Friday, July 31, 2009

death by eggtimer

tonight my computer is being very very BAD and very very slow. so i am going to bed early to watch 'made' and knit little rattie cocoons :)

today i ate:
  • half a bowl of maple oatmeal (the instant kind that was pushed around the bowl then left by a fussy child who has never had to make oatmeal from scratch or he WOULD most certainly eat it and enjoy it)
  • 2 pink jellyfish - Danny saves me the pink jellyfish from his nemo jelly snacks because mummies like pink :)
  • 1/2 a Ruby club minus the bacon - she makes the best club sandwiches, bless her heart. Danny ate the bacon AND a whole extra order of bacon
  • 2 looooong sips of a Ruby peanut butter shake..... ahhhhhhh, she makes the best milkshakes too ;)
  • 6 gummivites
  • 1 baby apple
  • all bran with a dash of cinnamon toast crunch
  • 2 big toy rats
  • 2 small toy rats
  • a yellow dog for Sam's birthday from Danny
  • 2 monster puppets
  • 12 plastic wrestling men that Danny absolutely begged for... i am such a sucker
  • cute little lipbalms that look like cupcakes
  • this geyser thing as part of Sam's birthday gift. now i am wondering how smart that was... and how much soda it's going to waste :|

i almost bought this as a little 'ladder' to go next to Danny's bed
but the more i think about it, i am not sure it's such a good idea... clearly those pictures are not to scale and clearly i wouldn't get the red bins :| and clearly Danny's bed is white :|

datenight tomorrow... we haven't been on a date in a verrrrry long time and this calls for extra hot indian food in an extra dark, extra velvety indian restaurant :)

Danny walking with dinosaurs
paper source... favorite store E-V-E-R!
1papersourcePicture 119
snug as a... rat in a hat
1benPicture 301
Jerry, the shy one
1Picture 389
Ben, definitely not shy
1ratPicture 421

Thursday, July 30, 2009

today things

starting construction on a 3 story (the american spelling, i can still spell...) rat townhouse. i decided it would be easier to clean if i coated each level with contact paper... then got carried away and covered every square inch of it with contact paper :| and velcro to fasten down the bedding :| now it is all bumpy and lame looking and i am scared my rats will get stuck to the walls. i hate me and my big ideas :|

Ben by MJ. not that i am at all obsessed with rats or nuthin'...

what adult swim could possibly be. it sounds like it could be rude and i am sure if i look it up, i will witness grotesque hairy nakedness. i will ask Aaron and he will know without even batting an eyelid. men seem like they are born understanding stuff like what adult swim is without having to look it up online...

still cringing
at what i saw when i accidentally typed 'homtail' instead of 'hotmail' yesterday. Aaron, i did NOT intentionally choose to look at those obscene images if they are somehow stuck somewhere in the lining of my computer system :|

also wondering
how on earth my most played song is 'besame mucho' by andrea bocelli...? i don't even know it, never mind have played it 320 times. i blame Mr Bumps - his hair is all over my computer chair everytime i get home...

land of nod

i heart

thursday things

random thoughts

i hate oatmeal. well i do love oatmeal - the nice instant sachet kind that you just pour hot water on and stir and eat - but my children are tyrants and like the stand over a pan and diiiiie of boredom kind that takes hooours to prepare and then leaves a thick untouchablably gross skin on the pan all day :| so today i decided to be a good mom (with a viciously lazy streak always) and compromise and make the fancy 'old fashioned' kind, but in the microwave. the oatmeal admittedly is from IRELAND where the people are renowned for being a little slow (but oh so nice, my Dad's family are Irish so i can talk trash about the Irish:)

so i stood and waited 3 excrutiating minutes for it to be ready, opened the door... and the oatmeal was GONE... it was all over the turntable and walls and absolutely none left in the little container - it didn't say i needed to put a lid on it!!!!! argh my LAST scoop too... bastards!!!! bad terrible mother that i am... i scooped it off the turntable, studded it with bright shiny blueberries and served it up :| i suck.

