Wednesday, June 24, 2009

green&black's butterscotch 'organic' chocolate. organic means good for you, right...?

pictures of pugs in pettiskirts. just for a change...

listening to
dogs whistling through their noses with rabid excitement because the kids are playing out front and they think they might be going for a w.a.l.k.


about the for sale sign outside the house of the most vanilla people on our street. woohooo!!! come on George Clooney, you know you want to live on my street ;)

a day trip on saturday for fancy "ladies only" to a fancy plant show and fancy afternoon tea. no men allowed - except for Obama, he would be most welcome to come too to find out what us typical American women think of him :)

johnson and johnson baby shampoo. yes, my 8 year old and 4 year old still shampoo with johnson and johnson and yes they use an entire bottle a day. but i don't care, i love the smell!

pics from the day:
she decided to leave home :|
1Picture 036
1sophiaPicture 330
1Picture 106
1sophPicture 324
1loivePicture 155
1sophPicture 316


  1. OK, I think I will D.I.E. if you don't give me a CD with all of these marvelous pictures. I must, I must, I must blog! You make blogging seem so fun!!

    Who's pretentious? I am hoping it wasn't me. Man, if it were me, I need to be SURE to wear my shorts inside out next time you're here. And I know you think it's me because I get all dolled up whenever we visit - all the make up and matchy matchy clothes (I slept in the night-or two- before). :)

    You = my hero. I love you.

  2. we still use the baby soap, i love it.
    yes, organic means no chemicals, rock on.

    we will be in redondo the 1st -5th. so if you are in town i would love to meet up.

    and at least shes leaving home with fashion.

  3. ok, the pug is a cutie, but the lil' girl- she's a CUTIE! love the pics~

  4. These pictures are gorgeous. I love them all, but I really love how happy Sophia looks in the last one!