Wednesday, May 29, 2013

a tuesday kind of wednesday

 Spring in mid-spring
dear neighbors, we'll go home eventually, i promise (we are in LOVE with their new puppy ;)
i like everything with a little char ;)
  spot the puppy :)
 OMG...... this was sooooooo good!  even with Hershey chocolate.....
 i hate to play favorites (she lied) but this dog is my absolute favorite :)  
he is a rescued pit bull, who loves rolling in the grass
with the kindest, gentlest, biggest, softest, most grateful heart 
 home is where the heart is
 although my heart is also here... i looooove this little cottage i'm pretending to live in petsitting ;)
 cool wet grass (they taught us that little mantra in school... i still use it;)
heavenly dimples from the babydaddy

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