Monday, March 31, 2014

rainy days and mondays

a mailbox CRAMMED with pretty presents.  yes yes yes, all sent by me to me but still.  i love brown paper packages (not tied up with string... grr.  did i ever mention how i like to tie up brown paper packages with string and one day the man at the post office gave me - and half of pville - a lecture about how they jam up his machines and then he defiantly snipped off the pretty string!  but... what about the song....?  raindrops on roses....?  whiskers on kittens... would he snip those off too?? waaaaaaaa!!!!  i want to move to Austria)

that it's SPRING!!  and it's rainy and cool and pretty and buddy and blissful everywhere.  i love the "begin again" part of here.  heck, anywhere BUT California (which never begins again... it just stays the same)  we have like TWO HUNDRED little flowers waiting to bloom in our garden and i'm not touching them!!  Mother Nature: they're all yours!!!  please don't screw it up!

that that pediatrician in the nice Victorian house totally understood my not missing Cali.... that 6500 straight days of 78 degree (at best... at worst 104 degrees), constantly blue skies would get old reaaaally fast.

Scott and Bailey.  but hating - HATING - that i've watched them all (at least once;)  MAKE MORE!!!! I love Gill's character.  like.... i reeeeaaallly LOVE Gill in that show.  she uses 'cock' as a term of endearment (it means 'dear' in Mcr) and that makes me a) wicked homesick and b) giggle :)

that i get to go back to the gym this am.  it's been 10 days.  and i NEVER thought i would miss it.  but i do miss George Michael playlists and scathing documentaries about bad moms.  and Kelly Ripa.  she makes me laugh (and she's adorable.  could i EVER be that thin?  like 6 year old girl thin?  (with the buffest arms EVER - she's the ONLY reason i endure the awful weight area full of reeeeaaally strong people lifting 170 pounds instead of my 15....) and be able wear the 6 year old girl clothes at Target??  because they're waaaaay cuter than the lady clothes..... way cuter.  the raincoat with little umbrellas on it... NOT FAIR!)

how absolutely NUTS our dogs get about squirrels.  they are currently skidding around the dining room at 100 mph (the poor oak floors.... oi) barking like maniacs at two ballsy little squirrels who are sitting outside the glass doors eating birdseed.  those squirrels are so bad!  but so cute!!!

back later. maybe.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

saturday pictures of everything

at the doc's yesterday :) when i first dreamt of moving to Massachusetts, part of my dream was having a pediatrician whose office is in a Victorian house. i had no clue that the pediatrician i picked had his office in a Victorian house. so that was pretty cool :) also cool: anyone that giggly by the British (not mis)pronunciation of "vitamin" ;)

this is the most exciting thing ever to happen in pville. in the history of LIKE: EVER!

it's going to be a book store! and a coffee shop!

at least i *think*!

why that railing is going to fall off

etsy loves

New York is nearly always a good idea. but if you have stomach flu, it's a really BAD idea :|

Houston we have a BUD!!!!!!!! and pretty fifth position feet

what a veggie eats in Longhorn Steakhouse. eh

i don't say this very often.... but i LOVE the Pope!
And BO is also delightful ;)

ewwww. nooooo. this. is. my. worst. nightmare.

speaking of nightmares.... Kurt Cobain's garage and suicide note. eh Seattle is just depressing
someone tried on crawfish scent in Walmart. and this is why i LOVE Walmart :)

today's spotify channel is New Order which is really good... did i ever mention that??!

you can get a pearl necklace for a dollar in Target - there i posted it :)
Danny calls these bananas :)

Mr Bumps wanted to wear a banana too :)

it was "take-your-teddy-bear-to-school" day yesterday. Humphrey came home exhausted

i asked these pesky pups to pose in their bananas.
it took several attempts and finally payment in hotdogs

the outtakes. apparently dogs don't understand "look at the camera!" until you say "for a hotdog!"

i totally forgot to pay them when we got inside.
i found them still sitting like this a few minutes later ;)
ps spot the three girlcats (the boys live upstairs)

i love L-O-V-E even numbers ;)

and if they can't be even, then divisible by 5 is the next best thing (i added a picture to make it right;)
ps i loooooove bookmarking new places ;)

Friday, March 28, 2014

jackholes, kill devil hills and yelp

trying to decide
which of these jackhole bonesmokers i despise more... the wannabe cop driving painfully slow in the fast lane, or the macho-shithead, doing a horrible job of cutting her off in the pickup truck.  i dunno.  i just don't know :|  i think she wins.  and i HATE macho shitheads in pickup trucks ;) 
pssst i kinda hate everyone else (but don't tell anyone!)

trying to decide
if straight hair or curly hair makes a better first impression on the new pediatrician.  he's an opera singer - so the hair has to be just right, i feel.  hmmm.  curly or straight....?

trying to decide
if it's worth 15 hours of driving just to say i went to Kill Devil Hills.  that's quite a long way just to say you went somewhere... especially seeing as i have NO IDEA what is actually there (except it being a line from "so fast so numb" by R.E.M. )

trying to decide
what to do for English Mother's Day.  it should involve tea, cake and antique shopping, right?  right.  but pizza and diet coke and minimalist furniture shopping sounds better right about now....

