Monday, June 22, 2009

monday random things

i have a big huge spot between my eyes that hurts when i make a mad face. must operate tonight.... i can't be scowlfree for another day...

i am trying to convince myself that frosted mini wheats are candy when only fruity mentos will do.....

yet another reason why i should no longer use facebook: having 54 messages of absolutely no consequence whatsoever detailing every single response someone posted after mine on a status update... argh. death by pointlessness.

i have soooo enjoyed reading Sheye's blog today.... i love hearing about someone having FUN here! maybe it isn't so bad living on the edge of the world afterall ;) but people here are nice? really? really really? i do agree about stop signs though... it still makes me almost pee my pants with fear because it's just plain SCARY to pull in front of three waiting cars like that :)

i am N-O-T obsessed with pugs.... but......
11bailPicture 2693
1sophPicture 2470
1olivesqolivePicture 2420
1olivePicture 2460
1sophie2Picture 2586


  1. yeah, people in Southern Cali are nice....not when i lived there.

    you are right, you are not obsessed with 9 y/o is however.

  2. This pics are awesome! I think my favorite part is the empty space above Bailey's head. I love the composition of this shot!!

    And the skin - your photoshop technique = is awesome on Fi! Wow!!!!

    You're just amazing.

  3. These are SO cute! So pink! By the way...the place we went to in Laguna, was all your idea! In your "favorite west coast things" blog, you mentioned Pearl St. You rock Carol, it was everything you mentioned, it's gorgeous down there! We are most definetly going back! I thought of you while we were there! Thankyou for your list because I might be trying out more of your hot spots. You really should write a book woman, seriously. Either that or become someones perfect vacation planner.