Wednesday, March 21, 2012

a 55 inch tv.  i think i might even neeeeed a 55 inch tv for medical reasons: poor eyesight.  this weekend we watched 'my week with marilyn' and the text was terribly tiny on our tiny 42 inch tv :( (and oh how i hated that movie... maybe she got less irritating towards the end...?  when it was already back in it's redbox because the text was too impossibly small to read..?)  anyway, we might be going shopping tonight.  Mama neeeeeds a bigger tv (i am such an American!!)

over BB cream.  and whether they work or the light is playing tricks on me :|  i religiously apply it every morning since Martha Stewart cruelly informed me that uneven skin tone makes you look even older than wrinkles.  and i have more splotches and blotches than a dalmatian and more wrinkles than a Sharpei too :(  

for a zero at the end of my weight by Friday.  i've never been so grateful for painfully long weeks since my weekly weigh on on Friday morning, where if i don't lose 2 pounds, i cry all day long and want to donate blood and hair and organs just so i can make my number :|

my sweet little Nibby... she was sniffly and tiny from the start (a mouse sized rat if you can imagine anything so precious... but oh so frail and scary too) she's with our angel ratties now xo

if you can walk your hips and knees to death.  surely you can?  Dr Oz would claim not because he is a total jackass.  but honestly they hurt soooo badly by mile 8, surely i am harming myself horribly by working out? (i really really don't like to work out ;)   

kind of hating
Dr Oz in general.  i read some dumb article he wrote about sleep and how you should only sleep on dark sheets and always wear socks in bed "because socks bring on sleep".  if that were the case, wouldn't every sock wearing person be asleep all day?  also dark sheets are horrible - how can they possibly be perfectly crisp and bleached clean unless they are white????! stupid little man

hating also
the olloclip.  tried it, hated it, returned it :|

off to school/walk/shower/library/etc etc etc etc blah blah blah....

Monday, March 12, 2012

shuffles, chanel and stomach flu :(

from the stomach flu.  or maybe the awful awful awful c-a-u-l-i-f-l-o-w-e-r  p-i-z-z-a (i can't say or even type those words anymore - the very thought of them make me immediately ill) i made on Friday.  never again.  i mean it - never ever ever again :|  EVER!

in a little post-flu weight loss.  but it almost isn't really worth the horribly achy back, vomit coming out of my nose and more-dead-than-alive feeling...

my little iPod shuffle.  i lost it two weeks ago on my walk and still look for it every single day :(  my Miffy music player just isn't the same (though she is beyond adorable even though she never smiles, but she is European...)

not missing
my camera.  it's at Canon getting work done.  and i don't miss it.  at all - for a second.  sure, i'll miss it if they call and say it's dead and it's not coming back ever.  but for now - me and my iPhone are a team... and teamwork makes the dream work! (that's our family motto - "what does teamwork make?  THE DREAM WORK!!"  oh yeah, they love it ;)

to Vegas in 2.8 weeks.  not that i'm counting or nothing.  get here already!!!!  i need to lie down and stay there for a while ;) 

how on earth lighter green Chanel 19 poudre smells soooo much nicer than my lightish green Chanel 19?  now i have to have that too :|

in a brand new chair - is there any better feeling?!  no!  especially when it's a beautiful chair that i've wanted forever :)

Rihanna - i really have no idea why really since i've never actually met the girl, she is just kind of nastay and mean looking ;)

off to walk - fueled entirely by herbal remedies, very cold water and pain killers.  if i'm not back in two hours, call the emergency services xoxxo

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

cool apps, all caps and homesick saps

the scales - soon there will be a vivacious, muscular five at the end of my weight instead of that pesky, round (but at the time coveted) zero.  right now it's a six, but if i have to cut off all my hair, exfoliate like a mofo, rip off my fingernails and toenails and file even more dry skin from my feet and elbows (oh yes, i use every trick in the book - even the ones that draw blood;) i will certainly stop at nothing to lose a pound overnight

typing in all capitals (scans post to make sure i'm not guilty of said crime:) it's just SO annoying and i am not sure WHY exactly;)

for a delicious batch of Scandinavian crispbread to arrive from  truth be told, they taste like IKEA furniture but they are 12 calories and 5 grams of fiber each!  i bet IKEA furniture doesn't have that much fiber in it ;