trying to decide
whether to write a bad yelp review for our vet.  eh.  it's soooo hard.  i like the staff, they're nice and they're the kind of people you'd meet at a party and when they say they're vets, you'd be all like "oh cool!  i've been looking for a vet!!"..... but they are woefully disorganized, SO expensive and treat pets like they're people.  and pets are animals, not people.  so i don't know.  i try to only be a 4 or 5 star review yelper... not a 2 star review yelper.

trying to decide
if my on-the-fenceness about writing that review might be due to OCD.  i have a perfectly even number of friends/reviews/tips/pictures and it's just so perfect and pretty :|  this OCD thing is a disease without any cure... i'm so obsessed that i'm becoming a bore.  blah.

 in the good light :)
 in the not-so-good light of Target
 dresses i like but i'd never wear so i'm not buying - sorry Good Will
 supermodel Megan
i told her to put both her paws on the side and she did :|
 my dog can't read :)
 sick.... and better....
 i don't get this??????
 also, surprisingly, in the thrift store :)
 best waffles ever 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

hey now what you doing's thursday things

Jo Malone Nutmeg and Ginger is my best friend right now.  where was this perfume when i had everyday neverending horrible morning sickness......?  i was going to say everyday neverending wicked morning sickness but i'm just not sure enough yet that i'm using wicked correctly and that would be like saying awesome morning sickness... hmm.   

you know what's worse than having stomach flu in NYC and not being able to eat (coal fired, amazing smelling) pizza and being too weak and vomity to shop in Tiffany when you have a free pass for English Mother's Day....?  nothing.  NOTHING is worse than that!!!!   i took like ZERO pictures yesterday: that means i was reaaaaaaaaallllly sick :( 

also: i have drunk three cans of diet coke because i feel sooooo icky.  sorry about that, Lent: let's just pretend i gave up beer instead :(

we have a vet appointment today and a pediatrician appointment tomorrow.  so it's official: we moved here:)

i can't stop thinking (even though i can't possibly eat it) about the marinara sauce i had at an Italian restaurant last Friday.  it was the best marinara sauce i have ever tasted.  when i'm better i'm so going back for just  a bowl of that marinara sauce and the crazy sticks which were crazy bread x 1000%  :|  served with more of the marinara :|

i need to go to South Boston ("Southie" they call it ;) for Irish sliced bread.  and it's reeaaaallly urgent.  i'm on the BRAT diet and i have no toastable bread :|

off to actually ORDER the last few years of blurb books - they are complete and up to date!!!!  it's a miracle!!  OK so the books are in horrible unchronological order and the instagram page is a complete jumble but every birthday and holiday and friend and outstretched arm self portrait is represented.  and done is the new perfect ;)

Friday, March 21, 2014

Morrissey, New York City and books

still teetering on the fence about the Morrissey concert.  hmmmmm.  on 21 June he's going to be in Brooklyn with Cliff Richard and that sounds kinda fun.... yes Cliff Richard :|  THE Cliff Richard.  the devil woman, mistletoe and wine, congratulations, young ones guy with the smile that's much MUCH too bright to be British.  whhhhhhat am i missing here?????!!!! 

oh and speaking of NYC... guess where i'm going on Wednesday?  only New York City!!!  not just that but with my neighbors!!!  it's going to be AWESOME!!!  and if it's not, well i'll just have to photoshop it awesome and rosey and wonderful :)

in other awesome news: we fiiiiiiiinally have a pediatrician... i feel like the worst mum ever but luckily, touch wood, the boys haven't been sick for the past 18 slightly scary doctor-free months.  and i am seriously truly lucky :)

in other super awesome news... guess what i made this week?  my 2012 and 2013 BLURB BOOKS!!!!  as in i'm almost up to date!!!!  and i'm even working on an instagram book.  it's magical :)  

tonight we went to Rhode Island for the yummiest dinner ever.  it's the oddest little state ever and i love it.  everything is just a little off, like in Twin Peaks (but without the darned fine cherry pie).  i'm glad we don't live there, but it's right next door for the occasional Friday night adventure....

 things from etsy that i have in my cart but i never 
ever ever buy and probably never will.....
 my (imaginary) best friend painted this
  my painting ;)
 her cookies
my cookies :)
 she's never made microsoft starburst samplers though - yet :)

 my currrent fixation: this ferry route
it was on Catfish today (how did i not know about it???!!)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

a dreaded sunny day

what it means about my mental age when Morrissey is coming to Boston, and playing right by "our" Italian restaurant, on a Saturday night, and i kinda sorta don't want to be bothered going.......?  and i LOVE Morrissey and he's on the list of people who cannot die till i've seen him in the flesh.  i know we will HAVE to go: it would be wrong not to.  but still, concerts are just soooooooo much work ;)

the army store by our house.  happy Danny = happy me.

working out
to Saturday Night Fever this week.  i am SO OVER Embarrassing Bodies - those English shows don't blur anything, you know, and it's really hard to shield what you're watching when your friendly neighbor comes and works out next to you and there's a big hemorrhoidy butt on your screen.  i swear i am NOT watching porn!  and anyway, this is NOT porn!! 

for my dress to get here from Garnet Hill. it's like THE perfect Cape Cod sundress.  i have checked my UPS tracking number 10,000 times today :|  it just says 'label created' :(

still working
on that blurb book.  i'm on page 80 and only up to September 2012.  omg there is a whoooole lot of life to journal in those last 40 pages........

 our favorite Ocean State Job Lots is closing.... so we took one last picture of it
 reading "how to speak dog" to the dogs :)