Wednesday, November 11, 2009

wednesday things

pictures i took today of a teeny tiny squeaky one week old baby boy :)

reminiscing over
the very best grilled cheese sandwich ever for lunch :)

if the mailman is enjoying playing with my new iphone case... i know he'll deliver it tomorrow all innocent-like, looking not even remotely guilty for holding it hostage since tuesday. the man has NO shame :|

listening to
'smooth criminal' by MJ... this song has played on a continual loop in my head since the summer of 1987: "annie, are you ok? annie, are you ok? are you ok, annie?" repeat for twenty-two entire years :| (this blog is actually a detailed insanity plea, if needed in the future:)

cedar incense... it seemed like a good idea but i am not sure i like the house smelling so pungently 1970s and we shall be forced to sleep with all the windows open tonight

trying not to forget to write myself a reminder that
it's show and tell tomorrow for Danny who, of course, is taking yet another dinosaur in :)

trying to outwit
shazam with my singing to see if it recognizes the song :) it doesn't, clearly i cannot sing :(

1alexPicture 384
1alexe 493


  1. these photos, Carol. well done.

  2. I'm so glad you loved the grilled cheese! It's definitely my favorite.

    The pictures are gorgeous! He's gorgeous. You always do such a great job.

  3. aaah, is that Theresa's new baby? he's beautiful and so are the photos (duh!). :-)