another thing that sucks - facebook. yes same story different day.... blahblahblahblahblahblah. you know when someone posts some tear-jerking link to some distant kid being sick and everyone does their little comments afterwards like how they are going to hug their kids a little tighter tonight.... sigh. i wonder, don't they always hug their kids tight? and if not, why not?

and how come i hear a whoooole lot from certain people - i even know before/during/after they eat a peach/workout/start to edit pictures but i find the status update free friends are the ones i'm most intrigued and fascinated by... and when they DO update their status i hang on the words for days checking back to see if they added another golden nugget of info to the end of the string of comments from their excited, status hungry friends. i wonder how busy and awesome their lives must be that they never have time to update or be online. sigh.

a completely random nugget of useless information: did you know that 70% of bagel shops are in just 4 states??? uhuh. sure i can't remember the states now but they are the nice ones on the coasts.

why i love rats:
  • they are affectionate and don't bite... i have given them ample reasons to bite me and they flatly refuse to (i could NOT say the same for Gilbert the hamster)
  • they snuggle in your hand and fall asleep within a minute or so
  • they love to rough house and roll on their back and wrestle
  • they are cuuuuute
  • they giggle when they are having fun
  • they love yogurt too, they eat it off a spoon
on my to-do list:
build this beautiful rattie townhome for my boys (photo from Robyn)
Robyn i am in total awe of your rattie awesomeness!!!! your site is the best thing EVER and has ignited in my power tool lovin' heart a spark of excitement and creativity!!

just in case you forgot what my little puppies look like....
1sleepPicture 112
and just in case you forgot what my bigger puppies look like... here we are getting our Vegas sunglasses at the novelty store
1glasPicture 208
more later - maybe with progress pictures of my 5th Ave rattie mansion ;)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009




i need to take my boys for their well-children checkups. Sam for his 8 year, Danny for his 4 year - yes, i am running about 8-12 months behind right now :|

i hope there are no shots.... no whammies. no whammies. no whammies. surely they can't STILL BE getting shots...? sigh

in 8 days we are going to Las Vegas (again)!! in the words of the greatest woman ever to walk this earth, "it's a very good thing!" Vegas really is a VERY good thing

there's a new huge - HUUUUGE - serendipity 3 on the strip. i will finally, after trying to sip frrrozen hot chocolate in NYC sooo many times for sooooo many years, will get to sip frrrozen hot chocolate watching the Bellagio fountains on a balmy desert evening... what could be better??! mmm - pretty much nothing!

i'm not obsessed... the novelty will wear off, i promise!
1airPicture 663
Danny LOVES that a rat is "robbing" his school bus :)
1busPicture 376
i crack him up
begging for more tortilla (how does one say NO to that face???!)
1Picture 382
ok, maybe mildly obsessed..........

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


to Ruby's and back. if you walk to Ruby's to get a chocolate peanut butter milkshake, does it cancel out the milkshake...? surely it does and gives you a small calorie rebate towards chili cheese fries too...?

an insane amount of time stroking Jerry's whiskers to make him fall asleep pressed adorably against Ben... the second he fell asleep Ben woke up and i had to repeat the entire process. realized i would totally SUCK with twins, gave up trying and jumped in the pool instead :|

a ton of really really yummy flour tortillas... that the boys saw fit to feed to the pets :|

how does anyone not realize they are pregnant until they are in the throes of giving birth...? how come they don't gain a ton of weight, develop an insatiable desire for IKEA hotdogs and gag everytime they see an egg or a meal that looks remotely eggy for the 9 entire months?? those surely are telltale signs that i just KNOW they must have had too? 'i didn't realize i was pregnant' on tlc is absolutely puzzling to my sensibilities... how can you NOT KNOW you have a watermelon sized parasite feeding off you????? one woman had been doing IVF and duh, didn't think she could possibly be pregnant... but i would think that might trigger an alarm bell or two....?

ck one - and felt so very 1995 :)

for fish on my dish. and chips. and mushy peas. from England. with malt vinegar and ketchup and a thick doorstop slice of british bread. in short - homesick :(

1rats 162

Monday, July 27, 2009

is today over yet...?

