

Bubbles, the pilot whale too :)

thanks Crystal xoxo


he caught a bug (and let it go in a dry spot ;)

inside a shipwreck (not a real shipwreck, Danny...)

Bubbles and Crystal again :)

for the Christmas card :)

outtake: i have an irrational fear of anything that makes sudden movements and looks like it might bite me.....

i wonder why they don't sell these at Seaworld ;)