Sunday, August 14, 2016


i love:

Maltesers.  if Malteser-eating was an olympic sport, i'd have 1,000,000 gold medals and hopefully a contract as the face of Maltesers, for which they would send me shipping containers full of them and a gumball machine with just Maltesers in it and a ballpit full of Maltesers   

Jo Malone fresh mint cologne (every.single.solitary.bottle of perfume burnt in the fire but i kept the charred black bottles anyway because it's THAT important and reasons to keep breathing were kind of a big deal. even if the scent wasn't quite the same, it was better than the smell of charred former home.  and because it's discontinued. because: of course it's discontinued, eyeroll)

Coronation Street in bed with granola and creamy almond/coconut milk in a pretty polkadot bowl with a polkadot spoon

the 99 cent Store and people who love the 99 cent store

solar powered dancing chihuahuas

un-designer clothes

un-designer cars

Coldplay.  they sound like a somewhat rainy but mostly sunny brilliant Summer in England

really clean shiny floors

Facebook: the place, not the thing

Karaoke parties for two

Garnet Hill camis

cat pyjamas


Flying Tiger

fresh mozzarella ANNNNNND low moisture mozzarella pizza: i CAN NOT POSSIBLY pick a favorite.  it's ALL GOOD!!!

white country curtains with bobbly-trim

the sound of heavy rain in my new bedroom when it falls on the deck

my perfect Jenny Lind bed (king size: impossibly hard to find)

a warm facecloth to rinse off cleanser

polkadot toenails (must be Essie Midnight Cami ;)

my Age Concern store Louis Vuitton purse, heck yes i'll carry a $8 designer bag! (I LOVE YOU!!!)

Cath Kidston dresses

the smell of Boots the Chemist

Marks and Spencer percy pigs

vintage postcards of places i adore

finally sleeping in my bed after a looooong-ass-haul flight

Teresa Guidice (always on her side)

Britney Spears (ditto)

Duncan Jones (imaginary British best friend in my wildest dreams)

eating fresh blueberries in McDonalds vanilla soft serve

the Kate Spade store by my house.  it may be an outlet but it's not a museum for awful designs and garish colors like most outlet stores

going away from here.  seriously.  it's a sticky dirty vortex that is impossible to get out of.  and getting away is like trying to fly a rocket to the moon with no gas.  it requires an exhausting amount of energy and determination

baby lotion

pale pink patent ballet flats

Barack Obama.  always and forever.  i'm already dreading the day he dies

David Bowie.  i for real dreaded the day he would die and it was as gut-punching and free-falling as i thought :(

The Range.  Dun Elm.  John Lewis.  soooo homesick for home stores that sell pastel pink washing up bowls, dotty dustpans, bunting embroidered onto feather-filled pillows and serve afternoon tea for 2 pounds 75

back with the hates later........................................

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