because i need my cure-all prescription of good icecream and pitifully bad 'dance your ass off' more than any other day in history. it's 8pm and i still didn't comb my hair, put on deodorant or change from 'sleepy morning clothes' into 'proper day clothes'...

today Danny:
  • spilled rice crispies all over the car floor before we ever got out of the garage (oh yes and all over the garage floor too... it's like walking on the moon in there)
  • tripped over his shoes more times than i can count
  • walked into a car mirror and gave himself a mild concussion
  • tried on shoes that were fastened together and forgot they were tied together and went to run and fell flat on his face
  • got his finger stuck in a hole in the sand and water table
  • was 'bitten' and 'scratched' by his savage new pet Jerry, who really doesn't bite or scratch
  • bawled about us swapping out the rickety cart he chose at the grocery store
  • bawled about not having a sport top on his water bottle
it's been a long, but fun day :| made only slightly bearable by these adorable babies
1ratsPicture 428
1ratsPicture 218
1samPicture 471

today i.........

my boys behave in walmart by threatening to confiscate their pet rats and keep them in my room for the entire day if they didn't...(for entirely selfish reasons... playing with cuddly little fur babies while watching MTV = heaven on earth)

a ping pong ball at petco :) sam won a big bag of food :| it's soooo not fair!!

all the ingredients required to make my own fancy organic "rattie mixture" of seeds, grains, etc :) oh yes, they're ratties now, rats sounds far too uncute for these boys

with Ben for at least an hour - that rattie is soooooo sweet and he wiggles his little whiskers and chatters his teeth when he is realllly happy (he was wiggling his nose and chattering his teeth:)

a death wish on my printer. it deserves it though... for 24 entire hours i have tried to print something - now it's finally agreeing to do it and it's out of ink. grrrr!!
1benPicture 093
1bffPicture 065
1benPicture 131
Jerry (camera shy:)
1jerrPicture 169

Sunday, July 26, 2009

we have RATS!!!

meet Ben!
1ratsPicture 1423
and Jerry!!
(...also occasionally known as MJ... and Thomas... and Rattie... he is still deciding :)
1jerryPicture 1315
eskimo kiss
off to cuddle with the new babies some more - i think i might be even more excited by the new critters than the boys, especially after fawning over Jessica's pictures for the loooongest time :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

it's murphy's law...

that today... because i just ploughed through 6,000,000 fonts, downloaded about a 1,000 of them, unzipped and installed them all by hand... my computer will have a mental breakdown today and lose them all :| yes i am touching wood and crossing my fingers and hating myself for being a doomsayer... but you just KNOW how it goes. i'm a realist not a pessimist.

i wonder who is writing all those dearJoe letters? and why do they have so many different types of handwriting...? and why do i find myself NOT downloading certain fonts just because they are named after someone i don't care for, therefore downloading 'their' font would be affirming that that person doesn't suck as much as they actually do. and why do i download fonts i don't really like because they are named after someone i do like.... and how come i already have like 3000 fonts and can never find the perfect one... sigh.

and why... in a city like santa ana (which i always type satan ana) do the people at the zoo see fit to choose the SECOND tuesday of the month to let residents in for free??? don't they know that most people in this city don't own a calendar never mind know how to use it?? why the second tuesday??? after studying the calendar carefully i think it is 11 august... and when i get there doubting my math skills and there are a bazillion really dumb looking people in line already, i will feel even more lame :|

Danny reaaallly needs to know another line to "Bad" by Michael Jackson... he sings "i'm bad! i'm bad!! i'm Michael Jackson, uhuh, you know it, yes i'm bad! i'm bad!" over and over and over and over and over while almost breaking his neck spinning and moonwalking. it was cute at first....

oh well... the robotic vacuum cleaner is cheerfully doing it's thing and we are off to the park with bikes and duck bread. it's just another day in paradise :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

honestly....? why???!

