Monday, July 28, 2014


listening to
Roxy Music.  i always forget how awesome they are.  then i play them to death and want to forget them all over again ;)

iced mint tea - the official drink of Summer 2014 (and my sensitive tummy)

smelling like
warm baby bath

wishing for
more rain tomorrow.  the heavy torrential Summer rain is kinda awesome (if you have a raincoat)

going to
New York again this week.  the pizza is that good ;)

and going to
Washington D.C. next week.  dear East Coast, you're much much more interesting to me than the West Coast which never ever made my heart skip a beat

lobster tails.  seriously, where have they been all my life????  i don't mean actual from-the-sea lobster tails but the delicious humungous Italian pastries from Boston's North End (yuuuuuuuuuum!) 

not so much loving
Boston Cream Pie from the Omni Parker in Boston.  it's supposedly the original.  ehh, i prefer Costco's :|

but loving
Georgetown Cupcakes.  the mocha chocolate cupcake in particular ;)

and loving
the dog park

pictures tomorrow xox.  maybe xoxo.


 i'd looooove this couch. 
if i got this couch it would be a changing day in my life.
probably ;)
i want to go to: Georgia
 totally.  though he should have added that it must
also smell a-m-a-z-i-n-g, like wild ginger ;)
 i am pretty sure this is Mr Bumps' brother
am i the only person who'd love to find my pets' siblings....?
i'm from the dot over the I in The Smiths ;)
 still looking for the perfect ruby slippers
they are always too red-ish or too black-ish
or too sparkly or not quite sparkly enough - sigh
 and also always searching for: a perfect lace dress
he knows.  but the kids don't!!!
 i loooooove this coverlet
 and i can't decide which of these two is cuter.
OK i can ;)  no really i can't :)
 i'd loooove this purse
 i've never successfully made these pinterest thingies
 Morrissey Blvd
  i love pigs (but not bacon)
 shoes i love (and own ;)
 i love the peace pillow and i'd love the love pillow....
back later with pictures from Boston xoxo

Sunday, July 20, 2014

500 pictures of summer

 Weasel: why we can't ever have flowers
(well we can.... if we want them to end up as cat vomit...)
 we like totally met Katy Perry in Staples!
(not the Kennedy compound, dufus)
 Oyster Bay - where even the tree have cozies (????)
 and Cold Spring Harbor (it's a Billy Joel album,
that i just had to listen to there ;)
 the view of Oyster Bay (Louis Comfort Tiffany's was fancier)
 Throgs Neck Bridge (10,000 times nicer than GWB)
grateful for days like these
 and Friendly's (always)
 and ridiculous first world problems like:
which purse is best for NYC????
and cans of soda that make you warm and fuzzy
 and rainstorms
 and friends with crutches when you really need a set of crutches :|
 and Magnolia Bakery (always)
 grateful for Hunky Dory and Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane and Diamond Dogs
and Young Americans and Station to Station and Heroes and Lodger and Scary Monsters
 and Lombardi's pizza
 we didn't love Dominique Ansel
or these utterly pointless cupcakes
 after all that baby food, we needed penne a la vodka.
and garlic knots.
 and pizza. 
it was the best weekend xoxo

Monday, July 07, 2014

Cape Cod (again :)

 perks of being 5 feet 2: being able to wear your kid's clothes from Mini Boden ;)
 Nauset Beach requires no photoshop or magic actions ever... 
it's just technicolor gorgeous velvety pink glowy light all the time


(i think someone places heart shaped pebbles all along Nauset Beach)

 what we look like asleep (probably)