Sunday, August 14, 2016

the hates :)

i love making the hates list so much more than the loves list :)))

bent back fingernails, paper cuts and torn earlobes: NO explanation necessary :|  i always wonder if being decapitated feels worse than a paper cut.  i don't EVERRRR want my head cut off :(((  please God, i am not a pray-er but please, i'll do ANYTHING!!!!

small planes flying over my house: it's completely terrifying.  i have less fear of big planes now, which is saying a lot because they scare me to death too

loud noises and shakes: they make my hair stand on end, my heart race at a million miles an hour and my stomach feel like it fell out and hit the floor.  PTSD much?? 

fruity toothpaste. SO WRONG

cold rainy thundery nights: i used to love them so much but now they make me miss and worry about Courage being out there alone and afraid (and that's the best case scenario, the worse case is still unthinkable and heart crushing)

the traffic on the 93 (at least in CA you can look at pretty people when you're dead stopped)

herringbone anything.  bleck. so 2015 and so bad-kind-of masculine (the straight kind;)


sport utility vehicles that are scared to get dirty

American chocolate (it beggars the imagination how people here eat it in such copious amounts)

tennis shoes on tourists: i don't care how comfy they are, they look ridiculous


VIP/front of line passes (see above;)

pretentious pretty fancy expensive food.  it's poop waiting to happen, that's all it is

three paragraphs when three lines would do

emoji-less texts (seriously???!)

Dunkin Donuts

anything Kardashian or Kanye (her ass makes me feel ill, and so does her grotesquely swollen butt;)  

children singing

long fingernails

wearing more than 2 pieces of jewelry (unless you're a jewelry tree:)

black socks.  like: EVER!

private beaches - all beaches should be public for all the people

Sunday afternoon

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