Tuesday, November 10, 2009

you know the day is officially doomed to failure when...

... you get the long anticipated email - that the 'elf yourself' website is back in business - and try as you might (all day long in fact) you can't find a decent picture of each member of the family that looks perfect on the little elf's body :( and the dance just doesn't look as funny when the heads are cropped out of a crowd and all sideways and one face is too light and the others are too dark :(

and when you finally do get it to work and email it to yourself to enjoy over and over and over at your leisure, the stupid iphone doesn't support flash :|

... the green pepper you had planned to put into today's meatloaf turns out to be furry and black :(

... you spend $71 running to the store for a bag of sugar. and forget the pepper :(

... at any one point, for the entire day, all day long, someone is crying :|

... no-one can fasten their derned seatbelts by themselves and then they cry because you have to help...

... the mom next to you in line at pre-k asks if you like the bugaboo stroller and you tell her, oh yes, but it's not mine - i'd never pay $900 for a stroller, that's crazy....... only for her to tell you she has the exact same stroller :| (silence... turns full attention to checking contents of lunchpail)

... you watch a couple of minutes of a show called 'i shouldn't be alive' and get so completely engrossed in it that you can't look away, get a drink, fix a snack or do anything till you make sure that person survives being lost in a snowstorm for 7 whole days (when clearly the title and the fact that they're narrating the story gives the ending away)

... you forget the insulated bugaboo cupholder and have to carry a freezing cold soda by the ring pull to avoid having to have your frostbitten fingers amputated (as per the above mentioned show)

.... it's 85 degrees and you're still dressed for a cold foggy morning (and somehow worrying about frostbite)

... the mailman was supposed to deliver my white iphone case and he didn't - he kept it in his sack and took it home with him. and i bet he won't deliver it tomorrow either using the excuse that it's veteran's day :|

... you spend an HOUR drawing a huge picture on the chalkboard wall and then step back and realize it's completely crooked and the writing is bigger at the end than at the beginning :|

... you find out that the delicious ginger cat cookies from trader joes are responsible for the extinction of orangutans... seriously today SUCKED!!!

... it's ANOTHER repeat of tabatha's salon takeover and there are no new housewives on till thursday :(

... you can't decide if you should be writing you or i in each of the above and are too beyond apathetic to care :|


  1. aaah, hugs to you, Carol. Hope tomorrow is a better day...although you always make your not so great days so entertaining to the outsider looking in :-)

  2. Anonymous6:39 PM

    i, too, got the "elf yourself" email today too. two of them actually :/