Thursday, June 25, 2009

the ups and the downs

the ups
  • woke up covered with Danny's favorite "bwoo bwankie", as last night i felt sick and he insisted i keep it for bedtime :)
  • Sam was really really good and helpful all day :)
  • Aaron got a very cute buzzcut :)
  • found a box of hair glaze and now my hair is all shiny and fragrant :)
  • loved seeing the love between Elliot and Danny today when Danny got hurt at the playground :)
  • went to Fuddruckers and Danny ate ALL HIS LUNCH :) :) :)
  • it was a kids eat free lunch :)
  • it's George Michael's birthday :)
  • took the boys to walmart and had enough money on a giftcard to pay for everything :)
  • found the perfect nail polish white polka-dotter pen there (Sally Hanson french manicure pen)
  • ate very little and walked a lot :)
  • Aaron found a little dog named Travis running in traffic, and called the dog catcher who thanks to the wonders of microchips, was able to take it straight home :)
  • absolutely no mail whatsoever :)

the downs
  • grocery shopped at albertsons for the first time in a very looong time. their 20% off prices are still 20% more than superwalmart :(
  • got a reese's pack of 3 peanut butter cups and it only had 2 inside :(
  • checked two redboxes - neither had Dinosquad for Danny :(
  • MJ - rest in peace :(
  • lame negative mean comments about him on facebook :(
  • not as many downs (but that would be an up technically :)
RIP MJ playlist:
blame it on the boogie
can you feel it
say say say
the way you make me feel
billie jean
one day in your life

so i don't forget tomorrow :|
1Picture 057
i love his eyes when he has been crying (does this make me a bad mom?)
1Picture 046
in Tustin Ranch, moms take their job very seriously :)
1Picture 025
dotty digits

1 comment:

  1. I think MJ was a legend, not too sure what went on his private life but probably another flawed genius and you have to remember what he went through in his childhood. He will be missed and another one that you will always remember where you were when you heard he had passed away.

    Great choice of songs, One Day In Your Life - one of my fav all time songs, Can You Feel It - Just superb.

    Here are a few of mine:

    I'll Come Home To You
    You Are There
    SHE'S OUT OF MY LIFE - So emotional
    Heal The World
    Will You Be There
    Don't Walk Away
    Music And Me
    One More Chance
    Just A Little Bit Of You
    Wanna Be Starting Something


    p.s. Groovy Nails!