Tuesday, August 30, 2016

tuesday things

to the movies today.  i hate the movies but i do like happy kids, popcorn and diet coke ;)

something amazingly hugely awesome happens this year.  it's a LEAP YEAR and we haven't had 'the thing' yet. maybe 'the thing' will be next year, just delayed because the world fell off it's axis for about a year....? i'll take a raincheck if it's super awesome and involves a zip code starting with 9 again and huge windows :)

to join the YMCA and unjoin the other gym that has been so nice to me... i feel kinda crappy but they don't have a lap pool or AC.  i'll miss their fresh flowers, 'lady weights room' and Monday morning yoga :(  sometimes you have to break things to remake things better (life motto)

always phantom text messages buzzes, if i keep my phone in my pocket, i feel it phantomly vibrate when it's not.  maybe it's gas... 

i have to see a heavier weight therapist.  i hope that doesn't have to cost heavier weight money, i can't afford the flimsy one :(  i have to sleep again someday and ideally reprogram my mind so i don't need drugs to do so.  (cannot.stop.obsessing.over.obsessive.thoughts.about my missing cat (every single night i think of him still lost and alone), potential danger everywhere (and i mean EVERYWHERE, even in Target), not being able to even look at the back of the house without seeing it on fire/burnt out, loud noises that make my heart race, broken kids who are back to black and white, the view from the kitchen sink after the crash, the fear of folding laundry upstairs and Sunday afternoons, burnt pets... my mind needs an off switch)

England.  technically Wales but it's all the same :)))  and Montreal.

to actually DO SOMETHING about that bloody airbag recall. on two of our three cars!!!  i'm supposed to sit in the back of my car to avoid airbag induced death.  Toyota has no clue how to fix it yet though (so i'll just keep driving in the front, i guess...?)

00 flour.  like, it's transformational!!!  we make pizza!!  and it's amazing!!!!  Scotts Pizza Tour: thank you!!!

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