i just - JUST - like at 11pm last night stopped crying after watching 16 and pregnant Catelynn and Tyler give their baby up for adoption and now the fricking fracking reunion with baby Carly :| (only worth watching from 31:31)... no more i beg!! it's more than my careworn heart can take, MTV!!! no more tears!! though i did notice that adoptive mom Teresa hogging little baby Carly a little too much for my liking.... i do understand her feeling that way, but it's sooooo NOT OK to mess with MY Catelynn and MY Tyler!!

finally the UPS man surrended my land's end clothes and looked suitably ashamed of his depraved self. at last!! and it's official, i am not returning absolutely everything like i always do! i am keeping 2 skirts, 2 dresses, a bag covered in dots and one tank top... all that cool stuff for $90! after i hacked 3 inches off the dresses they are just the right length and i look suitably unkempt and definitely not from orange county :)

i am obsessed with torturing myself weekly to save $3 making the sale item of the week at the white house :| this week it is metallic prints. so i have been staring at files of pictures for days to find one worth printing in metallic black and white :| why is this SO HARD?? instead of appreciating the pictures i already have i am always waiting for the next good picture :(

ok, little fly, who won't stop landing all over my hands and keyboard and screen repeatedly, i normally wouldn't hurt a fly but you're really really really bugging me... seriously, what on earth do i employ my cats for??? Friday is just watching it with hugely dilated pupils instead of being an effective pest control officer :|

off to bed with a brownie and a nice crime show

friday's (the day not the cat's) 'couldn't care less mood' playlist:
jane says - jane's addiction
my sister - juliana hatfield
supervixen - garbage
all apologies - nirvana
criminal - fiona apple
china - tori amos
dead souls - nine inch nails
kinky afro - happy mondays
a girl like you - edwyn collins

friday things

desperately seeking
a place to pick berries this weekend... it's like an addiction, must have fresh berries picked by us and eaten in the car on the drive home, with a big "MMMMMM-GOOOOOD!" after each one. then make a homemade pie to savor every last bite of...

hopefully awaiting
the UPS man. please bring my clothes today Mr UPS - i know you've been parading around your walk-in closet in them all week and i want them in time for the weekend. or i'm calling the police!

absolutely loving
this morning's super milky coffee.... to the man who made it, you rock my world!

vehemently hating
pretentious baby names.... hating them! french names belong in french families with french accents to pronouce them effortlessly. german names belong in german families with german accents to pronounce them effortlessly.... blah blah etc etc

deeply envying
steph's 135mm f/2.0. i heart that lens!

seriously trying to ignore
the kids singing on pinky dinky doo. argghh!! stop!!!!

random sweet snapshots:
1Picture 137
1danPicture 486
1usPicture 411
1gratefulsummerPicture 737
for Marie... my boys loved A's menu sooo much they made one and have been playing diner all week together (thank you!!!) this is the freshly killed dinosaur platter - little boys are different to little girls in soooo many ways:)
dinner dinoPicture 440

Thursday, July 23, 2009

grateful for...

  • Danny's excited commentary at the movies (i hope those around are grateful too:)
  • bike rides through our favorite park in the whole entire world
  • picking fresh berries and eating them still warm from the sun
  • a hubbie that loves that kind of simple stuff too :)
  • yelp
  • getting a really good deal on a really good room in las vegas ($95 for the mirage with a $110 credit makes me very happy:)
  • my boys playing in the sprinklers
  • walmart
  • making chocolate chip cookies with m&ms on top
  • swim classes being OVER!
  • happy meals
  • overcast mornings and hazy afternoons
  • the beach
  • this lens thingie that still hasn't left my camera :)
  • these beautiful faces...
1boysPicture 334
1gratefulPicture 558
1gratefPicture 503

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

wednesday things

i am so sick of not being able to sing along in the car!! it just plain sucks as i don't know most of the words to the songs on my ipod by heart :( and i like to sing with conviction and gusto, and not fumble pathetically over the words. so i have invented something awesome... well i didn't invent it yet but i dreamt it up and wrote it in my little book of inventions so it's as good as invented right...? i want my ipod to store the words to each song i download and then project them into the sky above my line of sight! how cool would that be - "gonna dance... on the floor... in the round" it's in the round, right? not in the rind? the rind makes no sense...