down the hours to the opening of the 99 cent store by my house!  tomorrow is going to be a changing day in my life - kind of, i am not going till Friday when all the high-pain-threshold people have swooped up all the 99c TVs :)

somewhat dreading
tomorrow also - it's five years since my Dad died.  homesick, family-missing sigh :( 

somewhat like a good/bad Mum this morning for buying Danny the Lorax app. it's a self reading book - you don't even need to be engaged/conscious/in the room.  i mean that whole "read to your kid 20 minutes a day" and you don't need to be there?  now that's awesome (gawd how i envy modern parents... in MY day we had to read books to our children.... i am sure there will be some emotional fallout to the self-reading book, which is why i set it to 'read it myself' ;)

a huge sigh of relief that the people in the vegan bakery were not abducted/murdered as i feared they had been. good job i didn't report it to the police - it turns out i had been walking by the bakery five minutes earlier last week, before they officially opened for the day - hence all the cakes and sandwiches on display, but no staff.  phew!! i was secretly worried i would be robbed of my prize peanut butter torte.... look at this handsome beast!

Jo Malone sweet lime and cedar and nutmeg and ginger.  i feel like Martha Stewart's set, only not as tense and terrifying.  it's a good thing ;)

i could be bothered to take pictures anymore.  sorry Tarnya, but i simply cannot be arsed with it... everytime i take my SLR anywhere, i end up slipping it into the glove box of the car (don't tell thieves) and using my iPhone instead.  they say your entire body reinvents itself every seven years - and it's been exactly seven years since i got my SLR - i think i'm officially over it. Steve Jobs strikes again with his amazing life-changing inventions:)

Monday, March 05, 2012

disappearances and donuts

last week i watched a E Online show (it wasn't that true Hollywood story thingie because the people weren't even remotely famous... hmm, now i wonder what it was and why on earth i was watching it because i never watch E except Fashion Police) about a family who went missing in the middle of the night from San Diego.  puff!  and they were gone into thin air.  with two kids as well.  and they left all their money in the bank ($100k) and they didn't feed their dogs first or rehome them (which automatically makes them assholes in my book, unless they were killed but there was no blood...) ... ever since i have wondered day and night what happened to them.  i wish my mind had an off switch :| 

now i notice that the vegan bakery by my house that i have never been in, even though i really want to, because i no longer eat real food - just dust and salad, is suddenly deserted.  still with the pretty little cakes and sandwiches in the glass display cases... and no sign about being on vacation or a power outage or emergency surgery or nothing :|  i am deeply worried.  and not just because SOMEDAY i was going to be thin enough to try their peanut butter torte either :( 

today is the day that if Nibbles were pregnant following that incident where i got the boy and girl rats all mixed up and let Nibbles and Smokey spend an entire day together, she would give birth to one million babies :|  but she is still Angelina Jolie-ly thin and spooky... so i'm thinking she and Smokey didn't hook up which is good. but since Angelina Jolie is really thin and spooky, and has one million kids also, i'm not sighing a huuuuge sigh of relief and putting away my little hat making knifty knitter just yet.......

in three weeks we are going to Vegas.  without kids.  for enough time to actually put clothes on hangers.  i know.  i absolutely freaking fracking cannot wait to escape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and it's our 16th anniversary too!  and they have Dunkin Donuts there and really great coal fired pizza!  hurray for Vegas!!  

which reminds me... Dunkin Donuts is coming to California!!  i know - again... they were here in 1997 for approximately 2 months but were chased out by that Fen Phen/Atkins craze.  but now they're coming back!!  the bad news: the first store is in Camp Pendleton.... which is grossly unfair!!   i refuse to join the military just to get a damned jelly donut :|  i think it's a government plot to get people to join the military but it won't work - i won't fall for it!

today i am walking to Irvine to get a new book from the library.  it's 8 miles roundtrip - i need a detour from the vegan bakery to quiet my inner worries about a possible abduction or murder.  and i have to call the bank because i paid in checks yesterday and typed all the amounts in wrong - surely they deal with complete fools like me all the time and know how to handle that???!  off to school and beyond!!