Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Kate Bush, Duran Duran, Coldplay, Morrissey and Glow Sharks

listening to
Kate Bush, she makes me painfully achingly sad that i'm not a truly British woman, instead i'm some weird hybrid Anglo American one with a bad accent and no roots, depth or history

also listening to 
Make Me Smile by Duran Duran, 12 year old me's favorite song.  i still love them like when i was 12 (maybe even a little bit more:)

also also listening to 
Coldplay.  i puffy heart love them

my new (PINK! FLOWERY!!) clogs didn't make such a crazy loud clopping sound when i walk. i mean OBVIOUSLY i love sounding like a horse but they are just embarrassing

also wishing
i was going to Vegas tomorrow.  it's my favorite place in the world.  OK it always has been, but with the new parking space finding system i'm just utterly obsessed with going back.  it gave me chills - and it was 115 degrees!!!!!!!

the lawn.  like seriously i hate it.  it's the ugliest lawn i EVER saw, i'd rather it was dead

to Glamorous Glue by Morrissey.  dear Morrissey, let's both move back to CA and be neighbors again!!!  we can get Universal Studios passes and check out a new vegetarian place every week and i'll show you where you can buy sliced English bread ;)

freaking always singing
Glow Sharks.  like every 5 seconds in my head

if anyone ever asked that strange man why he climbed Trump Tower with suction cups.... it was great inflight entertainment but then we landed and i never found out WHY????!!!!!

going to visit
Babydaddy at work tomorrow.  but strictly only for FRUIT and NOT handfuls of M&Ms.  i am saying it out loud so it is a contract.  i don't even like M&Ms.  how on earth do people eat them when there's such a thing as Smarties??????!!!!  

 Jersey Shore looks better with 20 filters on it
the kind of pic i right click and save
Princess Kate, i love you for finally being human!!!
 I love Lucy but taking a picture with her
is pretty much impossible
because it's not 1982 anymore
even in 1982 it was terrible
(that sampler needs a blue eyeshadow)
 best thing about English TV
this sign language lady- cannot watch the show for watching her :-)
 i have created a monster 
he eats $100 worth of treats a month
but who can resist THE PAW????!
 same scene every therapy
only the shoes change :|
i have a true confession: i love the word cunt,
it's a no muss no fuss to the point insult ;)

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