Wednesday, January 27, 2016

in love with Jeremiah (and i hate names with -iah at the end!)

omg computer/internet/whatever, could you be ANY slower????  i swear my computer in 1996 when it made all those purring and pinging noises to connect to AOL was faster.  (what was all that noise about...)

last night i couldn't sleep thinking how awful it would be to be blind.  it would be AWFUL to not be able to appreciate the difference between inset and overlay cabinets.  to end up with tragic leopard skin countertops (though on the plus side, you wouldn't see how dirty they are...), to not be able to watch Nate and Jeremiah's 'where are they now?' on OWN.  i guess you could listen to it but really you have to SEE it.  like, you REALLY HAVE to SEE it!!!  i never thought i would say this about one of my pretend husbands but i think Jeremiah is actually even nicer than Nate.  I LOVE HIM!!!  i have to add him to my list of pretend husbands. 

one more thing that kept me awake last night: what if the house catches fire again and we all escape via the farmers porch but the cats/dogs are too scared to jump.  urgh.  is this why i am supposed to go to therapy?  i skipped an appointment last week to have coffee with a friend instead (same as therapy but funner and cheaper, right?) but now i can't sleep.  like EVER.

i have 23 pieces of furniture in my Joss and Main shopping cart.  i want them all.  even though 7 of them are king sized beds :|

i'm addicted to maltesers.  there must be something in them that i am severely lacking nutritionally.   i must go home and get more humongous boxes.

is that five?  can i stop??!  hurray!

Monday, January 25, 2016

internet woes, kitchen woes and strawberries

if it was possible to die from a slow internet connection i would have died 17000 times today :|

i jumpstarted my car for the first time today.  it was like SO EASY!

we are planning our kitchen remodel tonight.  this has been so woefully overthought and pored over.  and i still kinda think i'm going to hate it

blah blah blah blah blahhhhhh!  i hate mondays!

i made chocolate covered strawberries for a birthday treat and despite thinking that chocolate + fruit = so so wrong, i quite like them :-)

Thursday, January 07, 2016

shakshuka, nonworking Ns, holes you dig and massholes you don't

i'm craving shakshuka like C-R-A-Z-Y.  maybe it's the eggs... or the spicy red sauce... or the falafel... or the white dippy stuff... or the bread... or maybe JUST ALL OF IT!!

i really need to figure out how to use emoticons on here and in real life.  words just don't do it.

my capital N doesn't always work.  it just worked just so i look pointless

i'm still recovering from being outdoors for an hour on Monday.  seriously New England?  this is why everyone here is sooooo dour and pasty white/green.  WE NEED SUNLIGHT!!!  WITHOUT FROSTBITE!!!

i have to admit i get so absorbed in Danny's school books that i can't wait to read them with him.  we are reading Holes.  it's beyond compulsive reading.  i can't say the same for Making a Murderer.  at best it's just, thank-God-I-don't-have-to-hear-that-accent everyday viewing... blah

i bought a table yesterday and it's kissably beautiful.  AND a total bargain!!!!

back later - must read more Holes!!!