if i see one more link to that fricking wedding dance..... firstly i hate weddings with a passion and secondly they only did it to incite this kind of online viral epidemic and 5:09 minutes of fame (and subsequent appearance on Oprah, the Today Show and Ellen...) and i hate that too... bleh, i hate it all!!! (and after watching endless MJ videos with my boys lately... i think their dance sucks!!) the dirty dancing one was sort of cool but this isn't even in the same hemisphere!

finally pics from las vegas... for lunch i had orange chicken, egg fried rice, lo mein, a big crunchy taco, nachos with cheesy sauce, penne on top of lasagne and a bread roll :)
1Picture 365
for dessert i had a bite of everything... luckily nothing tasted good enough to finish :)
1dessPicture 372
the next day we STILL had room for lunch at the mad greek... the burger tasted really r-e-a-l-l-y bad but the fried zucchini made it worth the 120 degree mercy dash inside :)
1madPicture 389

boy do i feel SICK looking at these pics.... will return feeling less green :)


at 4:45am with a really really itchy hand from the (slooowly healing) skinned knuckle incident last week. how much longer will this be going on???!

using my itchy hand to excel at this game... with the speakers on, of course

random thought of the day: i only really like people who have pets....

it bothers me to no end that the overstock commercial is still the fathers day one with all things that would appeal to dads, complete with a thing at the end saying 'dads are special'... urgh!

yesterday i did a terrible thing but i don't even care. i bought a big bike thing at target and also bought books and other pointless stuff. however when the cashier scanned the big bike thing there was a bottle of fancy shampoo and conditioner tucked behind the box and she didn't scan them... and i didn't realize till the kids were in their seats and i was lifting the bike thing into the trunk and i gasped out loud - i am a thief and went through the beeper thing and past the security man and everything, as bold as brass!! i did NOT return the shampoo and conditioner because in the words of Michael Jackson, i'm BAD, i'm BAD! and i used the shampoo and conditioner last night :) and my hair is all flippy and shiny and fabulous this morning!

going to see a free movie today... i hate going to the movies, even free ones :|

off to make a third cup of coffee before the children rise and all hell breaks loose for 15 straight hours :|

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

what happened in vegas....

listened to
'this american life' podcast about swapped babies on the drive there. the parents realized they had the wrong baby (she weighed 2.5 pounds less...) but didn't want to make a stink and get the doctor in trouble - so they kept the wrong baby for 50 years :|

for a really good parking space by the entrance to the tower that contained the elevator up to our room. we got the best parking space ever literally 10 feet from the elevator! praise be!!

mtv 'world's strictest parents' and 'law and order' marathons all day long from bed, stopping only for numerous buffet visits downstairs and a quick trip to Rio to sample their awesome buffet.....

chinese food... fish & chips with onion rings... the best pizza EVER.... really bad indian food... average mexican food... gelato... cherry cobbler... bread and butter pudding... lots of cappuccinos mixed with lots of hot chocolates... waffles with apple filling... eggs over medium with potatoes o'brien and a pork sausage stuck in the middle... more chinese food... penne with meat sauce... half an inch of catfish... a cupcake... apple pie... a really odd cookie that looked like i made it without following a recipe... peach cobbler... etc etc etc etc etc. the very hungry caterpillar would absolutely LOVE that all-you-can-eat-all-day-long-buffet :)

Beatles Love. it's still awesome... as i suspected all along :) if i were a song in that show i would be Lady Madonna with the little yellow rainboots dance :)

watching Catelynn and Tyler again on '16 and pregnant'. it's official, i want to adopt them both

a cocoon thingie for Theresa's new baby

paper toss on the iphone for hours and hours and hours

at the mad greek world famous gyro stand in baker, ca - it was on my 'must do before i die list' for the longest time. it kind of sucked and not really worth being on anyone's bucket list ;)

back with pictures.........

