Friday, June 26, 2009


oh my. i just have to make these today. i am sad that it is too late for happy falker satherhood day... but how CUTE are those sugar cookie french (not freedom) fries??? very cute indeed :)

people are still dissing MJ as a creepy pedophile, wondering how anyone can be sad about him - urgh! those people are soooo totally Xed off my fancy facebox thingie:) i hate haters - gasp, does that make ME a hater too?! or do two negatives make a positive? they do, right...?

tomorrow is the fancy tea!!! i cannot wait, though the fancy tea means i must walk 17 miles today to cancel it out. but it's so totally worth it!!

things to do today:
  • give Sam hair cut or buzz cut :) as per the note on my desk
  • immediately have a little hand tugging on me to do the exact same haircut for Danny, who will cry his eyes out the entire time but LOVE looking like his big brother the second it is over
  • break up the wild cat fight happening on the back of my chair as i type :| GIT OFF ME!!!!
  • walk to Sprouts - i love Sprouts... not sprouts, i do NOT love sprouts
  • buy toaster strudels for my children. they think they are magical! they do NOT sell toaster strudel at Sprouts, organic party poopers
  • delete haters from facebook
  • make french fries out of sugar cookies
  • umm... other really important stuff ;)
back later, off to do my first 4.9 mile walk :|

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  1. Oh...I forgot another super MJ song that is quite poignant...Gone Too Soon.