Tuesday, June 23, 2009

today's things

swim class. then tustin ranch costco. mcdonalds. an hour on the freeway. sanity break with dr phil and burnt la brea bread. a visit to newport beach susie's cupcakes and 30 more minutes on the freeway watching two total bonesmokers argue in the middle traffic lanes about a fender bender. then back home again.

now all i can think about is fried eggs and baked beans artfully decorated with ketchup. i seriously need an intervention. we are down to our last 2 eggs and last can of beans too and i am starting to panic about where my next fix is coming from.....

ok i know it's sad and all.... but i cannot even start to imagine how much jon&kate is going to suck now. they might as well just cancel it - if she isn't going to be sitting next to him on their little 'loveseat' castrating the hell out of him and hitting him (playfully but not really), then i simply cannot enjoy it. that's the only good part - nothing else is even remotely soupworthy. i must admit... watching maddie does make me greatly appreciate my own children... but i just can't watch tea parties and random crap like that all the time... it's even duller than the first paragraph :|

but for what it's worth, what a total douchebag he is. usually she is the bigger douchebag by a mile. but last night he definitely overshadowed her.... especially regarding the location of the playhouses. honestly, how crushingly dull was that whole episode?!

oh well this is today's very british playlist:
up the junction - squeeze
happy hour - housemartins
late bar - duran duran
queen bitch - david bowie
woohoo- blur
friday i'm in love - the cure
love action - human league
wow - kate bush
panic - smiths
roll with it - oasis

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  1. i've always loved your photos, but now it's official- i'm equally in love with your writing:)

    douchebag- a word i thought only my husband loved to throw around, though i have to say it certainly is a fitting description!

    add this to your British playlist if you don't have it already- "Cold Shoulder" by Adele