Thursday, November 26, 2009

it's official

i cannot live without my iphone :|

today i asked it (WITH MY VOICE - NO BUTTONS! JUST TALKED TO IT!!!) if target was open today (it's thanksgiving in the u. s. of a.) and it flashed up a message saying "not till tomorrow at 6am". oh my, now that is quite something!!!!!!!! last night i said 'fart' to it and gave me a whole wikipedia entry about farting and a link to books i could buy at amazon on farting (walter the farting dog was on the list ;) forget healthcare Obama - everyone needs an iphone :| there is even a period tracker app which i am too shy to download but i think sounds wonderful!

anyway here i am trying to play paparazzi, look for the lyrics AND use 'i am t-pain' to auto tune my wretched voice and it's all impossible without the use of the damned iphone. i need three iphones to do all these tasks simultaneously:)

and either i have wicked swine flu or i cannot sing to save my life ;)

or..... maybe just i am t-pain sucks???!

and who the hell IS t-pain anyway??!

off to make gingerbread men with one white glove for our trip to Neverland tomorrow :)

which reminds me........

i've told him a MILLION times it's 'no-one wants to be defeated, showing how funky strong it's your fight, it doesn't matter who's wrong or right' but does he listen??? no he does NOT :|

back soon xoxoxo