Friday, January 31, 2014


sore here (bleeding fingers that never ever feel better) and sorer there (that bone under my big toe is suddenly much bigger..... ) and a little stabby.  OK a lot stabby.  a WHOLE LOT stabby - stand back :|

all kinds of angry and exasperated that when i plucked up the courage to ask at the gym about my ridiculously sore foot they suggested that maybe my shoes are too tight or i'm not used to walking..................?  oh gosh, well jeez, why hadn't i thought that. this is why my rule about never talking to the people at the gym exists.  seriously i hate people who say obvious lame things because they're just plain stupid 

like skipping the gym today.  and going shopping instead.

like the saddest, angriest, loathesome Smiths songs today.  how i miss Manchester.  take me home NOW.  and pleeeeeeease don't sit me next to any young families or overweight sweaty businessmen or European students with no personal space boundaries or interestingness

like a new lens.  and one day delivery.  i know tomorrow's Saturday.

like giving blood. you get a free movie ticket if you do.  how can i say no to that? a-n-d it makes you need to eat 600 calories.  that's like a guilt-free big block of chocolate DURING the money-free movie :) hmm, i wonder... can i give blood everyday?  every week....? 

like making my own jibbitz is waaaaay too much work.  i hate crafts.  they hurt my fingers. 

off to make something much more magical and hopefully soul-regenerating: Cadbury mini egg brownies (gasp!)

Thursday, January 30, 2014


if unfriending everyone who obviously failed to wish you a happy birthday on facebook is petty and lame and wrong?  because it seems perfectly reasonable and right and unpetty to me!!  (even though i don't check birthdays on facebook for days on end and probably miss 50% of my friends' birthdays... but still)

if i broke my toe or it is just supposed to hurt like the dickens everytime i touch it.  and don't even think about putting a shoe on.  oh. em. gee. noooooooooooo shoes!  i am wearing awful old lady white sneakers for mangled arthiritic toes :( at the gym :(  in public :(  and practicing lamaze just so i can walk....  i am clearly deathly horribly painfully allergic to exercise :|  as i always suspected.  it makes me breathless and hot and my muscles hurt and NOW i have a sore toe too :(

what is up with people who walk between the machines at the gym instead of along the row and around.  arghhhh!  and don't get me started about people who stand for hours and chat at the water cooler.  seriously - grounds for murder.  and people who stand behind me the second i go to fill up my bottle.  find another cooler!!!

also wondering
why people walking UP the stairs before their workout go on the left side which is clearly the staggering downstairs with fatigued muscles side for people going downstairs.  seriously i think it *may* be that time of the month (i'll never ever figure out when that is...)  

why any woman likes being called 'bitch'.  or bi-atch.  like women call each other bitches, as if it's somehow cute?  ehh, not cute.  call me bitch and NEVER get chocolate from me EVER again.

off to the dumbass people-walking-on-the-left gym with a broken big toe and a blistered little toe and a queue of 80s Coronation Streets to take my mind off the unbearable pain.  WHO AM I??????!!!!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

birthday day

 my favorite Cape Cod store ever and the sole reason we moved here.
to buy herbs and spices and oils and go home and smell them endlessly :)  
we did NOT buy Meowie Wowie
but we did buy cranberry crates that the cats immediately claimed
i want this house (the power lines would HAVE to go).  
it wasn't for sale or i would have insisted 
they sign it over to me  (at gunpoint if necessary) for my birthday :)

Ah Caramel - i've been looking everywhere for you!!!!  
i admit.... i hugged them and spun around in the aisle with them ;)
then ate them - but not before leaving all our money in the car (Cape Cod is magical)
and making the poor off-duty cashier wait while we went for money.  
poor lady - but we NEEDED these cookies!!! 
 oh lordy... who???  and why???!

 Ah Nauset Beach - heaven is a place on earth
 ahhhhh.... we looked for perfect white shells and perfect white pebbles 
(no jingle shells though - that must be a Falmouth thing)
 it was cold.  wearing two pairs of gloves and only having a 
STUPID iPhone camera with me was a bad idea....

 second favorite Cape store - Bird Watcher's General Store.  the owner needs his own TV show
i wanted a solar heated bird bath but they didn't have one - there HAS to be a really good reason
for this because they have EVERYTHING else......................................
 back home: Friday loved the crate instantly and claimed it as her own
she stepped out for a MILLISECOND and Megan moved in

Officer Romeo at the scene of the crime -
he is deathly afraid of her powerful paws :|

Megan in her new favorite bed with her mean girl eyes
at the Olive Garden - it didn't suck last night.  it was just that kind of magical day
where nothing ever goes wrong :)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

to spotify's U2 channel.  it's mostly un-U2... but i fast forwarded through endless Tom Petty and Counting Crows and Police till i found Bad :)

if we'll ever not flake on our NYC plans.  it always seems that little bit too far/too cold/too insanely busy for us to give up a weekend here for.  i want to go, i do.  but i want to go on my a little closer/a little warmer/a little less busy terms ;)

that nice man from My Cat From Hell.  men who are nice to cats are just the best :) 

of going to Florida for Spring Break to debunk the myths in my poor childrens' heads that it's a chad-hanging, topsy-turvy Mickey Mouse state. and also.... because i love road trips :)

not going 
to Disney.  i am eternally thankful for children who are soooooo totally over it

not loving
Journey.  they're not popular in the UK 

listening to
the sound of the Smiths instead.  oh my gawd that's better.  like soooooooo much better :)  

Saturday Night Live, Tina Fey and that annoying blond woman.  (not Ellen - i think she's quite funny for an American :)

 saturday basketball
 Romeo and Danny (ab-rolling)
 the view from the neighbor's house
 i made this awful cake for Aaron's birthday.  even the birds refused to eat it :(
based on their recipe (and surely not my incompetence), 
i shall NEVER EVER dine at Tea and Sympathy in NYC :)
 we buried Smokey and Rosie today
in a little forest protected by wild roses in deepest quietest beautiful-est Cape Cod:)

 then we went for breakfast at the Portuguese Bakery
 cute mirror in the Christmas Tree Shops we didn't buy


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Garbage, superfoods and badness

not watching
Coronation Street.  why?  because Hayley's about to die and i do NOT want to see that :|  i mean it.  i'm just going to skim over last Friday and pretend she simply went to stay with a sick relative.  and lived happily ever after :|

not listening
to the New Order spotify radio channel.  it's just spinning around and around and around.  i hate things spinning around like that.  the Garbage channel is working just fine - ironically it plays more REM than the REM channel ;)  and Closer by Nine Inch Nails - it's been forever since i heard that song, since... oooh it must be parenthood ;)

not eating
real food anymore.  just oats and berries.  i read they are "superfoods".  we'll see about that ;)

not loving
the gym today.  the man next to me STUNK like stale dog pee/beer and i thought it was me (it was definitely NOT me, i smelled like lemon zest and philosophy).  a very mean woman hogged my favorite beloved rowing machine for the ENTIRE TIME (should be illegal).  and a workman drilled constantly for no reason whatsoever.  it was nothing short of hell today and i still have a wicked case of the stabbies :|

not wearing
socks.  and it's a very bad idea on a cold January night in New England such as this.

not looking 
at yelp anymore.  i hate that app.  i have a new notification that NEVER EVER goes away :|

not feeling
the love.  going to bed.  with a bar of chocolate.  another superfood that i just added to the list ;)

 the dogs had a visitor :)
 they spent 5 minutes in the snow then were running back inside :)
where'd they go???!
 this smells so so beautiful.  i planted a bazillion bulbs in the yard - i hope they bloom!!!!
 2012 flashback - baby Rosie discovering Nutella (she looooved it)
 Dog Beach CA 

the Prodigy, Greenwich Village and Bjork

listening to
the Prodigy.  courtesy of the New Order spotify channel. because seriously, this channel is that awesome :)

from 5 minutes outside.  it's cold.  but pretty!  but cold :)  but sparkly: like a huge wonderful softbox of awesome luminosity!! 

what the hell went wrong and why the hell are the Black Eyed Peas (or whatever their stoopid name is) on my magic music channel.  thumbs down spotify - THUMBS DOWN!  they're bad.

of Greenwich Village. and Little Italy.  of cupcakes and banana pudding and foldable pizza slices and little curiosity shops and adorable cobbled alleys and rusted fire escapes and friendly city dogs for impromptu photoshoots :) (note to self: take the super wide angle)


to go to the gym and get all the evil stabbiness out of my system.  when i skip it, i want to bind torture and kill things for the entire day.  which is normal, right....?

hyacinths.  our bedroom is full of wonderful pink and white fragrant blooms :)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

spotify. coronation street. Terry Lee Miall. snow. leggings. these are a few of my favorite things (today)

spotify radio.  the New Order channel is completely awesome, you HAVE to listen to it!  it's all the songs from the 80s that you liked but had totally forgotten about and none of the generic crap you hated.  how did they do that....?  i kinda hate the REM channel though, it really is a sleep channel - sooooo boring ;)  though you can skip ahead many times as you want (not that you need to with the New Order channel.... in fact the thing that makes me cry is that you can't go back and relisten to a song... that's how awesome it is.  yes i KNOW you can just search for the song and add it to a playlist but that involves time and effort :)

Coronation Streets from 1977, 1998 and 2006.  my brain is hurting from trying to make sense of it all.... wait, that's Nick??!!  it can't be!!  and how come Rita and Alec are together....?  where's Bet.... did she die....?  and what happened to Deirdre's voice....?  and when did they add the meow in the credits?  because it interrupts Mr Bumps's nap everytime he hears it....  ahhhhhhhh it's all hurting my head!! (but in a good exhausting taxing way)

awful for 'accidentally' eating half a box of mint matchmakers in a moment of Christmas episode weakness :(  luckily i read Angela's tweet about walking and threw the rest of them away.  thanks Angela for keeping my eyes on the prize: Michelle Obama's arms and being able to fit in little girl's size 6T :)

listening to
Adam and the Ants Prince Charming.  it's only been 32 years since i last heard this song ;)  i looooved the drummer Terry Lee Miall.  he's a plumber now - can you imagine?  it would be totally worth having a blocked drain for :)

obsessing over
antique mason jars and five cheese marinara recipes bumblebee necklaces and perfect black leggings (i won't pay more than $10 and they must be awesome and stretchy and opaque and black and not shiny and not too tight nor too baggy and be ankle length and did i mention perfect?)

that tomorrow's a SNOW DAY.  though i sincerely hope Thursday isn't because i'm having lunch at Patriot Place....

for absolutely no snow whatsoever after that because we are going to NEW YORK CITY!!!!!

 our street
 this is our new favorite Bertucci's (but it's far: Burlington)
 photobooth.  the only reason i ever bought a mac.  and hated it and got rid of it ;)
 birthday hats
 this pizza joint is NOT on our Saturday list ;)  though i would totally eat a slice pie :)
 Crumbs.  i looooooove cake!  
when you find Country Kitchen donuts on your doorstep, you're lucky :)
 they ALL sleep in our bed.  the lump in front of the cats 
is Courage who is painfully shy :)