Thursday, January 31, 2013

five things

tomorrow i want to go to the outlet stores (the reaaaaally good ones - actually i think the only ones around here...?  but luckily they are awesome so they are the only ones i'd go to anyway!) with nice Angela.  i hope she can go and won't prefer to do something awful like Zumba - i want to show her my new house (it's by the outlets, coincidentally;) and we can get coffee at my new Target (it doesn't have a big Obama statue outside but it's nice inside nontheless, i swear) and we can go to Friendly's for lunch and i can introduce her to the magic of Hanna Andersson because... she's NEVER BEEN IN THERE!!!  and that's something that needs to be fixed.  also... it's almost her birthday and it was just my birthday so that automatically grants us both $50 to spend on something we absolutely don't need just because it's our birthdays! :)

it is so awesomely windy here today!! and rainy too!!!   the rain here is that nice English rain that is a refreshing mist of Evian spray on your face when you walk in it, not the awful dreadful California cold shower where every raindrop is a waterfall that floods the whole street within 2 minutes.  yeah, i don't miss it (at all)

OK... one thing i teensy weensy miss: Sprouts.  just a teensy weensy little bit.  i really kinda absolutely miss Sprouts (which is odd because i never really shopped there...)

speaking of....

there is a brand new Super Walmart by my new house.  and a Little Caesars (OMG!)  and a Market Basket (home of the legendary HUUUUGEST jelly donuts you ever did see, they are the size of your head!)  and a Bertucci's.  and even a bloody Kohl's!!  seriously Cape Cod has no Kohls... and i don't even like Kohl's - until i don't have one - and then i get so itchy and antsy to shop there :| 

eh four things.... it will have to do ;)   

Sunday, January 27, 2013

everyday is like sunday

 i looooove the moonlit skies of Cape Cod  
 i love curled-up little snugglebugs 
 i love what a show-off Megan is :) 
 i love little glass jars and white starfish and daffodils on the kitchen window 
 i loooooooove Nauset Beach
... the little tiny clouds in the great big sky, the perfectly tranquil shining sea, knowing that somewhere out there is England, the battered wooden fence, the individual rays of sun, the absolute peace and calm... it's paradise
 i love finding a place so remote it looks like you've arrived on the moon
i love the Atlantic Spice Co... i bought goodies for the new house to make it smell like
rose petals, lavender, cedar, cucumber or spearmint (depending on my mood :) 

Saturday, January 26, 2013


endlessly for beds and sofas and end tables and console tables and dining tables and dining chairs and occasional chairs and counter chairs (unwiggly ones for restless homework butts) and not finding ANYTHING i like (gawd i'm fussy with a list of must.haves and must.not.haves a mile long... clean and modern but not too modern is very hard to find in furniture :|  i miss Habitat.  and John Lewis.  and Marks and Spencer :(

to the beach tomorrow.  even if it's cold (she lied)  noooo, even if it's frrrreezing!  and the Atlantic Spice Co, my most favorite Cape store ever for pretty kitchen wares for the new home (be still my heart, i loooove that store and it makes me feel like Martha Stewart, only a much less demanding person ;)

to spend my 20% off your entire purchase Christmas Tree Shops coupon which expires tomorrow!!  if i buy nothing else, i'm buying huge starfish and Portuguese English muffins and lame St Patrick's day decor :)

also needing
to return Danny's new cub scout application for the new town we are moving to that's full of cub scouts - huuuuuuuge sigh of relief: he's been soooo lost without a bunch of friends to hang out with (me too... please make everyone be nice!!)

Danny's next classroom is nutty.... he is in a "tree nut free classroom" right now and i haven't been able to make cupcakes or cookies or anything for school. it's been AWFUL :(     

if it's allowed to wear a rainbow scarf if you're not a lesbian (sorry if Too Much Information ;)  i saw a reaaaaally cute happy scarf but i don't want people rolling their eyes thinking i'm a wannabe lesbian - i just want that bright and happy scarf and to be warm!

 already dressing it with my eyes for the holidays :)
 backyard - boy/dog/mum-with-camera paradise

Aaron's future "man cave" :)
 Cape sunshine
 making pizookies for Dad's birthday
 the old road home....
 the new road home...
i loooooove seeing this :)
 and this
and this :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

monday-ish tuesday

 our new way home

 the only good thing about the awful Mexican place -
a pitcher of diet coke to wash down the awful Mexican food :)

 he's proud to be an American 

proud too :)

 Old Silver Beach

she loves cuddling this towel :)


 hide and seek during the Inauguration :)

Friday, January 18, 2013


our new basement!!! and it's not even one of those terrifying dark ones with a workbench 
in it for dismembering bodies... no, it's got windows and doors and everything! and no workbench ;)

a little snow on Cape Cod :)

lunch at Friendly's

meet Iceberg 
(apparently i gave away too many of his toys to Good Will and the guilt almost killed me)

best sandwich e-v-e-r

hers and mine (the 5 is that much bigger...?)