Saturday, July 18, 2009

saturday things

why some people are completely fascinating and other people, not so much

THE coffee

for 7am. i go to vegas at 7am. it's 6:41am

the all-you-can-eat-all-day-long doesn't give me tummy ache... but i'll take the chance :)

that you can smell multivitamins through my skin so i am sniffing myself so hard i am going dizzy. we once went to vegas during some senior convention (FUN!) and you could smell the old people as you entered the hotel, that weird smell when you open multivitamins and the smell of bengay

forward to the Beatles Love show tonight... i love Love :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

today i....

to subway with the dogs... i am back on my veggie-delite-with-sweet-onion-sauce-obsession again...

and cried and cried and cried over catelyn and tyler on 16 and pregnant.... you HAVE to see it (but don't watch without a box of 175 soft tissues and an even bigger box of candy)

for vegas!! sequinned big shirts and "buffet pants" in the bag (i kid)

the best brownies e-v-e-r invented for the ride to Vegas. the trader joe's deeply fudgey truffley ones. little chocolatey cubes of heaven on earth, i am sooo not kidding :)

back later with pics but probably not. tired out and need to pack for real :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

the word 'eatery'. it's cute and smalltowny and makes me want to go in just to get coffee and sit at the counter enjoying the warm familiar atmosphere of the locals and staff. and then be really glad to get back to a place where nobody knows my name :)

the word "hun". urgh i hate it x 10. i hate when a woman calls me hun, it's like saying asshole without actually saying it. in fact i hate when any woman calls any other woman "honey" or "sweetie" or "baby" - eww, it makes my arm hair stand on end :|

also hating
hibiscus print anything. especially boys' clothes....

that the yahoo headline that "the sears tower is no more" was supposed to grab your attention in a good way. it made me flash back to 9/11 and made me feel awfully sick....

Vegas. not that i am counting or nuthin but we leave in 48.5 hours ;)

the last day of swim class tomorrow... i am so messed up in the head i even miss stuff i don't enjoy. ok, i will really miss Blake the swim teacher, he's sooo nice i want to help him with his homework over chili cheese fries in ruby's :)

more swim things from land's end, as they are on sale and i am still wracked with debilitating fear that i guessed my torso length and petiteness all wrong

that when i return the unwanted land's end items to south coast plaza, i will go to maggiano's and jo malone :)

a beach house. again. i love beach houses and what they do to my blood pressure

Danny's new haircute (cute)
1boyPicture 803

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

more things on my mind

i wonder why Danny thinks that the second i finally sit down in my favorite computer chair with my favorite morning cup of nescafe with sweet'n'lo, after replacing and laundering all the bedding (with lavender scented bleach:), and making the kitty litter into a zen garden of fresh baking soda lines, and sweeping the kitty litter under the dryer, and cleaning every inch of our 18 feet of seamless countertop/sink/backsplash with lavender scented cleaner, why at that second, i would want to go outside to play baseball????? and why does saying no make me feel absolutely wretched and evil :(

i wonder why women in their sixties still write checks in grocery stores.... have they no shame?? is their skin so thick that they can't feel 16 eyes boring holes in their back as they write their narrative with perfect cursive swirls and curls, and slowly deduct $52.54 off their bank balance in the little notebook thing in the back.... arrghhhhhhhhhhhhh!

i wonder why some people have sooo much confidence that they can cavort around a stripper pole in a purple body stocking - weighing 300 pounds - on TELEVISION (dance your ass off) but i have soooo little confidence that just watching it makes me feel sick with nerves and utter shame on their behalf :|

i wonder why shreds of peeling sunburnt skin are sooo completely addictive to pull off... MUST STOP, i am getting dangerously close to the good skin attached to nerves and blood vessels (ouch!)

i wonder why hot dogs come in sets of 7 but buns come in sets of 8... that bothers me

i wonder why anyone would need a kitchen with something like THIS beauty available for $129 :) this invention has been in my little book of inventions for years... with a car adaptor and wheels so you can roll it into hotels :)

i wonder when my package from land's end will arrive. and if i have a regular torso or not :|

i wonder why the 3 days before a trip to VEGAS drag!!!!!!!! let it be saturday already!!!!!!

i wonder.... still... what the hell is the point of twitter???? i think this little birdie agrees :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

what's on my mind........

