Tuesday, November 17, 2009

i think...

... studies that link 3 year old daredevils to a future life of crime are so hopelessly lame and pointless

Danny asking for three icebergs in his drink was the highlight of my day

... the words 'i love you' should be reserved only for people you really, really, really love and not thrown around glibly

... Bree Hodge is a complete fool - and a slut to boot, even if she does make her own croutons. Orson Hodge is the most wonderful man EVER to live on Wisteria Lane and i hope he does something suitably twin peaks to her :)

... tater tot casserole is totally cool! and i got all the ingredients at the dollar tree :)

... all the selling seminars and conventions geared towards photographers remind of the shark infested real estate waters of the 90s :|

... you should be able to sing over your itunes into your iphone microphone, using tune wiki and auto tune and use the voice recorder to capture the wonder of it all... it has to be possible... right???!

... it's time for a nice cup of tea in bed :)

his birthday invitation - as always totally themeless :)
what he got up to while i was buying a kettle in costco (he's going to rob banks someday...)
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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the birthday card/invite!!!! So totally you! :)

  2. lol i love that you mentioned Bree and Orson in your blog. they kill me. Im addicted to that show...sadly, I admit.

  3. Love the invitation photo idea! You are so creative :)

  4. Anonymous3:22 PM

    i so heart his invitation :)