Monday, November 23, 2009

it's the monday before black friday

and my head is spinning like a top :|

deals abound, and i cannot decide where i should be at 5am on friday morning!! waiting in line at walgreens for a $8 snuggie (in select styles... that part worries me as the ad shows an animal print snuggie:), or grabbing the rubbermaid easy find container set of my dreams at walmart or settling for a 32 inch tv at target because it's only $240... or enjoying a free breakfast at the south coast plaza ikea (can you imagine that zoo?!!)

truth be told... i don't need anything :| and the people who shop on black friday are truly terrifying - like elderly female boo radleys but without the vulnerable sweetness. they only come out once a year to shop. they are afraid of the light and are ghostly white and doused in powder. they don't know how to drive but insist on driving huge boats and go when they should stop and stop when they should go. they pay by check - always - and write in illegible cursive really really really slowly :| they spend $70 on colored pencils in individual 25c packs. argh - i have a tension headache just thinking about it :|

here is what i realllly want to do on friday. get up like it's black friday. grab some chocolate croissants and coffee at the cream pan. zoom at the speed of light through LA at 6am. stop briefly in santa barbara to play on the perfectly glassy beach. drive north past llama and ostrich farms. turn right. keep going as per my map. find the gates of neverland. turn up the stereo in the car and listen to MJ and share a few minutes of singing/dancing bliss with my kids. drive south via less crowded stores around 4pm, pick up same bargains as the 5am crazies and go home happy :)

back later xox

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  1. I think that you should really do the last things u mentioned...go to the beach, Neverland, blast MJ and scoff at all the crazys standing in neverending lines at all of the stores. I cant even think about black Friday, it makes my head hurt just thinking about it! does!