if ron perlman and rhea perlman are brother and sister since they are both listed on this ugly actors blog post... isn't one super tall and one super short? sigh, and why do pointless things like this keep me up at night??!

why... if a show starts at 9pm pacific, does that same show air at 8pm central.... isn't central two hours ahead of us...? it's sooo hard living here, you have to be really good at math :|

i wonder why i always need to spray pam on my cookie sheets but Theresa and Steph don't.... if i don't spray pam i know they will get stuck and i daren't risk it (but oh boy i made the BEST cookies last night, who knew that kitchenaid mixer thing was so good at mixing things up??!)

i wonder how many calories are in 2 tablespoons full of homemade burrito mix? i use 96% fat free meat, tomato sauce and fat free refries beans.... so surely hardly none... right??? i know my homemade tortillas probably have a lot but they are soooo good!

why, even when i don't use conditioner and dry my hair really really well and cut my nails super short and remove my nail polish and avoid putting lotion on and don't drink for hours before... i still weigh the same :(

off to swim class... back later

Monday, July 13, 2009

monday thoughts

today's catalogs all declare the words that have nauseated me since the age of 4: back to school :| seriously back to school??? in what continent??? and even worse: the arrival of the chasing fireflies halloween catalog - i feel like i am lost in some kind of lapse in the time space contiuum (like i know what that is) :|

we are still immersed in daily swim classes, my arms are peeling from awesomely looooong days at the beach where you have to keep feeding the meter to stay just a little bit longer and we haven't even made it to a single free tuesday movie yet... i am tossing those party pooper catalogs in the trash where they belong but keeping the garnet hill sale catalog (though it's still too much money for my liking) and the free white house lollipops.

this is why i watch TLC:
  • i eat 33,000 calories a day
  • the 650 pound virgin
  • world's tallest children
  • world's strongest toddler
  • dwarf toddlers
  • i didn't know i was pregnant
  • conjoined twins
  • jon and kate
enough said :) it's this kind of quality broadcasting that makes me feel very very very normal...

today during my burst of energy (that lasted approximately 20 minutes) i made:
  • flour tortillas
  • chocolate chip m&m cookies
  • a million dog bones in the shape of question marks
  • playdoh dinosaurs

things that are driving me nuts today:
  • the time warner remote control
  • Danny bawling his eyes out about getting a (very cute) haircut
  • flour getting all over the place (especially when children are 'helping')
  • the robotic vacuum cleaner (named 'it') running to hide under the bed instead of cleaning
  • childless people sitting in childfriendly restaurants looking bemused by children being there
  • Sam singing one line from one song ALL-DAY-LONG (don't blame it on the sunshine!)
  • Danny singing one line from one song ALL-DAY-LONG (friller!! friller night)
  • Friday throwing up during '16 and pregnant'
  • the self checkout scanner thingies - if i hear 'unexpected item in bagging area' one more time....
  • Sam's slot machine, complete with totally annoying sounds, getting new batteries :|
off to make burritos. back with pics maybe, maybe not ;)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

sunday things

first things first:
and so are the people who make them into jewelry. amen to that ;)

my knuckle playing volleyball on the driveway - ouch-ouch-ouch-ouch! i am tough though and don't have a bandaid on it

ghirhardelli totally deeply fudgy underbaked chocolate brownies (to eat in bed tonight with a pile of new '16 and pregnant's ready to watch... life can be very sweet at times:)

online for toy planes for Sam's upcoming birthday... and by accident found a real life plane reduced to just $1,575! i couldn't believe it, it was small but pretty fancy and arranged like our minivan.. but with wings!! low flying hours, easy looking dashboard.... i started to dream of taking flying lessons and seatbelting the dogs into the back row of seats for quick jaunts up to Morro Bay in the family jet! then Aaron pointed out the price was actually $1,575,000........sigh. silly me :|

far too much of today making dumb notecards at the white house before the sale ends at 11:59pm tonight. now i have achy shoulders, all to save $2 :| but it's $2 more towards the family jet, i guess....

off to shower and climb the wooden hill (even though we have no stairs i still like to say it:)

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Aaron's pictures from friday because i looove them so much: