Tuesday, November 17, 2009

part two

  • i don't like Oprah
  • her facing-eating chimpanzee episode has given me nightmares and i am considering suing for the emotional distress
  • and i still am in disbelief that she didn't give that woman, whose face was eaten by a chimpanzee, a BIRTHDAY gift...
  • it was her birthday for heaven's sake!!
  • and she's Oprah for heaven's sake!!
  • give her a certificate for a face transplant, Oprah - you know you could do it!!
  • and totally milk it for another few compulsive viewing shows...
  • anyway i always thought chimps were supposed to be nice and somewhat human :|
  • but then again i always thought Sarah Palin would be the same ;)
  • and she was really really defensive and dull as dishwater/Todd :(
  • and i get soooo confused with all her kids having almost the same names
  • what's with trigg and track and tripp? did they just read one page of the baby names book...?
  • yeah maybe, huh?
  • i can't believe she called Katie Couric 'the perky one'
  • (gasp)
  • i love Katie Couric!
  • at least she isn't the 'folksy one who uses the word maverick over and over'
  • she said it AGAIN - like in the first minute of the interview!
  • i have a sore sore throat
  • and a headache
  • and the sniffles :(
  • so does Danny - i forsee a day off preschool painting snowflake ornaments and dumping an entire tub of glitter over them :)
  • i wonder if we have the hini?
  • hmm..... i really should see what all the hoopla and hysteria is about, huh ;)
  • does anyone else know who the hell Ed Pierce is?
  • or want to take pictures like him?
  • one time he was taking pics of a 6 year old girl and said she was 'so hot'
  • O
  • M
  • G
  • and... ewwww!
  • it was a clip - he didn't see fit to edit that out??!
  • yeah, now i feel sick too :)
  • off to take some aleve
  • and have some ginger cat cookies for the nausea :)
  • back later xoxox

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  1. You're so funny! :) Can I visit you next time I'm in CA???