Tuesday, February 16, 2016

five things times 2 weeks = 10 things. hmm right

i'm in chandelier picking hell.  seriously it's a real place and it's migrainey and either too garish or too boring and unexpainably expensive and truly dreadfully awful

but we did pick a countertop.  it's called Cambria which is latin for Wales and also a nice place in California:)  it's so pretty!!! this is one thing off the stupidly long list of things that make me grind my teeth and stay up all night

also off the list: taxes.... i haaaaaaaaaaate taxes (but i do quite like the little refund that shows up 10 days later :)  

coincidentally i'm going home in 10 days.  i think going home should be covered by health insurance. it's THAT important! 

i really love chinese food.  i N-E-V-E-R thought i would say that :| and sushi.  i N-E-V-E-R thought i would say that!!!!

and middle eastern food.  i had toum on toast for breakfast :|

i still love pizza.  but not as much as the above two mentioned food groups (????)  

Lady Gaga being David Bowie at the Grammys = vomit inducing.  like bad cheap Vegas.  dear David, that is NOT what you sounded/looked like :|  AT ALL!!!!!!

the word par as in par-baked really bugs me.  why not just call it parT-baked?  why?????

also i'm in a world of confusion over my rice cooker.  i have rice and parT-boiled rice.  i don't know if you can boil parT-boiled rice in it?  urgh, how did i get sucked into the craziness of buying (sooooo many packets of) parT-boiled rice before i discovered the magic of the rice cooker???!!!  seriously!!! also: i want to invent a pasta cooker.  who has time for pans and standing around timing/stirring food????

we went to the Bernie Sanders office on Saturday.  i wanted a bumper sticker but i came away empty handed.  hmm.  the materialist, plastic-smell-loving, 6 year old me was so disappointed.  not in Bernie because i am sure he would have given me a bumper sticker, but in his volunteers. i'll still vote for him but i DO expect a bumper sticker in return.  in the mail is fine.

off to paint and get some chinese food :))))))))

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